RIO or Engagement? Presentation at Social Media in a Corporate Context bu Jakub Hrabovsky


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A running constant theme in the comms vs marketing social media debate is the extent to which engagement can be measured for its return. Views are polarised.

From the outset Vodafone's policy has to be listen, learn and engage with its customers, proactively identifying and prioritising lead influencers. This session, a best practice case study, examines Vodafone's social media activity and explores how it drives brand preference, customer satisfaction and cost savings.

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  • You need to make people and teams responsibleAll niid to sign up to the same KPIS
  • RIO or Engagement? Presentation at Social Media in a Corporate Context bu Jakub Hrabovsky

    1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA – THEVODAFONE JOURNEYJakub HrabovskyManage Social
    2. 2. Why did Vodafone start with social Change of media Economic Plummeting environment climate NPS and journalist behavior
    3. 3. The Start• Slide with hands
    4. 4. The Setup Customer Care Channel Corporate Legal Marketing Comms & SEO Brand
    5. 5. Social Channels
    6. 6. Service and Community management Service Community Management Moderation: •Rapid visibility of larger scale issues •Social competitive element due to “me too” factor awards points for Intervention: constructive contribution •Existing content answers most queries •Community answers 30% of posts Key influencers identified, •Vodafone pick up everything else, recognised and rewarded including account specific queries Issue Management Higher ranks unlock new features, •Traffic weighted towards initially to allow profile customisation, device/technical avatars and signatures, but later adding •100% firmware query offload basic moderation controls to •Forum subscription capability used to demonstrate trust we put into users provide updates to save customers making repeat contacts •Reputational matters handled with assistance from PR team
    7. 7. Monthly Posts: c10k (peak Fans: c500k Followers: c40k Reach: 200+ blogs and 20k ) Monthly Posts: c1k Monthly Tweets: c4k (peak forums, registered Monthly Visitors: c. 750 Service Offering: Originally 8k) membership of over 2 Query Types: wall-based service plus Service Offering: million Technical, product and promotional activity, moving Questions answered in Monthly Posts: c200 service/account, sales to segmented approach approx 10 minutes, all Query Types: Mainly Service Model: Team with service provided via query escalated complaints, debt assisted peer to peer eForum integration, all types, technical, product collection, credit liaison community, all questions queries answered and service, sales FTE: 2 from pool of 8 answered after 24 hours FTE: 2 from pool of 8 FTE: 4 from pool of 8 blended across Facebook, FTE: 12 blended across Facebook, blended across Twitter and independent Twitter and independent Facebook, Twitter and sites sites independent sitesNPS: Contact Deflection: Revenue:78% Savings of over £ 2 mil £1m / year
    8. 8. Call deflection Measuring reduction in propensity to contact based on four key scenariosFrom the technical query samples, From the network46% of customers query samples, called or emailed 27% of customers less after joining called or emailedthe forum, with an less after joining overall contact the forum reduction of 33% From the general From the device query samples, availability query44% of customers samples, 41% of called or emailed customers called less after joining The average result or emailed lessthe forum, with an across all samples was a after joining theoverall reduction of 20% reduction in contacts forum, with an 30% after joining the forum overall contact reduction of 9%
    9. 9. How did we achieve this? Identification of the key online Listen conversation drivers amongst target audience on relevant topics Analyze CreateContribute to the eco-system Develop the conversation themesusing the specific contentstrategy and evaluate results andimpact in real time Engage and supporting content to add to the conversations you want to be a part of
    10. 10. eForumTwitterIndependent
    11. 11. “Vodafone has brought together community management andNew Media age rated us in the top customer service well, both onfive UK brands on Facebook. The Facebook and Twitter” – Marshall other four consisted of two charities, a popular brand of Manson, Director of Digital sweets and a TV show Strategy, Edelman UK
    12. 12. Show me the money Savings Direct NPS Sales
    13. 13. Contact jakubh