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Social Geek Radio 2016 Highlights

Social Geek Radio had a full year filled with wonderful guests. We highlighted a few of our favorites.

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Social Geek Radio 2016 Highlights

  1. 1. SOCIAL GEEK RADIO 2016 Review
  2. 2. DATA AND COMMUNICATIONS Martin Waxman, Martin Waxman Communications Jeff Dudan, AdvantaClean
  3. 3. FACEBOOK Deb Evans and Jack Monson Nick Powills, No Limit Agency
  4. 4. MARKETING Scott Monty, Brain + Trust Partners Julie Niehoff, Easy Marketing Guide
  5. 5. VIDEO MARKETING Sue B Zimmerman, Instagram Expert Deb Evans and Jack Monson
  6. 6. FRANCHISE LEADERS Brian Spindel, PostNet Ciara Stockeland, MODE
  7. 7. GEEK IT OUT Adobe Spark Create social graphics with Spark Post, web stories with Spark Page and animated videos with Spark Video. Spark can be used on a desktop or smartphone. Donate A Photo app Take a picture with your smartphone. Upload to Donate A Photo, share it social platforms and Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to charity of your choice. Videorama app Smartphone video editor and producer. You can combine photos and videos taken by smartphone, easily edit, add text and music.