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Branding in-store comes with its own unique set of challenges to overcome. We've asked our in-store experts to list the top tools, principles, and strategies they use for their clients who want to make an in-store impact. Here, briefly, are some of the most inspiring to us. Feel free to use this presentation to consider all of your options when you consider your in-store branding

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Consider In-store

  1. 1. CONSIDERIN-STOREA primeron brandingfor the retailenvironmentMAY2013
  2. 2. We’ve asked some of our in-store experts to put togetherthis presentation as a jumping-off point to help youto understand some of the concepts, principles, and ideasyou should consider when you consider in-store.We hope you find it useful. And, if you need further assistance,contact us and we’d be happy to consider your in-store with you!ABOUT THISDOCUMENT...
  3. 3. Too often, we see in-store which amounts to little more thanlogos applied to given parameters rather than tailor-madesolutions designed to get the most from a company’sinvestment in their brands.In-store is rapidly becoming one of the most importantarenas in which brands compete. In-store is the lastopportunity to sway consumers and get your product sold.It’s in the best interest of anyone with a product to sell tomake sure they understand how to use in-store to continuebuilding the brand story.The 7 topics in this presentation are just a few of the thingswe consider when we take on an in-store project for oneof our clients. We think you should consider them as well.AT CG, WE REALLY BELIEVE THATIN-STORE*CAN BE DONE BETTER*Marketing materials displayed at the point of purchaseor the point of consumption (on- or off-trade)
  4. 4. Considerhow you would buildyour retailer segmentationmodel. What would youbase it on? Potentialprofits? Outlet types?Category relevance?Or maybe relationships andhistory of cooperation?“The issues and challenges you face inultra-sleek and modern hypermarketsare not the same issues you might facein crowded corner-stores or gas stations.”
  5. 5. Considerways to use all the sensesto delight and surprise.Consider putting yourproducts where they arenot expected or displaythem in ways that are sureto grab attention.“Holidays and sporting events aregreat opportunities to create beautiful,disruptive displays that captureshopper attention.”
  6. 6. Considerhow you might zoneyour retail environmentsand what the primarymessages might bein each zone.NI NGZOPREPARATIONZONEfunciotional, intuitiveFUN ZONEstimulating, excitingSLEEP ZONEdark, quiet“Zone-thinking works in almost anyenvironment. How might you zone yourown bedroom, for instance?”
  7. 7. Considerthe issues facingyour retailers.What problems canyou solve for them?“The Kmart blue light special is aniconic example of an in-store solutiondesigned to solve the problemof overstocked merchandise.”
  8. 8. Considerhow you can usetechnology to interactwith consumers. If nottechnology, can youthink of other ways toturn the shopping tripinto a shoppingexperience?“Research from the Pew American& Internet Life shows that more than half (52%) of adult cell phone ownersused their devices while in a storeto get help with purchasing decisions.”
  9. 9. Considerother products thatgo hand in hand withyours. How can youcouple your productswith theirs in the retailenvironment?“Insight: 20% of women magazinesare bought with confectionery.”
  10. 10. Considerenvironments outside‘traditional’ channelin which you canshowcase and sell yourproducts. How can youuse technology to makeanywhere a pointof sale?LEAVING“Subway stations in Seoul, Korea havebecome de facto retail outletsas technology has enabled brandsto display and sell outside the shop.”
  11. 11. Image sources: Slide 5: 7: Slide 10: other imagery from and stockphoto.comCocoon Group has over 15 years experience buildingsuccessful, award-winning brands. Starting as a packagingdesign agency, over time we supplemented ourshopper-behavior expertise with brand consultancyand industrial design. Combining these core disciplines,we are able to meet our clients needs for top-class in-storebranding and execution.Today CG is a truly multi-disciplinary agency, offering allaspects of brand creation, development, and implementation,working out of 4 regional offices in Prague, Moscow,Bucharest, and The Hague.ConsiderSegmentationConsiderDisruptionConsiderZoningConsiderSolutionsConsiderParasitesConsiderInteractionConsiderLeavingPREDICTINGAND EVOLVING
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