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Understanding micro elements in film opening


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Understanding micro elements in film opening

  1. 1. Understanding micro elements in film opening
  2. 2. I can tell from the first screenshot used above that the setting is in LondonEngland because St Paul’s cathedral is in the shot and the time period isaround about the late 1800’s, early 1900’s because there are hardly anyelectrical appliances outside e.g. street lamps The cinematography of the camera shows it is a long shot as you can all the body and shows us where the scenery is set and the camera is low angled so we get the feeling something is happening on that bridge. The angling used is zoom because as the man is moving it is steadily moving toward him.
  3. 3. The props indicate that either their will be some sort of murder justabout to happen or there is a pursuit happening and people are beingtracked down.The cinematography is it’s a close up shot so we can see what thisman is holding and it’s high angled so it exposes what he’s holdingand if he would use it.
  4. 4. Judging from what these people are wearing they are police andthe facial expressions show they’re getting prepared for either gunfire to take place or they’ll have the chance to make an arrest. Theclothes from the guy on the left and helmets the police are wearingcould indicate this is from the late 1800’s, early 1900’s.The cinematography is a close up shot so we can see what therediscussing or able to read things through there facial expressionsand the angle is eye level which shows you could get a taster ofwhat there up to.
  5. 5. 1:26From the what’s been happening this man has thrown open the doors andpreparing to stop an event from occurring or about commit a death orrobbery.The cinematography shows it’s a medium shot as it gives us good view onwhat he’s wearing and shows something that has quickly happened andthe angle is at eye level so it seems as if a witness has watched him throwopen the doors.
  6. 6. 0:40This gives us a clear view of the scenery from all around us and also tellswhich era this was set in.The cinematography shows it’s an extreme long shot because we’re justgetting a good view of the scenery around us and doesn’t have a focuson any particular character or anything and is angled at eye level to makeit seem like you’re getting a good view of the land scape.The camera angling for part of the opening is track as the carriage infront is moving the camera is steadily moving towards it.
  7. 7. 0:57In this shot can see that a man is running hard to either get tosomewhere specific or is running away from someone at a verylate night as there is only light coming from a street lamp.The cinematography shows it’s an extreme close up as it showswhat this man’s doing with his leg, in this case he is running andit is low angled because it’s looking down at his feet and givesthe feeling that something very fast and epic is happening. Thecamera position/angling is track because the man is running thecamera is keeping up to him at the same place.
  8. 8. Pace• The speed at which one moves to another is roughly about a couple of seconds per shot as it is a short action sequence except at the beginning of the clip the first edit lasts quite a while as it brings us in closer to what it on the carriage and beginning to get us engaged to what there up to.
  9. 9. Performance• From the character who is running he seems rather urged to get somewhere as he looks rather panicked ,but on a mission• As for the police in the carriage there feeling prepared and ready to expect the worst as they’ve loaded there guns and prepared to shot down someone or a mob/gang.
  10. 10. Diegetic Sound• The Diegetic sounds are: footsteps carriage wheels horses neighing clicking of loaded guns doors opening
  11. 11. Non Diegetic Sound• The type music used is a fast and epic type as someone is running hard and fast with the police in hot pursuit with armed guns. At the beginning it gradually builds up from a slow start to the a more tense and fast music in the middle of the opening.