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Rezoning for 4080 State Highway 6


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Rezoning for 4080 State Highway 6

  1. 1. Regular Agenda Item # 34080 State Highway 6 Rezoning July 12, 2012
  2. 2. Meritorious Modification Requests1. UDO Section 8.2.G.2 “Blocks” - To not break the block lengths along State Highway 6 frontage road or Longmire Drive between Eagle Avenue and Bridle Gate Drive2. UDO Section 8.2.E.3 “Street Projections” - To not project a public street/Public Way to the unplatted property on the northern side3. UDO Section 8.2.K.3.a “Sidewalk Exceptions” -No sidewalk on the State Highway 6 frontage road4. UDO Section 7.5.D.1-2 “Streetscape Requirements” -Allow street trees up to 60 feet Longmire Drive right-of-way (10-foot increase)