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  • Oscars is a Greek dinner located in downtown Millburn New JerseyThis restaurant is a core part of Millburn townshipServing classic Jersey food along side Greek favorites
  • Btcar94

    1. 1. Oscars Deli and Restaurant Caroline Thompson(Luu) Thompson
    2. 2. Why I Love It• Every Wednesday three of my friends and I would meet at Oscar’s to have lunch. These lunches were soon named “double date day Wednesday”(DDDW) and became mandatory to all of those involved. It was not about the delicious food but more about being able to relax and act silly. Many of my greatest high school memories took place at Oscar’s and life in Millburn would not be the same without it. Thompson
    3. 3. The Ladies wholunchClockwise form the top left- MariaMaclay, Caroline Thompson, RachelOkrent, and Rebecca Okrent (Servis) Thompson
    4. 4. Moments like this could only happen at Oscar’s (Okrent) Maria and I unintentionally matching Thompson
    5. 5. Importance of Seating Rebecca Rachel Maria CarolineFor some reason my friends and I are very particular about seating. This is probablydue to the fact that Rachel and I are more likely to share something or it could beMaria’s slight OCD. But we usually configure ourselves in this arrangement at the tablein the back left corner. Thompson
    6. 6. Oscar’s Food• Oscars provides a broad menu serving up breakfast and dinner all day long• Their specialties include the Gyro, the Jersey Classic, and Disco fries• Disco fries are my personal favorite. It doesn’t get better than french fries with melted cheese and gravy on top. Thompson
    7. 7. Disco Fries(Kuban) Food item Odds of being ordered on DDDW (from 1<10) Disco Fries 10 Scrambled eggs and Danish 5 Gyro 3 Jersey Classic 7 Thompson
    8. 8. What it’s like inside• Oscar’s is small environment Front of Oscars gives it a homey feeling, at the entrance there is counter where you can pay, pick up food, and eat. On the opposite side of this counter is a mirrored wall lined with about four tables. In the back of the Back of Oscars restaurant there is a small seating area with about five to (Dalerta) six tables. Both the counter and table are the same color green which seems to fill Oscar’s. (Dalerta) Thompson
    9. 9. Reviews3.5 • Although there are few 3 online reviews, 7 out of2.5 8 gave Oscar’s a three 2 ! Star star or higher review. 2 Star1.5 3 Star 1 4 Star 5 Star0.5 0 Yelp Patch Reviews Reviews Thompson
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    12. 12. Feedback• In doing this assignment I was exposed to smart art which I think will be helpful in the future. This was also the first time I put a footer into a Power Point.• Adding a table and a chart will probably be the two skills I utilize the most.• Having to use different layout was also beneficial because I often use the same layouts for an entire presentation.• I think having to add a video or clip might be useful for future students. Thompson