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Learn how to navigate Polarity Wellness Tarot, the first somatic tarot deck. The most significant difference is that this deck indicates how to creatively resolve challenges by making a mind-body connection. It fuses other systems such as elements, types of touch, astrology, and energetic body work.
Each card suggests a practice to help move energy for each cards lessons. Deck by Miriam Jacobs, User Guide by Miriam Jacobs and Stephanie Swafford. Decks may be purchased at: PolarityTarot.com

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  • This presentation introduces you to basic Tarot and the Polarity Wellness Tarot deck.
    Because Tarot is based on universal elements it is connected with other systems.
    Be creative and get ready to explore.
  • Generally speaking a tarot card reading may:
    Help us make personal choices , see the underlying reasons behind events, help focus intuition and affirm what you already know, get to the essence of what I am sensing. Tarot informs you as what to expect.
    Start with mundane questions or picking one card each day. Keep a journal.
  • This presentation will cover the following.
    If you are familiar with any of these systems, I encourage you to attribute the connection to ease the use of Tarot in your own life.
  • continued……
  • Occult groups are rejected Tarot, considered evil and feared.
    Early 20th cent. new groups form -new interpretations of Tarot.
  • TAROT SUITS are similar to playing cards (52 cards). Except that in each suit there are 4 court cards instead of 3. (That’s 56 cards) and an additional 22 cards making a Tarot deck a total of 78 cards.
    • Disks/Pentacles Earth - pictures of our external, physical reality (finances, work, health) - diamonds
    • Swords/Air - pictures of our thoughts - spades
    • Cups - pictures of our emotional factors - hearts
    • Wands - pictures of our vision, insight, creativity clubs
  • Minors Arcana - describes matter at hand, detailed through suits/elements.
    Court cards - specific people that influence the reading or aspects of yourself that relate to psychological states also through suits/elements.
    Major Arcana - Archetypical symbols of the journey of life. Also based on pathways of the Kabbalah and therefore, the Hebrew letters (neither are included in this presentation).
  • 1. New beginning, seed, individual
    2. Polarity, balance, relationship, opposite
    3. Triangle, body/mind/spirit, trinity, synthesis, cooperation, integration
    4. Square, four directions/corners/seasons/elements, foundation, stability, order
    5. Pentagram, struggle, change, crisis, conflict
    6. Cube, triumph, harmony and beauty, reciprocity, exchange, decisive action
    7. Chakras/days of the week/wonders of the world, inner work or process, a challenge, mastery
    8. Change, inspiration, rhythm or octave, progress
    9. Completion, culmination, transition, resolution
    10. Manifestation in full form, transformation, abundance
  • Aces (instead of ones) are a beginning quality of each suit.
    They are seeds of a suit.
  • Today, interpretations of the cards vary from reader to reader, and book to book.
    Cards images vary slightly as well.
    Rider Waite - pictorial. Thoth Astro references also calls pentacles - 9 of disks sun in virgo
  • PWT is based on classic Tarot. It fuses some of these systems, especially Polarity Therapy bodywork. Images are digitally designed collage that show the Polarity Energy Man on each card, who highlights areas to focus your attention. There are color-coded references on the top of each card that integrate elements, touch types to use, astrology and chakra attributes. The deck comes with a User Guide (with Stephanie Swafford) that contains concise card meanings with suggested mind body practices.
  • Polarity Wellness Tarot also color-codes anatomical references. Ether. Air. Fire. Water. Earth.
  • FIRE Minor Arcana CARDS - Spiritual and Creative Life
    Anatomy: forehead, solar plexus, and thighs, sense of sight, body response - shaking Emotions: enthusiasm/anger Color: yellow
    Spiritual, Create, Insight, Passion, Brightness, Action, Focus, Vitality
  • AIR Minor Arcana CARDS - Intellectual Life
    Anatomy: shoulders, kidneys and ankles, sense of touch, body response - movement and speed Emotions: compassion/desire Color: green
    Mental, Thoughts, Contemplate, Ideas, Movement, Speed, Disperse, Lightness

  • WATER Minor Arcana CARDS - Emotional Life
    Anatomy: chest, pelvis, feet, sense of taste, body response - smooth and flowing
    Emotions letting go/attachment Color: orange
    Emotional, Love, Relationship, Connect, Flowing, Receptive, Nurturing, Merging
  • EARTH Minor Arcana CARDS - Physical Life
    Anatomy: neck, colon, knees, sense of smell, body response - contraction
    Emotions: courage/ fear Color: deep red
    Physical, Sense, Work, Money, Structure, Methodical, Organize, Grounded
  • Major Arcana - Rider-Waite deck.
    These are your karmic lessons. They are of the greatest personal significance in a reading. They narrate the entire range of archetypical experiences. Broken down by Jungian Taroists into 3 lines. [do I need this page?]
  • Although the Kabbalah is not included in the Polarity Wellness Tarot system, it is worth noting the correlations.
    Minor Arcana cards show up in the Ten Holy Sephiroth or ten spheres. Major Arcana cards correspond to the Pathways of Kabbalah. For more information please see “Quabalistic Tarot”, by Robert Wang.

