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Red Tricycle Launch Scale - Hacking Email - How to SCALE your email list


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Slides from the conference talking about Hacking Email - How to SCALE your email list.

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Red Tricycle Launch Scale - Hacking Email - How to SCALE your email list

  1. 1. Hacking Email How to scale your email list 1
  2. 2. How Can I Increase Open Rates? Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle Context ! Good subject line ! Cute photos helps CTR
  3. 3. Quirky Works! +50% “The Secret to a Calm Kid” “Yoga Studios for Atlanta’s Small Set” ! +44% “Mom Workouts You’ll Swear By” “Prenatal Fitness Classes to Keep You Moving” ! +39% “It’s Like Sailing, Only Better” “5 Places to Pedal Boat” Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  4. 4. Subject lines A/B test all the time ! Reduces risk of being bold ! Test 2 to 3 options ! To 10% total list (winner auto-­‐chosen) Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  5. 5. Mind the Length Studies show 28-­‐39 chars best ! Test to optimize your length ! Test on mobile for readability Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  6. 6. Other tactics Time of day +100% increase in open rates by testing send times (after kids zzz) Day of week Frequency (daily, #/wk, #/mo.) From name Image & text placement Pre-­‐header message Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  7. 7. How do I create content users want? Curated Roundups & Best Of Lists Active (not passive) Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  8. 8. Speak to interests, get personal Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle Topical/Timely Insider feel Consistency Always high quality Build trust ! Solve a problem Busy parents! No free time Curation key ! New and Cool New playgrounds, stores, etc.
  9. 9. Should I use paid acquisition? Spend little $ until product / market fit ! Make sure organic/social channels working ! Then start paid ! Best channel? Measure user engagement & cost Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  10. 10. What can I do for free?* ! 1) Ask users to spread the word ! 2) Understand your conversion funnel & user intent ! 3) Convert SEO traffic ! 4) Build some partnerships ! * nothing is free Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  11. 11. How can I use the web to grow my list? Modals (frequency, source) ! On-­‐page sign-­‐up boxes (customization) ! Partnerships Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  12. 12. Modal Dialogs Frequency updates +46% subs ! Design changes Minimal impact Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  13. 13. On Page Dialogs Post-­‐article Mobile web Test colors, size, location. Customize content +300% subs Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  14. 14. Partnerships Find partners with similar audience ! Run mutually beneficial campaigns ! Incentivize based on user interests ! Brands to local -­‐ both can work Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  15. 15. Best Facebook creative for acquisition? Very succinct text, highlight value Oh Baby! You can win the ultimate baby registry-­‐ a $150 Gift Card. Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle ! ! Image vs link -­‐ see what works for you Use Power editor No stock photos
  16. 16. Should I buy email lists? ! Probably not… ! CAN-­‐SPAM act ! Low engagement, etc. Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  17. 17. How to pick an email vendor? Are you High Touch or Low Maintenance? ! Email only or Marketing Automation? ! For us, API critical (integration with web) ! Moving vendors ok -­‐ do as necessary Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle
  18. 18. THANK YOU! ! Tweet @craigzingerline or email with any questions. Craig Zingerline @craigzingerline | Red Tricycle @red_tricycle 18