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Visual merchandising


Visual Merchandising 2020

Visions of Visual Merchandising in 2020 from some of the best in the world.

Visual Merchandising 2020

  1. 1. Visual Merchandising2020<br />Jonathan Baker<br /><br />
  2. 2. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Understanding the overview<br />Image Copyright<br />
  3. 3. As a Global Commercial Community, What is the Future of Visual Merchandising in 2020?<br />
  4. 4. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Less Crystal Ball, More Strategic Creative Approaches<br />Image Copyright<br />
  5. 5. Who did we talk to?<br />Grateful thanks to the following contributors:<br />Faye Mcleod, Creative Director, Louis Vuitton, Paris, France<br />Erin Thompson, Head of Visual, Selfridges, London, UK<br />Janet Wardley, Creative Director, Harvey Nichols, London, UK<br />Laura O’connor, Window display Manager, Harvey Nichols, London, UK<br />Glen Foley, Head of Visual Merchandising, T.M.Lewin, London, UK<br />Colin Morissey, Head of Visual Merchandising and Design, Hamleys, London, UK<br />Logan Shannon, Retail Visual, The Timberland Group, USA.<br />Elsa Sanchez, Julio Department Stores, Mexico City, Mexico<br />Jamie Shouli, Head of Visual Merchandising, Nicole Farhi, London<br />Paul Symes, Head of Visual Presentation, Fortnum and Mason, London, UK<br />Nathan Hicks, Head of Visual, Matches Fashion, London<br />Professor Ronald Knoth, Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, New York, USA.<br />Assistant Professor, Reginald Rogers, Fashion Institute Technology, New York, USA.<br />
  6. 6. Who did we talk to?<br />Grateful thanks to the following contributors:<br />Sarah Bailey, Course Director, The London College of Fashion, London, UK<br />Lorna Hall, Senior Retail Editor, W.G.S.N., London, UK<br />Gemma Emslie, Visual Merchandising Editor, Retail Focus Magazine, UK<br />Alison Embrey Medina, Executive Editor, DDI Magazine, Atlanta, Georgia, USA<br />Lyndsey Hubbard, Editor, A1 Magazine, UK<br />Heather Strang, Free-lance writer, DDI Magazine, Portland, Oregon, USA<br />Janey Rodger, Janey Rodger Designs, London, UK<br />Lynda Murray, Creative Director, International Visual, UK<br />Moe Krimat, Harlequin Design Ltd., London, UK<br />Jeremy Rucker, Director Hotel Retail, London, UK<br />Kathryn Scanlon, Director KSHT Ltd., London, UK<br />Millington Associates, London, UK<br />Andi Grant, Creative Director, SFD, UK<br />Denise Foley, Creative Director, New York, USA<br />
  7. 7. Who did we talk to?<br />Grateful thanks to the following contributors:<br />Gary Porter, Founding Director, Elemental Design, London, UK<br />Helen Burke, Accounts Manager, ABC Italia Mannequins, London, UK<br />Janey Rodger, Janeyrodgerdesigns, London, UK<br />Sonya Storm, Creative Director, DZD, London, UK<br />Pauline Dwelley, Panache Display, London, UK<br />Tanya Reynolds, Creative Director, Proportion>London, London, UK<br />Michael Steward, Executive vice president, Rootstein, New York, USA<br />Jonathan Berlin, Managing Director, Universal Display, London, UK<br />Amanda Carr,, London, UK<br /> Professor Leonard Wiltshire, Visual Merchandising Consultant, London, UK<br />Becky Tyre, Retail Details Blog, Florida, USA<br />Deborah Millington, Director, , London, UK<br />Maya Stephani, Berne, Switzerland<br />
  8. 8. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020<br />What do we think as the Visual Community?<br />
  9. 9. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020<br />Retailers…..<br />
  10. 10. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Faye McCleod, Creative Director, Louis Vuitton, France <br />I'd like to think brands will be elevating the visual in-store experience as everyone will be so used to engaging with a brand from there phone or i-pad etc...So I'd say wherever I will be it will be considered, sophisticated, playful and a key part of a brands core.<br />
  11. 11. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Erin Thompson, Head of Visual, Selfridges, London<br />I think it's tough to predict the impact of the digital generation, as by then a whole generation of customers who have known nothing but touch screen interactive technology will have grown up and be shopping for themselves. However, marry that with the fact we all know how old school techniques really work and that we are always going to be tactile people, I think we might have a new combination of old and new ways of working by 2020. Plus add the fact that increasingly our job isn't to highlight new product but to highlight it in new ways. Customers have already seen our products on line and this will surely just increase, so our job becomes more and more about entertainment.<br />