  • The Visconti Sforza - copied from the famous Renaissance deck.
    Rider-Waite added images for each card (Rider being the publisher was designed in 1910 by Arthur Edward Waite & illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith
    Thoth deck in the 1940’s -added astrological references. by Aleister Crowley, illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris
    Marseille deck - France & Modern mystery school version by Paul Foster Case in 1922, called The Builders of the Adytum or BOTA.
  • Note slight differences. Strength and Justice change numerological positions. VII and XI
    [do I need this page?]
  • To simplify the Major Arcana divide them into three rows of 7 cards. In PWT all Major Arcana are represented by the Ether Chakra. See top left hand symbol - Later on in “Tarot and the Chakras” the Major Arcana gets broken down to include the Third Eye MA VIII - XIV and the Crown MA XV - XXI Chakras.
  • Fool 0. Stands alone. Between the heart chakra (air) and throat chakra (ether).
    Does the fool lie behind the heart? Is s/he the soul??
    Leaping into a new phase of life or spiritual direction, childlike wonder, carefree
  • The first 7 Major Arcana cards as more practical experiences. Each Major Arcana card has a main element, sub element, type of touch or movement quality zodiac reference and chakra.
    This first row relates to the Throat/Ether Chakra.
  • In the PWT looks at the second row of 7 MA cards as deeper and more under current experiences. Tarot and the Chakras takes this a step further and attributes chakra/elements to the third-eye instead of the throat/ether chakra.
  • In the PWT look the third row of 7 cards as highly evolved/ spiritual and esoteric type of experiences. Tarot and the Chakras takes this a step further and attributes this chakra/element to the crown instead of the throat/ether chakra.
  • There are four Courts for each suit. They are specific people that influence the reading, aspects of your self that influence the matter or represent psychological states.
  • In PWT - each court card “grouping” represent all 3 elemental body-anatomy.
    Sub elements are due to “rank” and may change the quality of touch.
    Pages - air
    Knights - fire
    Queens - water
    Kings - earth
  • Example of king court cards variations. The Thoth deck names Kings - Knights
    and also names Knights - Princes and Pages are named Princesses.
  • Each card of PWT shows the Polarity Energy Man in the bottom right hand corner, who highlights areas to focus your attention and where to contact the body.
  • Example of Polarity Wellness User’s Guide
  • Color-coded references integrate anatomical, astrological and elemental attributes.
    Touch quality for bodyworkers (or movement for dancers). Chakras for meditation focus.
  • Aces - element/suit, touch, chakra
    Minors - element/suit, touch, planet, astrological, chakra
    Majors - element/suit, touch, planet, astrological, chakra
    Courts - element/suit, touch, sub-element, chakra
    sub elements in court cards - Kings - fire (+), Queens - water (-), Knights - fire (+), Pages - (0) earth
  • Everything is based on the elements. The four “literal” elements follow Tarot suits.
    PWT considers the Major Arcana to be aligned with 3 “spiritual” elements and corresponds them to the upper realms and Tarot’s Major Arcana.
  • Astrology - from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck 1940’s -added astrological
    Stone - gave astrological references every part of the body.
  • Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Fire Wands
    Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Earth Pentacles
    Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Air Swords
    Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Water Cups
  • Aries: cardinal fire - focused on new experiences, active and outgoing, assertive, self-willed, starting things off, beginnings. The RAM
    Taurus: fixed earth - secure, stubborn, slow, possessive, strong, loving comfort and beauty, possessions & comforts. The BULL
    Gemini: mutable air - quick, light, talkative, indecisive, adaptable, perceptive and friendly, duality. The TWINS
    Cancer: cardinal water - compassionate, sensitive, nurturing, protective, connecting mother – child. The CRAB
    Leo: fixed fire - bright, proud, dramatic, adventurous, charging ahead, creative. The LION
    Virgo: mutable earth - meticulous, orderly, service, order & control, detail oriented. The VIRGIN
  • Libra: cardinal air - balanced, just, harmonious balance & truth. The SCALES
    Scorpio: fixed water- passionate, deep, fearless, Fixed Sign, merging thru sexuality, occult. The SCORPION
    Sagittarius: mutable fire - big-hearted, idealistic, restless, focused on a target, ‘out there’ energy. The ARCHER
    Capricorn: cardinal earth - solid, cautious, structured, self-controlled, taking care of earthly needs, career. The GOAT
    Aquarius: fixed air - trendsetter, extremist, individualistic individuals, rulers. The WATER CARRIER
    Pisces: mutable water - romantic, idealistic, compassionate, merging with spirituality, letting go of karma. The FISH
  • Sun: ego-identity, radiant spirit, individuality
    Moon: emotions, adaptable sense of self, reflective
    Mercury: reason, skill, intelligence, verbal expression
    Venus: love, attraction, compassion, connection
    Mars: drive, desire, courage
    Jupiter: truth, faith, grace, optimistic, expansive
    Saturn: order, form, disciplined, fear, contraction, transcendence
    Uranus: free from limitations, willful, inventive, rebellious
    Neptune: formless, escapist, spiritual realized
    Pluto: transformative, regenerative, subversive
  • Polarity Therapy is a holistic healing arts system that balances life energy in the body.
    It consists of 4 components.
    Bodywork evaluates and align the body with spirit,
    Nutrition - which refers to health building and cleansing diets
    Exercises – which consist of yoga like stretches.
    Communications component, increases awareness of the source of tension and fosters positive attitudes.
  • A chiropractor, osteopath, and naturopath. Dr. Stone traveled the world to discover different methods of healing and found that energy was the source of healing all disease.
  • Stone’s charts are chock full of information. CHART 3, BOOK 2.
    Randolph Stone, collections in 2 volumes
  • Elements are also found in.
    Air Fire Water Air
    Seasons: Spring Summer Autumn Winter
    Directions: East South West North
    Archangels Gabriel Rafael Michael Uriel
  • Arrows show which way energy flows.
  • Aleister Crowley & The Golden Dawn (1920-40?) was the first that I know of to designate Astrological references to the Tarot.
    8 of Disks/Pentacles/Earth Sun in Virgo.
  • Astrology and Tarot
    In Polarity, Dr. Stone gave Astrological reference to the body. When I put them together this is what it looked like.
  • Relates to Ayurvedic 3 gunas - involution and evolution of energy in the body. Experiment with using type of touch indicated by the cards. Aces are always (0) light.
  • Rocking touch - quick moving
    Astrologically cardinal signs, beginning of a season are
    Fire/Wands Aries -- Forehead, Water/Cups Cancer - chest,
    Air/Swords Libra - Kidneys, Earth/PentaclesCapricorn - Earth - Knees
  • Light off the body touch - slow moving
    All 5,6,7 fixed signs were middle of a season.
    Taurus - Earth - neck, Leo - Fire - solar plexus,
    Scorpio - Water - pelvis, Aquarius - Air - ankles
  • Deep dispersing touch, moderate moving
    All 8,9,10 mutable, end of a season.
    Gemini - Air - shoulders, Virgo - Earth - colon,
    Sagittarius - Fire - thighs, Pisces - Water - feet

