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Peter Park Keynote


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Remove a Highway, Improve a City. Keynote presentation by Peter J. Park on March 19, 2019 at the Agenda for a New Dallas Summit.

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Peter Park Keynote

  1. 1. Tearing Down the Barriers: Our Neighborhoods vs. Our Highways Agenda for a New Dallas Summit Dallas, Texas | March 19, 2019 Remove a Highway, Improve a City Peter J. Park
  2. 2. C H O I C E
  4. 4. U.S. Department of Energy, Vehicle Technologies Office
  5. 5. Relationship of VMT and VMT per Capita, (1970-2015)
  6. 6. 1. Passenger travel trends no longer closely track economic trends. 2. Changes in gas prices have weak impact on VMT. 3. The urban form of American cities is changing. 4. Socio-demographic trends have potentially lasting effects on travel demand. 5. Individuals belonging to all generations are frequent users of modern technologies. 6. Technology-enabled shared mobility services are lessening necessity of private vehicle ownership.
  7. 7. DESIGN FLAWLimited Access vs Fine-grained Network
  8. 8. “...frequent streets and short blocks are valuable because of the fabric of intricate cross-use that they permit among the users of a city neighbourhood.” Jane Jacobs
  9. 9. Building of a highway “has about the same result upon vegetation and human structures as the passage of a tornado or the blast of an atom bomb.” Lewis Mumford
  10. 10. Fine-grained Network
  11. 11. 1 2 3
  12. 12. CAPACITYAdding Choices vs Solving Congestion
  13. 13. Ian Lockwood P.E.
  14. 14. R O I
  15. 15. “We shall solve the problem of the city by leaving the city” Henry Ford, 1922
  16. 16. Cooperation
  17. 17. T O DTransit Oriented Development
  18. 18. D O TDevelopment Oriented Transportation
  19. 19. P O T
  20. 20. P O TPLACE Oriented Transportation
  21. 21. P L A N N O W
  22. 22. CODE IT
  23. 23. OWN IT
  24. 24. LEADERSHIP
  25. 25. “The economy, stupid” Smart Cars, Dumb Places
  26. 26. “Land, they’re not making it anymore”
  27. 27. “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded”
  28. 28. SUCCESS REQUIRES 1. Strong community support with extraordinary leadership and political will 2. An urban vision for the city that is not dominated by the automobile; prioritize the short trip vs the long trip 3. Decision processes driven by long-term community investment versus spending federal allocations on projects within given timeframes. 4. Regulatory (FBC) and Land Disposition Control