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Social CRM


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Social CRM

  1. 1. Social CRM – from conversations to engagement #LBiClientAfternoon 25 April 2013 Rob van Alphen (@adgenius) LBi Belgium
  2. 2. sCRM: What’s in a name A definition
  3. 3. Buzzword bingo?
  4. 4. sCRM: CRM Amplified sCRM: CRM Amplified CRM Old School The Social Way Main driver Transaction Conversation Marketing Planned, one-way, inflexible Nimble, hyper-responsible, dialogue, insights Sales Black book and transaction-driven Interaction-based, sourced from insights Customer support Limited hours, script-based Dynamic, « always on », multiple platforms Feedback Occasional surveys, quarterly customer insights Multiple platforms that feedback into Sales, Marketing, Support
  5. 5. We need to consider the role for social at all points of the customer engagement lifecycle to unlock its value. Advocacy Awareness Social advocacy Bought and earned reach Usage Engagement Social CRM Brand participation Purchase Consideration Social commerce Multi-signal search
  6. 6. Tackles business problems
  7. 7. increase revenue
  8. 8. reduce service costs
  9. 9. stimulate innovation
  10. 10. superfans consist of of community populations <1% on average superfans generate 50% of all community content and 85% of all useful content Lithium
  11. 11. Social CRM cases How to make it happen?
  12. 12. Start by applying traditional CRM tools to social media but with a tweak!
  13. 13. Applying proven CRM mechanics to social – Powered by business -
  14. 14. NIKE - Social sign-on Nike offers multiple options for social sign-on and appends their own proprietary questions on the back-end of the authorization of the user (i.e. email opt-in). Using social sign-on gives Brands access to up to 180 data points to associate with the user.
  15. 15. AMERICAN EXPRESS - Social Segmentation American Express’ Link, Like, Love Facebook app allows to segment cardholders based on their interests, likes, check-ins and their friends’ likes to offer only the most relevant discounts. Discounts are the most favourable interaction with Brands via social media and become more relevant if they are allocated based on segmentation.
  16. 16. OAKLEY - Relevant content and notifications Oakley sends targeted, direct messages through Facebook based on the social profile and social interactions Targeting app users directly in their Facebook Newsfeed and Timeline or via Twitter increases click through rates to an average of 38,7%.* It also contributes to an increased user engagement so app user churn is likely to reduce.
  17. 17. BMW - Product consideration BMW Car Configurator on Facebook. Once the perfect BMW is designed, users share it, save it or sign-up for news. While generating leads on social, it’s worth comparing the performance against other channels to inform future social CRM efforts. Closing the loop and integrating information into a CRM system will allow a targeted and relevant follow-up with individual leads.
  18. 18. STARBUCKS - Social Loyalty Programme Starbucks customers can manage their Loyalty & Payment card on Facebook, e.g. for top-up. The love for Starbucks can be shared by buying eGift cards and giving them to FB friends. 55% of consumers want to purchase via social channels
  19. 19. MYOFFERS - Response rate optimisation Testing different offers for female and male recipients for shows how the customer responsiveness to direct social messaging can be optimised Measuring and optimising typical customer KPI, like lead generation, depth, length and value of the relationship, help to prove the value of
  20. 20. SONY XPERIA Rethinking the traditional marketing model: from campaigns to conversations
  21. 21. THE BRIEF Create a way to introduce Sony Ericsson’s Xperia phones to a larger audience, without getting bogged down in a feature-war over things like mega-pixels and battery life.
  22. 22. THE ANSWER: Xperia Studio “Reality Remade”  Create branded content with phone at the heart  Wide open brief to collaborators from a diversity of industries  Over 10 professional movies posting engaging and innovative use of Xperia smartphone
  23. 23. Xperia Studio (collaborators)
  24. 24. Xperia Studio (case video)
  25. 25. Xperia Studio : socially infused Branded content distribution platform manages consistent content posting across social channels
  26. 26. Creating social currency ● Social CRM platform was used to drive social currency for Xperia Studio Code embedded in Facebook fan page or application The user opts into to receive direct personalised messaging Platform can access detailed user information stored on Facebook. This can be matched to other data sources (eg CRM database) Platform is configured to send Direct Personalised messages to facebook newsfeed based on data
  27. 27. Xperia Studio results
  28. 28. Xperia Studio results – Email vs. Social DM ● Email average click through: 5,9% ● Social Direct average click through: 44% *Epsilon 2011 Email Trends and Benchmark
  29. 29. A social direct message to 6000 users generates the same amount of traffic as a broadcast Facebook message sent to 6 million users.
  30. 30. British Telecom Developing an engaging community experience to reduce call volumes
  31. 31. SOCIAL CRM COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT : BT Challenge: • • To reduce call volumes into the BT call centre and to reduce cost to serve Provide more flexible ways for consumers to receive responses to service questions Solution: • • LBi implemented Lithium’s software within the community.BT area of the BT website BT service staff and consumers respond to the communities questions Results: • • 10% reduction in calls to the call centre within the first year, delivering huge return on investment for a company with over 21 million customers Substantial NPS increase
  33. 33. Does your company need social CRM? “We want to increase revenue by activating our fans and advocates.” “We want to decrease service costs through Social Customer service.” “We want to stimulate innovation by crowdsourcing input.” “We want to differentiate what advocates, influencers, detractors and consumers are saying.” “We like to move toward relevant & engaging 2-way conversations.” “We want to identify potential customers from unstructured data.” “Social and digital teams and activities are silos but need to be integrated more closely.”
  34. 34. Let’s talk +32 494 15 01 14