  12. 12. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Janet Wardley, Visual Merchandising Director, Harvey Nichols, London<br />The pleasure of shopping in a real store environment cannot be underestimated. I t seems that there is already a feeling that customers want experiences to be more real and less cold and technological.   However, I do see that there is a huge amount of scope for new technology to be incorporated into windows displays in the future. This could include windows becoming giant computer screens that work alongside the product, for example  glass that can react to lighting conditions outside and so cut down reflections or even glass that can frost over or become large posters at the flick of a switch. When new window schemes are installed , maybe we will no longer need blinds, posters or vinyl to cover the transition. We may have walls that can change colour without the need for paintingand even better teleportation around the world from store to store.<br />
  13. 13. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Laura O’Connor, Company window Display Manager Harvey Nichols, London<br />I think stores will begin to reuse there windows as a more creative space again as opposed to just a promotions site for the latest ad campaign print or sale posters. There is a resurgence towards 'old school' style windows which showcase the creativity and individuality of certain brands. I think this will appeal to the customer who will recognise this and want to buy into it over more mass marketed corporate branding.<br />
  14. 14. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Glenn Foley, Head of Visual Merchandising, T.M.Lewin<br />Fundamentally people like to shop, the growing online shopping experience will continue for hard goods and favourite products that the customer already knows, but fashion and clothing will still need to have high street retails outlets, it would be very narrow minded of retail bosses to think customers would want to push buttons and scroll through giant I pads to fine clothes, fashion shopping is about the tactile experience and the fun of purchasing something new, VM will become even more important as retailers will have to excite and entertain customers who are being distracted through a forest of other media, TV, Internet, Mobiles etc.<br />Only by investing in the skill set of young VM’s will the industry prepare its self for the next 10 years<br />
  15. 15. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Colin Morrisey, Group Head of Visual Merchandising and Design, Hamleys, London<br />I think in 2020 VM will become more technologically directed with wide spread use of the next generations of QR codes, iphones and augmented reality. Interaction will be the watchword with personalisation a huge element. The cycle of graphics only, headless, full makeup and so on will continue to an extent, but overshadowed by the addition of then more affordable screen technology utilising moving images in both 2 and 3D enabling more reactive display and communication instigating a blurring of the line between the shop window and the shop floor.<br />However it will be a long time until a machine or computer program can produce an exquisitely dressed mannequin and I hope this skill will still have a place in the world albeit possibly by then sadly seen as “retro” “quirky” or “nostalgic”<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright Colin Morrisey, Hamleys<br />
  16. 16. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Logan Shannon, Retail Visual, The Timberland Company, USA.<br />I believe that VM will be fully integrated with technology by 2020. Merchandising in stores will be similar to what we see in online stores now. Clean and minimal and technologically linked up so that consumers can self-direct their shopping experience, and find out all the features and benefits with a swipe of the phone. My hope though, is that in 2020 there will finally be a bit of backlash against technology and stores will take a more hand crafted less "techy" approach to merchandising<br />
  17. 17. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Elsa Sanchez, Grupo Julio Department Stores, Mexico<br />Ican’timagine Retail and Visual Merchandisingwhich has no relationbetween new technologyand social networks. Media isanenormousinfluencethatevennow, weare witnessingthelatest marketing strategiessuch as QR codes, more interactivepoints of sale and manyotherwaystocatch thecustomersattention.<br />Withmore demandingcustomers, retailerswillhavetoinvestmore and more togaintheattention of peoplesurroundedby a hugecompetitiveworld.<br />My personal feelingisthat I wouldliketothinkthattrendswillrespondin theoppositeway, “reintrodution of thepaintbrushinstead of computers”. I alsofeelthatwindows and commercialspacesshould be the ideal spaceforus as creatives and artistsas a means of expressionand communicatethismessagetosociety.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Elsa Sanchez<br />
  18. 18. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Jamie Shouli, Head of Visual Merchandising, Nicole Farhi, London<br />We've always been faced with an ever changing world of technology and tools of communication, and yet the need for the specialist creative has always been at the forefront, with window designers such as Gene Moore at Tiffany and Co, in the 1960's still being relevant and inspirational today. In a world of screens and fast moving technology, the creative will become even more important and enticing, finding texture and beauty and communicating  your brand message with clarity<br />
