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On the online self coaching system you can do life coaching where you can gain self-awareness on the meanings and beliefs and how they play out in your different life areas empowering you to make the changes you want to create better results in your life.
You are the author of your life story and you have the power to create a better story.
Our story is to support you creating a better story.

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Coaching Life Coaching

  1. 1. Life Coaching
  2. 2. Life • Finding direction • Coping with change • Creating change • Solving problems • Making decisions • Etc.
  3. 3. Why? • Coaching uncovers our blind spots • It helps us to see the world and our obstacles from a different perspective • It helps us to take responsibility for our lives and empower us to make changes and create the life we want
  4. 4. Wouldn’t you be excited to embark on this profound journey of self-awareness and empowerment?
  5. 5. Life Challenges • Relationships • Money • Work • Time • Self
  6. 6. Life Challenges • Overwhelming • Stuck • No choices • Fear • Negative cycle
  7. 7. Outcome We create our lives with our thoughts, beliefs, meanings, feelings, words & actions We are always in a mind-body-emotional state that determines our behaviour
  8. 8. Few people make use of coaching • Too expensive • Inconvenient in terms of – Time – Accessibility
  9. 9. What if you could have an electronic coach where you can resolve your challenges and when you need it you are able to engage with a coach to give you personal attention?
  10. 10. Intention behind • Coaching accessible and affordable • People like you are inspired – to do self coaching – create self-awareness – empowered to take responsibility – make the changes you want – live with meaning and purpose
  11. 11. Do you have the drive and staying power to do this for yourself? Is this important enough for you? Are you ready to take action and embark on this life-changing journey?
  12. 12. is an online self-coachingsystem for life, success, business & vitality based on Neuro-Semantics and Self-Actualization Psychology designed by world-class Meta-Coaches and has everything you need in one place to become the best version of you!
  13. 13. is the only self coaching system that is done online and stays online no downloading of workbooks or sheets everything is in one place
  14. 14. What would it mean to you to have coaching available to you anywhere any time?
  15. 15. • Is suitable for individuals and businesses of any size and large corporations • Different levels of engagement – choose the attention you want • Coaching accessible and affordable for everyone
  16. 16. • You can work on your own – self coaching • You can do a group coaching program • You can schedule an individual coaching session or program which includes PNI assessment • Your privacy is guaranteed – sharing up to you • You become part of a global community of positive & successful people
  17. 17. • Whether you are – Stuck in a job – Stuck in a relationship – Have other challenges is your Life Coach supporting you to resolve the challenges you face and create a life of meaning and purpose
  18. 18. If you work the system the system will work for you
  19. 19. The only thing you need apart from a small investment is your commitment to yourself to spend at least 30 minutes twice a week on the system to make this journey meaningfulfor you
  20. 20. Options • Self Coaching Subscription • 1 hour or 2 hour Individual Coaching Session • Individual Coaching Program • Group Coaching Programs - Find your Success and Find your Vitality – presented via monthly webinars • Details on under Shop
  21. 21. Outcome
  22. 22. Self Coaching Programs
  23. 23. Outcome
  24. 24. benefits • Gives direction and road map to create the life you want and live with meaning and purpose • Private, available 24/7, accessible from anywhere • All in one place – track progress of your life as a whole • Highest quality – NLP, NS, MC, Self-Actualization Psychology • Easily affordable – year subscription < 1 individual coaching session • Have personal attention when you need it • Not alone, supported all the way by world-class coaches • Free ebook“The Secret to a Successful Life” • Free 15 Minutes Coaching Chat • Free email support • Free webinars
  25. 25. What will open up for you when buying a subscription on
  26. 26. Visit register buy your subscription start your journey now!