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Stormwater Protection


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Stormwater Protection

  1. 1. City CouncilJuly 21st, 2012
  2. 2. Stormwater Regulatory Framework Clean Water Act, Section 402(p) National EPA Nation Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), 40 CFR 122 Unauthorized Authorized States States State Laws & Regulations (45 States and PR) EPA NPDES PermitsState by State Texas Pollution Discharge (5 states, most territories and Elimination System (TPDES) Indian country lands) Permit Cities,Counties, etc MS4s, Construction Sites, Industrial Activities
  3. 3. Stormwater Permit “Phases” Phase I Permit  Medium & large MS4s (pop. >100,000)  Construction activity (ac > 5 acres) Phase II Permit  Smaller MS4s in “Urbanized Areas” with pop. <100,000 (College Station)  Construction sites (1 ≤ ac < 5)
  4. 4. TPDES Phase II MS4 Permit TXR040001. Submit Notice of Intent (NOI) to (TCEQ)  5 year permit (2008 – 2012)2. Develop stormwater management program (SWMP)  Reduce discharge of pollutants to maximum extent practicable  Protect water quality  Satisfy other state and federal requirements3. Recordkeeping and reporting  Submit five (5) annual progress reports to TCEQ
  5. 5. SWMP- Minimum Control Measures1. Public Education & Outreach (10 BMPs)2. Public Involvement & Participation (6 BMPs)3. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (12 BMPs)4. Construction Site Runoff Control (7 BMPs)5. Post-Construction Stormwater Management (5 BMPs)6. Best Management Practices (12 BMPs)MCM 1 Public Education & OutreachBMP Measurable Goal Target Date Develop a list of topics to be included in the Utility Bill Inserts. Year 11-1 Utility Bill Inserts Design and print utility bill inserts for each of the selected topics. Year 2 Distribute inserts in accordance with the utility bill distribution schedule Year 3 Develop a list of subjects for inclusion and discussion in storm water flyers. Year 11-2 Flyers Design and print flyers for each of the selected subjects Year 2 Post flyers at selected locations in accordance with the flyer posting schedule. Year 3
  6. 6. SWMP Achievements to Date Public Education, Involvement & Participation  Distributed stormwater literature (UBIs)  Classroom presentations  Broadcast public service announcements (PSAs)  Published city stormwater quality website  Est. Brazos Basin Stormwater Education Committee (BBSEC)  Est.  Creek Clean Up/Adopt-A-Street Volunteering  Storm drain stenciling
  7. 7. SWMP Achievements to Date Cont. Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination (IDDE)  Est. illicit discharge hotline  GIS mapping system of storm drain inlets/outfalls  Developed outfall screening procedures  Key personnel training Municipal Best Management Practices  City landscaping and trimming  Regular fleet maintenance  City employee training  Identified city-owned industrial facilities Construction/Post Construction  Inspector training  Draft stormwater ordinance  Sought input from construction community  Implement stormwater ordinance
  8. 8. Stormwater Ordinance – Ch 7 Provision in Health and Sanitation (General)  Stormwater Protection Regulate contributions of pollutants to the MS4 by any person or entity  Includes reasonable exceptions (i.e. agriculture, lawn care, etc.) Prohibit illicit discharges and illegal connections into MS4 Control and Containment Requirements  Spill prevention, dumping or disposal in MS4
  9. 9. Stormwater Ordinance – Ch 12 Provision in Unified Development Ordinance (Development)  Drainage & Stormwater Management Prohibit stormwater discharge associated with construction or industrial activity without TPDES permit Prevent operations of facilities discharging stormwater with out NOI or Site Notice Prevent entrance of sediment, concrete, construction debris etc., into MS4 from construction activity