  19. 19. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Nathan Hicks, Head of Visual, Matches Fashion, London<br />We already live in an integrated multi-channel retail environment and for me its how we use those various mediums creatively to engage the consumer with wit & the use of aspirational display techniques to create a consistent brand message. It's not about technology versus technique, it's the combination of the two with a bit of humour thrown in and as long as we keep pushing boundaries and challenging the use of space to inspire, our industry will continue grow and I can't wait to explore the next 10yrs and see how we all evolve…<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Nathan Hicks @ Matches Fashion<br />
  20. 20. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Paul Symes, Head of Visual Presentation, Fortnum & Mason, London<br />I think that there will be more visual technology- such as touch screen windows linked to web sites, replacing the large boring advertising graphics that have been abundant in many high street stores-who should know better! <br />Hopefully there will still be a place for skilfully styled mannequins, product displays and groupings, creative thinkers and oh and- yes- and-us Visual people....<br />
  21. 21. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020<br />Academics<br />
  22. 22. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Professor Ronald Knoth, Laboratory Institute Merchandising, New York, USA<br />Luxury retailers will return to more realistic mannequins, (wigs makeup eyeballs) and larger sized mannequins<br />We might see some robotized mannequins or at least mannequins that can articulate, ride a bike, and run in place <br />Windows will incorporate technology, digital and filmed images instead of mannequins.<br />Eco sensitive product and merchandise that appears “hand made”. <br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Professor Ronald Knoth<br />.<br />
  23. 23. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Reginald Rogers, Assistant Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC<br />Eco - Luxury, As sustainable design is being <br />Eco-Luxury, as sustainable design is being embraced by the Luxury brands, their influence will accelerate the current eco-friendly movement throughout the industry. It will translate into additional materials used in window presentation and visual merchandising initiatives. With luxury brands committing to cut their paper consumption, redesigning packaging to 100 %recyclable paper and exploring eco- friendly mannequins.   The challenge to create innovative uses for recycled paper and eco- friendly materials will become more of a priority to the rest of the industry. In the technology sector, POS software for the I-pad platform will create interactive content for articulating product offering. I-pads will take a prominent footprint at the end of the aisle with end cap POP units. The I-pad will become the tool of choice for expanding the branded statement at the retail channel. <br />
  24. 24. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Sarah Bailey, Course Director, London College of Fashion<br />With the expansion of multichannel retailing within a very competitive retail market place; in 2020 there will be an even bigger focus on the role of the visual merchandiser. The growth of online sales will prove a challenge to visual merchandisers in capturing the customer into the store. Stores may evolve into showroom based formats; centred not just on the product but capturing the integrity of the brand through V.M principles and communicating a strong brand experience. There will be an emphasis on using technology creatively within windows and the store environment, making something unexpected; using technology to entertain, educate and create new ways of visual product presentation. Combining traditional V.M methods with new technology will be the 2020 challenge of creating inspirational displays. <br />
  25. 25. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Lisa Mann, Principal Lecturer, Fashion, Southampton Solent, University<br />By 2020 I predict that garment display and visual merchandising will become considerably more technologically driven; combining craftsmanship and technology is something that will ultimately become the height of innovative and imaginative retail. VM will be a major part of the shopping experience, providing excitement and entertainment inside and outside of the store, it will also continue to grow as an effective magnetizing tool, for retailers constantly looking for new ways of attracting a continual flow of consumers that love the experience of ‘real live’ shopping.<br />
  26. 26. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020<br />Publications<br />&<br />Editorials<br />
