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,Directory services


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Published in: Technology
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,Directory services

  1. 1. • The account management is the control of network security when it comes to safe guarding someone’s personal data. By employing the best practices and following the guidelines, the risk of having security breaches can easily be minimized. • These can be found on a network when your logging onto a workplace such as school and you have to type in your user name and password to access it. It also used on the internet for things like blogger, slideshare, twitter etc. • Without this your personal areas can easily be accessed, your privacy can be viewed and someone could publish it out for the world to see.
  2. 2. • This is the process of being able to identify an individual based on what there username and there password is. This is basically make sure that the individual for the computer there using is confirming who he or she is claiming to be, but says nothing about the access rights for the individual. • If this system wasn’t around then any could logon to the local network and this could lead to pieces of information being hacked into or even being stolen
  3. 3. • Active Directory is a standardized and centralized system that automatically connects to the network management which holds the users data, distributed resources and security and this also enables interoperation with other directories. This was especially designed for distributing over the network environment. • Without the use of service then the data held by users or data they’ve created will not be able to be accessed and security won’t connect instantly which make the computer immediately vulnerable to viruses.
  4. 4. • DNS stands for Domain Name System. This device can be found within a server. This piece of technology is used for managing the different names of websites and other internet domains. This basically allows you to type names on the internet and the computer will browse the whole internet to find the matching address e.g. • Without the use of Domain Name System the internet will fail to remember the names of web addresses and other important information and from this the whole will be seen as useless
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