8. cinematography and editing for music videos


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8. cinematography and editing for music videos

  1. 1. Analysis of Videos
  2. 2. With lip syncing it helps show that the artist is can sing therefore they find it hard there imitating what’s happening on the screen. What I’ve also learnt is that you can use various techniques to make the video look good such as a split screen effect showing the same person in the same place twice. Lip syncing and other methods
  3. 3. The other techniques I’ve learnt is stop motion where I can use take freeze frame of an image I’ve captured to and continue on with the clip and freeze it again to do the same thing to make it look like someone’s moving like clockwork. This also helps to change the pace of the clip so it matches the pace of the music. Further Methods
  4. 4. The use of the different editing techniques such as stop motion and split screen has given me further ideas as to what I could do for my music video plus I should move the camera around in various ways I can. Reflection