  27. 27. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Lorna Hall, Senior Retail Editor, WGSN, London<br />With technology commonplace in 2020 a store’s currency will be rooted in providing spectacle, wonder and kinship as well as help, authority and expertise beyond what can be found at the swipe or scan of a screen.  The visual merchandiser will be at the heart of that. Without them it’s just a box and a few machines.<br />
  28. 28. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Gemma Emslie, Visual Merchandising Editor, Retail Focus Magazine, London, UK<br />In an ever-changing and ever-competitive sector, it's difficult to predict where retail will be in the next 10-20 years. I believe technology will be a driving force in future VM trends. I think the VM and display sector will continue to address and embrace movement and multisensory techniques in order to enhance the shopping experience and engage more fully with shoppers. Sustainability will also be a key issue.<br />
  29. 29. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Alison EmbreyMedina, Executive Editor, DDI Magazine, Atlanta, Georgia, USA<br />Visual, as always, will be a reflection of the current consumer mind set. As the consumer increasingly goes digital, so too will our visual merchandising—but there will always be a flare for the creative.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright DDI<br />
  30. 30. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Lyndsey Hubbard, Editor, A1 Retail Magazine<br />By 2020 VM will be much more interactive with customers. As internet sales increase, the high street will have to work even harder to entice people in, thus shops will become more like showrooms, supporting their online side. <br />
  31. 31. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Heather Strang, Freelance writer, DDI Magazine, Portland, Oregon, USA<br />I think what will happen in Visual Merchandising by 2020 is that we will realize how much consumers long for connection. We'll find creative ways to bring them into our displays and help them FEEL connected beyond our technology saturated world.<br />
  32. 32. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020<br />Design Company's<br />
  33. 33. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Gary Porter, Founding Director, Elemental Design, London<br />It’s impossible to predict what the fashion trends will be, in 9 years time; as fashion itself is pretty much an interpretation of the social, political and cultural climate of its time. We live in a constantly erratic world, where unbelievable things happen – not only natural and extremist disasters, but financial and political instability. Of course, wonderful things happen too. Human rights being restored, nations pulling together, unexpected ‘miracles’. So, I maintain that while our industry depends on trends, its future is unpredictable. <br />Clearly, there is a younger generation emerging who reject unnecessary consumerism in favour of sustainability – recycling, re-using and reclaiming. So fashion retailers, especially, may have to find radical ways of tempting them in. Sites, like You-tube, have brought musical and artistic acclaim to the unknown – so I hope that stores invest more in young, local talent in their quest to make shopping more entertaining.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Elemental Design<br />
  34. 34. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Denise Foley, Creative Director, New York<br />In the year 2020 visual merchandisers will continue to be challenged to entertain, excite, educate and interact with clients through the use of technology.  As an indirect response to technology and globalization the eco-consciousness of the green movement will continue; with a focus on the creative arts, while utilizing the skills and talents of local artists and craftsmen.  Consumers will become much more knowledgeable and demanding in regard to point of origin, materials, and sustainability of the items they are purchasing.  As a group we will need to address these issues in a fun, creative way which is at the same time reflective of the brand we are representing.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright Denise Foley<br />
  35. 35. Industry visions for Visual Merchandising 2020Jeremy Rucker, Director, Hotel Retail, London<br />Retail Visual Merchandising will become more integrated into an overall brands strategy. This will create a seamless experience for consumers whether they are online, on the street or at an event. The effect of this will be more engagement in shops ,a faster turn around of displays and more technology. AS brands develop more character this will be represented in the retail environment with specific fit out to create a mood or place, from caves to factories. Brands will also be looking for short term retail presences with a more flexible approach to renting retail property so they can quickly target different locations. This will be a maturing of the present POP UP phenomenon with visual merchandising that can be moved from store to store.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Jeremy Rucker<br />
