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What is Social Geek Radio


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Get in touch with your inner geek with Deb Evans and AK Stout! Listen in each week they discuss the use of social technologies on today's Web. Join along with special guests as they talk about utilizing the various social technology platforms to connect with others. If you think you enjoy technology just as much as you do relationships, this show is for you. At the end of each episode don't miss the #GeekItOut segment where AK takes a deeper technical dive into some advanced topics related to social media. Social Geek Radio airs live weekly, Wednesday 6pm PT, 8pm CT, 9pm ET

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What is Social Geek Radio

  1. 1. Where Business and Social Geekery ConvergeSOCIAL GEEK RADIO
  2. 2. CO- HOSTS
  3. 3. GUESTS
  4. 4. HOW TO PARTICIPATE1. Go to and look for the "Upcoming Broadcasts" section to find this weeks show. Click on the blue title to open the page for that show.If the show is already in progress, you will see a red bar with the words "On Air" at the top of the show description.To listen to the show and participate in the chat room, click on the words, "On Air".2. Once you are on the show page, you will hear the audio of the show through your computer speakers during theshow time.3. If you would like to call-in to the show and listen through your phone instead of your computer speakers,dial (347) 994-1407.4. If you would like to participate in the chat room during the show to ask questions or interact with the other guests,simply start typing into the chat box underneath of the description of this weeks show. You will appear as"GuestXXXX" so please introduce yourself! If you wish to have a custom screen name you will need to register fora Blog Talk Radio account. Dont worry, its free!5. If you would like to tweet what you are learning during the show or ask questions throughout the week leadingup to the show, please use hashtag #SocialGeekRadio.
  5. 5. GEEK IT OUTCool tools, website, apps, shared during the last 15 minutes of each Social Geek Radio