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The History of Rapa Nui, Easter Island

The speck of land farthest from all other land. Its shores are lined with massive statues. Who lived here? Why did they carve the statues? What happened to them?

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The History of Rapa Nui, Easter Island

  1. 1. Rapa Nui Easter Island
  2. 2. One of the most isolated places on Earth. It is 1,200 miles east of Pitcairn Island. 2,200 miles west of Chile.
  3. 3. Best known for its Moai Statues. Easter Island
  4. 4. The natives called it Rapa Nui (Great Rapa) or Te Pito the Henua (Navel of the World). The island is 14 miles long by seven wide, in a triangular shape. For a total area of 63 square miles.
  5. 5. The statues are along the coast of the Island. The island received its modern name by Admiral Roggeveen, who landed there on Easter Day, 1722. Easter Island
  6. 6. The island was settled around 1000 AD by Polynesians who came across the Pacific from the west. An amazing feat of sailing if you consider how far it was from their home islands and how small the island is. Easter Island
  7. 7. The island was formed by three volcanoes. They were opened up by the Nazca Plate moving over the Easter hotspot. Easter Island
  8. 8. The culture that built the statues was destroyed as the island’s ecosystem went out of balance. Then slave traders almost wiped out what was left of the indigenous population. Easter Island
  9. 9. The best estimate is that the statues were carved, moved and emplaced to honor notables who had died. They weigh up to 86 tons. While many think they are just heads, they are complete bodies, most of which is buried. Easter Island
  10. 10. Discovered on Easter Island were wood tablets bearing Rongorongo glyphs, or basic writing using symbols. It is uncertain how this writing developed. Easter Island
  11. 11. Of course, there are those who postulate other theories about Easter Island. Easter Island
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