  36. 36. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Moe Krimat, Harlequin Design, London<br />The retail landscape will continue to evolve with the new technologies and interactivity available as people’s rate of consumption on mobile and online media grow at an accelerated rate. Whilst this will mean windows should have a 24/7 shopping potential and ever increasing scope for interactivity and customer engagement, the best brands will be those who retain the fundamentals of design, creativity and theatre that make bricks and mortar shopping more of a social entertainment experience.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Harlequin Design<br />
  37. 37. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Lynda Murray, Creative Director, International Visual<br />Arguably one of the most important issues for retailers is the environment. Previously considered a niche area, green retailing has moved from “nice to have” to “must have” as both customer and regulatory demands increase for a sustainability.<br />I believe by 2020 retailers will evolve from reactive to predictive as they continue to collect customer data on-line and use it to attain and maintain customers. VM solutions will have to become much more finely calibrated to this intelligence and reach out to engage with specific customers. No more ‘sheep dipping’ –individualism will become the norm<br />
  38. 38. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Janey Rodger, London<br />I think that as technology develops and shopping maybe becomes more of an online experience, the high street retailers will have to try harder to draw the customer in, therefore the window display and VM will become far more competitive. I think there will be a big return to creativity. The need to be twittered and part of the social network will create another outlet for stores.<br />The store window will become more of an art installation, a reflection of lifestyle, trend and social being.<br />
  39. 39. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Kathryn Scanlon, Director KSHT Ltd., London<br />I believe store windows and interiors will not be seen as separate propositions and environments will be created seasonally to suit the merchandise and trends. Store design and VM will become a seamless force to deliver this.<br />I also believe that activity outside the traditional remit of VM will expand with retailers using the street/area that they occupy to deliver retail excitement.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />KSHT Ltd.<br />
  40. 40. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Millington Associates, London<br />We feel that the future of visual merchandising will be heavily influenced by the continuous advancement in technology. The use of digitally enhanced VM, including experiential customer experiences and interactive touch screen displays will become more popular amongst retailers. Windows will be focused on consumer lifestyle, product and more importantly the heritage of the brand to maintain customer loyalty in a fast moving competitive industry.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Millington Associates<br />
  41. 41. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Andi Grant, Creative Director, SFD, UK<br />Moving forward to 2020 with the trend towards a more social (online at least) society and our thirst for technology will may see windows that no longer contain 3D elements. Although this is unlikely, since the very essence of retail is experiencing and experience in 2D is never going to be as fulfilling as 3D interaction. What we are seeing and will continue to see is that VM will continue to provide both a commentary on culture, whilst simultaneously guiding the future direction of society and our environment as a whole.<br />
  42. 42. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020<br />Industry<br />Suppliers<br />
  43. 43. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Helen Burke, UK Account Manager, ABC Italia<br />Visual Merchandising for 2020 will, I am sure will continue to be a creative force. An increasing trend influence taken from art, and architecture and unusual sustainable materials. <br />I think discerning retailers will continue to seek a creative point of difference, to make their brand and or product stand out. With internet shopping on the increase – the real shopping experience will need to deliver on many fronts to keep the customer engaged. From excellent innovative customer service solutions, to creative exciting quirky store environments, individual hand crafted attention to detail, contrasting with the bland mass produced.<br />Excellent design will always stand out.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />ABC Italia<br />
