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$525 Million Saved by DNS Failover


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During Q1 2016, DNS Made Easy's Failover services saved clients over half a billion dollars in costs. Learn how this revolutionary technology can save your business.

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$525 Million Saved by DNS Failover

  1. 1. $525MILLION SAVEDBY FAILOVERFROM DNS MADE EASY We surveyed 100 of our clients and asked them approximately how much money they would lose an hour due to downtime IT'S SIMPLE MATH $2500 To put things in perspective, some clients claimed to lose $1700 PER HOUR PER MINUTE as the result of an outage. That's $100KPER HOUR HOW DOES FAILOVER STOP THIS Failover works by rerouting traffic away from your primary IP, and "failing it over" to a backup IP. Failover kicks in automatically once our nodes detect the primary IP has been down for a set amount of time. Once the primary IP is back online, the traffic will "failback" automatically. PRIMARY IP BACKUP IP WARNING: MATH AHEAD 315,000In Q1 2016, there were over FAILOVER EVENTS Where the primary IP's were down for an average of 20MINUTES $2,500PER HOUR Downtime averaged to cost companies roughly 105,000HOURS Total downtime for IP's over the quarter extrapolated to $525MILLION Potential lost revenue saved by DNS Failover from DNS Made Easy in Q1 2016 | Productivity downtime per event (water cooler talk, refocusing time, etc.) 20MINUTES