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Certificate ratings

  1. 1. U (Universal) and Bad language• This certificate rating is suitable for all ages although you cannot tell what would upset particular child.• Only mild bad language is allowed e.g. damn or hell, but on the odd occasion bad language like bloody or bugger might be used
  2. 2. Sexual activity• Characters may be seen kissing or hugging and there might be references to sexual behavior, however it banned in a U film of over focus on sexual behavior, language and innuendo
  3. 3. Violence and horror• There may be brief fight scenes however any signs of emotional stress is quickly resolved and the outcome of the film is reassured.• Bad characters in the film are bound to carry a weapon in the film. The hero is unlikely to be carrying any sort of weapon. Potential dangerous and imitable behavior will not be present.
  4. 4. Drug usage• Normally there are no references to any illegal drugs or drug misuse in these types of films however
  5. 5. PG (Parental Guidance) and bad language• This certificate is general viewing but some scenes would probably be unsuitable for children• There might be mild language e.g. S@#t ,son of a b#tch, but the context and delivery are always important e.g. language used aggressively or to much bad language
  6. 6. Sexual activity• References to sex are acceptable if the activity talked about or shown is lacking in detail.• If children are unlikely to understand the reference it will be licensed as a PG.
  7. 7. Violence and horror• There should be no detail of violence in a PG while there might be some blood we would not see how injury would be inflicted.• As far as horror would go in a PG there would probably only be some jump moments or scary scenes, but realistic violence or horror will not be prolonged.
  8. 8. Drug usage• There may be passing references on illegal drugs or drug misuse although there should be no strong focus on the matter. In addition to drug references may be permissible if there is an educational message understood by children over the age of eight
  9. 9. 12A(Accompanied/Advisory) and Language• Films with this certificate rating are recommended for children aged 12 or over however children under required age must be accompanied by an adult• The BBFC’s state there might be language like F***, but it has to be infrequent. Important and aggressive uses of strong language may make it a 15.
  10. 10. Sexual activity and Drug Usage• Sexual activity may be briefly and discreetly appear in film, movie and video game however verbal sex references must not go beyond what is would be suitable for young teenagers and crude sex references are unlikely to be accepted.• There may be infrequent sight drug misuse in these films, but portrayal glamourized.
  11. 11. Violence and horror• Moderate violence is acceptable but should not dwell on detail and should be no emphasis on injury or blood, but occasionally gory moments may be permitted unless they can be justified in their context• Physical and pyscological horror are passed in a horror for 12A so long they are not disturbing frequent sequences
  12. 12. 15 and Issues in 15• This certificate shows that the film recommendation is for people over the age of 15 or over, nobody under the age of 15 can buy or rent this movie.• Issues seen in a 15 are strong violence, strong language e.g. f***, sexual activity, nudity and strong verbal reference
  13. 13. Horror and Drug Usage• A 15 will contain a strong threat or menace although the strongest gory images are unlikely to be acceptable. As long as the menace is sadistic or sexualized• Drug usage will be shown so long as it doesn’t promote or encourage misuse.• The misuse of easily accessible or highly dangerous substances will rated in an 18
  14. 14. 18 and issues in 18• This certificate rating certifies that only adults can see this film, anyone under the age of 18 cannot see the film in cinema or buy and rent it• The issues found in an 18 are very strong violence, frequent strong language e.g. f***, strong sexual activity and violence and strong horror, gore and blood
  15. 15. Drug Usage• Drug usage is the just about the same as a 15, they will show drug misuse in 18’s so long as it doesn’t promote or encourage it.
  16. 16. Ratings that are bound to be put on murder mystery film• The following genre may classed as a PG so long it doesn’t show any serious violent scenes, injury and blood• It may be shown as 12 as the movie could have brief violent scene being used, but if the use of meaningful violent it would probably be classed it as 15, but very rarely an 18.