  44. 44. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Sonya Storm, Creative Director, DZD, London<br />Visual Merchandising 2020, will of course be very dependent on the quality of the new creative teams and visionaries that will emerge over the next few years.<br />The VM and Display industry is constantly morphing and the skill set of a creative being is ever expanding. Skills such as people management, commercial awareness, CAD, financial acumen and the art of negotiation sit alongside the hands-on skills of painting, sculpting, prop making and drawing.<br />Props, mannequins and POS will always be crucial in the VM world, but the materials, finishes, shapes and forms will constantly evolve as discerning consumers demand more from their retail experience. Fantasy and fantastic is the way forward<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright DZD<br />
  45. 45. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Pauline Dwelley, Panache Display, London<br />I believe that the industry will still exist, but without the skill base we have had in past decades. Retail will continue to need visual merchandising, but it will be handled in a more simplistic way.  However, we have seen cycles of trends with use of graphics, props, busts, mannequins etc. and I'm sure that will continue.<br />As suppliers we aim to keep the industry interested, excited, creative and innovated by creating the, 'Next new thing' as much as we can.<br />
  46. 46. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Tanya Reynolds, Creative Director, Proportion London<br /> The emergence of social networking has impacted on retail in recent years. This trend can only continue and I feel it will filter into the retail space itself. Morph social networking with personal shopping and you have a leisure pursuit in itself! Many British enjoy shopping as a leisure pastime therefore why would this not be a natural extension? The proliferation of events within retail space where buying product is the sideline seems natural.Web retailing will have taken its toll, leaving high streets and malls vacant of many of today’s recognised high-street brands. The growth of the mall trend will have slowed down and their purpose will have morphed from pure shopping experiences into more leisure-based environments as their owners struggle to keep them alive. By this time the current boom of inventive INDIE retailers will have grown up to be the next generation of big boys. I believe their younger attitudes will signal a new way of thinking about retail space with increasing the use of technology and personal service<br />Image Courtesy and <br />CopyrightTanya Reynolds<br />
  47. 47. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Michael Steward, Executive Vice President, Rootstein, New York<br />Obviously E-commerce will become a stronger contender in the market place, and as a result retail stores will have to up the ante in areas that cannot be optimized on line.<br />This will be done in several ways:<br />Theatre: creating a unique sensorial experience<br />Personalized service: to make the client feel "special" and included<br />Personal appearances: to meet designers or brand representatives/spokespersons<br />And of course drop dead mannequin installations!!<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Rootstein<br />
  48. 48. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Jonathan Berlin, Managing Director, Universal Display, London<br />Without doubt new technology will add to the visual appearance and customer experience.  However, ‘real’ mannequins and props will still be a major part of windows and presentation.  Materials and ways of manufacture will change but the ‘wow’ factor still needs to exist in order to entice the client into the store.  The realism in form of a mannequin is something that the client can relate to as it emulates their own form.  Costs of new technology may also be prohibitive in the retail environment<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Universal Display<br />
  49. 49. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020<br />Consultants<br />&<br />Bloggers<br />
  50. 50. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Amanda Carr<br />My feeling about the future of store design and VM is driven in the medium term by the role of the internet. Online shopping will continue to grow, become the norm and dominate consumer behaviour, how we shop will change greatly over the next decade. Since this is all new territory, I anticipate stores responding to the online purchasing pattern in lots of dynamic and creative ways; pick-up from stores, purchase in store- send home, stylist help in store -continuous conversations on line about future purchases between retailers and customers. All sorts of interesting and as yet undiscovered creative journeys are there to be invented! But we will see retailers trying to encourage customers into a 'brand base' store to really experience the brand/retailers philosophy and character.<br />
  51. 51. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Prof. Leonard Wiltshire, VM Consultant, London<br />People will always need to see clothes on a mannequin no matter  what form that takes. But with even the smallest brands becoming  global and the ''sameness '' of visual presentations throughout the  shopping experience ,the creative act will be left to a few people  with it only being implemented by traveling teams. V.M is constantly  changing and weather to a digital format or a tactile experience we  will still be called upon to provide the theatrical element in retail.<br />
