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Gardening cyberspace - Matt Reed


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spaces and social media in the creation of
food citizenship in the Bristol city region.

Matt will be presenting this at the ESRS Conference in Florence

Published in: Technology, Business
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Gardening cyberspace - Matt Reed

  1. 1. GARDENING CYBERSPACE - hybrid spaces and social media in the creation of food citizenship in the Bristol city region Matt Reed*, Nigel Curry, Dan Keech, James Kirwan and Damian Maye Friday, 19 July 13
  2. 2. Outline On-line politics & urban social integration Methods and materials Discourses - civic environmentalism and green urbanism Conclusions Friday, 19 July 13
  3. 3. Bristol, April 2011 Series of riots around a Tesco Express store mural photograph - Friday, 19 July 13
  4. 4. On-line media and activism Riot widely reported on social media - streamed live on the internet Bennett - personalised politics and DNA (Digital Network Activism Castells “In our society, the public space of the social movement is constructed as a hybrid space between the Internet social networks and the occupied urban space: connecting cyberspace and urban space in relentless interaction, constituting, technologically and culturally, instant communities oftransformative practice” (Castells 2012:11) Friday, 19 July 13
  5. 5. Urban & on-line Urban institutions - “building society across lines of difference” (Marwell & McQuarrie 2013:127) Kang - boycott of Wholefoods “the network holds potential for transforming politics, as a space in which competing views probe each other, collectively generate critical reflections on the ethics of a corporation and of public policy, and so rejuvenate the community (Kang 2012:574) Capacity of on-line to shape and create a debate, to change the spaces of the city. Friday, 19 July 13
  6. 6. 4 YouTube Videos Mostly through Twitter links. 34 Cases Methods & Materials Individuals, businesses and organisations - websites and linked social media 8 Twitter accounts Over 15,000 tweets 1 Facebook Group Materials collected Dec 2012 - April 2013 Analyzed using Nvivo 10 Friday, 19 July 13
  7. 7. Keywords Keywords used as coding key Importance location, positive tone and the immediate Friday, 19 July 13
  8. 8. Ecosystems and resources, People, Cities Mutual enterprises Popular mobilization – volunteers, professionals and shoppers Environmental Citizenship Contingency of natural systems Agents & their motives Transition and collapse Power of positive choices Local action GREEN URBANISM Basic Entities Recognised Exploitation, Co-operation Assumptions about natural relationships Metaphors & rhetorical devices Friday, 19 July 13
  9. 9. CIVIC ENVIRONMENTALISM Basic Entities Recognized Ecosystems, Regulations and Resources Businesses, households and the State Assumptions about natural relationships Regulated competition Agents & their motives Consumers Corporations Enlightened self-interest Key metaphors & rhetorical devices Cycles – natural and of mutual benefit Service provision Technological/logistical solutions Efficiency Friday, 19 July 13
  10. 10. Conclusion An alliance within the City - limited & negotiated Social media - maintaining and sustaining alliance Combination of on-line and off-line Reshaping of the space of City Pattern of inclusion and exclusion Limitations of the local state Friday, 19 July 13
  11. 11. Matt Reed - @ReedMtweet Friday, 19 July 13