  52. 52. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Becky Tyre, Retail Details Blog,, South West Florida, USA.<br />By 2020, I expect visual merchandising to embrace technology and have more interactive displays. I foresee the expanded use of digital photos and backdrops. However, technology will never replace the need for hands-on, creative visual merchandising that compels a customer to stop, look, learn and purchase.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Becky Tyre<br />
  53. 53. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Deborah Millington, Director<br />Visual Merchandising will evolve into an industry that is just as pivotal to the retail trade as Marketing, Advertising and PR and if advertising laws were to be relaxed empty window spaces could become a new platform for advertisers<br />
  54. 54. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Maya Stephani,, Switzerland <br />Interactive and very personal: in the future Visual Merchandising will be about allowing customers real interaction and high levels of personalisation.<br />With the rising prices of retail space and the possibility to buy practically anything from the Internet, the store windows will become increasingly interactive and personal.<br />This interactivity can be cyclical - e.g. during closed hours customers can actually purchase items directly from the window like from a vending machine -, seasonal - e.g. during the holidays they can compile gift wish lists - or permanent. <br />Interactivity will also be present in-store, where customers cannot only test and try but also highly personalise their purchases - e.g. from monograms, to alterations to just being in the store section that appeals to their tastes and desires most.<br />Image Courtesy and Copyright<br />Maya Stephani<br />
  55. 55. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Lars Laemmerzahl, Germany<br />By 2020, I believe we will be seeing two big trends in Visual Merchandising: The first one is a full integration with interactive technology,  that will create an unique brand experience for each consumer. The second is a complete rebellion against the first one, taking references from the past and relying on the traditional craft of visual merchandising.<br />
  56. 56. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020<br />Our Collective Thoughts…..<br />
  57. 57. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020Unravelling the threads and Knitting a fluid future<br />Images Copyright &<br />
  58. 58. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020The Google Earth View? Looking to the Future<br /> Elevated in-store experience, engaging the customer through new and under developed technology creating the unexpected, while still maintaining the tactile approach<br />Retail spaces as they currently exist, viewed as retrospectives of how we used to shop<br /> Development of store windows as digital images enhancing new ways of visual presentation however, with sensitive emulation and to our own human form<br />100% Eco-friendly / sustainable retailing and presentation although this will be fully imbedded rather then something we aim towards<br />Brand currency provided through the spectacle, wonder, authority and kinship, connecting the customer beyond the technological saturation.<br />
  59. 59. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020The Future<br /> From reactive to predictive retailing and presentation with renaissance of individualism and the hand-made versus the mass produced<br />Strategic targeting of customers through the use of short let spaces from caves to factories with maturation of the contemporary and temporary / pop up phenomenon<br />Focus will be on the use of creativity and how we are engaging the customer possibly through theatrical sensory experiences<br />As with the use of You-tube bringing acclaim to the unknown, so retailers may develop ways to utilise such technology to make the brand experience more entertaining and engaging<br />
  60. 60. Industry Visions forVisual Merchandising 2020The Future<br /> Commercial spaces as hang-out zones / hubs<br />Interactive, conversationalist, educational, bespoke experiences<br />Further development of augmented reality through holographic imagery, avatars, touch-screen<br />Localised manufacturing versus far east mass production saturating markets<br />Further development of new combinations of retailer – Gallery spaces / fashion, social networks / shopping experiences<br />Temporary retail / brand spaces in customers own locality creating a personal bespoke environment for local communities<br />
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Visions of Visual Merchandising in 2020 from some of the best in the world.


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