  • The Chakras are energy centers in the body, sometimes referred to as swirling vortexes of energy. In Tibetan & Ayurvedic systems, chakras have elemental references.
  • Chart of Chakra symbols relationship to Elements and Tarot suits.
  • Majors - Took the meaning of the card into account to create a mindful meditation.
    Minors - exercises are created from Dr. Stone’s yoga-like exercises that designate to specific anatomical body parts.
    Court cards - Art practices are given based on art forms designated by Polarity theory and hierarchy: Air/swords - dance, Fire/wands - visual art, Water/cups - cooking, Earth/pentacles - sculpture/aroma therapy.
  • Top Symbols: element, sub element, zodiac (planet or astrology) chakra
    Ether, water, deep touch, Neptune, Chakra Ether (third eye)
    Anatomy: feet - Neptune relates to Pisces, Pisces relates to feet
    Practice: Look at things from a different perspective. Stand on your head. Let the blood rush away from your feet. Element: Water
    Astrology: Neptune - Water

  • Top Symbols: element, touch, chakra
    air, light touch, heart chakra,
    Anatomy: (all air) shoulders, kidneys, ankles
    A clear message, a new idea, inspiration, focused thoughts
    Reversed: muddiness
    Practice: Stand tall. Shake your shoulders. Let your thoughts settle into clear intentions for the task at hand.
  • Top Symbols: element, touch, planet, astrology, chakra
    earth, rocking touch, sun in Capricorn, root Chakra
    Anatomy: knees
    establishing a foundation, centered, solid, forceful, safe, stable,
    holding on to what you have, protective
    Reversed: ungrounded, limiting
    Practice: Opens pelvis. Bend your knees and come down into a low squat position. Keep heels as flat as possible on floor. Relax and stretch from your neck to the base of your spine. Allow your arms to cradle your knees.
  • Top Symbols: element, touch, sub element, chakra
    water, deep, water, pelvic or sexual
    all water anatomy chest, pelvis, feet
    psychic, intuitive, connects, warm, affectionate, caring
    Sub Element: Water
    Practice: Cook soup or make a fruit salad.
  • Focus on your question or intention. Shuffle the deck and spread out the cards. Choose four cards, one at a time, and place them from right to left as shown. Please note that the spread does not reflect the Polarity elemental order.
    You may choose several sets of four for deepening or clarifying your question. The meaning of a card is strengthened if it is in the placement that corresponds to its element: For example: a fire card in the fire (first) placement Weakened cards are as follows: Water card in a fire placement Fire card in a water placement Earth card in an air placement Air card in an earth placement
    More than one card of the same element or number strengthens the meaning of those cards in the spread.
    Positive/Negative Cards
    What do you do when a card is reversed? Typically, reversals indicate the opposite meaning of a card. When a Polarity Tarot card is reversed it is interpreted as contracted or stagnant energy that needs attention.
  • For more:

    Be creative and get ready to explore.
  • Expanding the work.
    This book offers suggestions for supporting a holistic view of the body, mind, and Spirit.
    Using the Tarot, fused with the Chakra system, facilitate healing and promote change in your life.
    Discover how to use the Tarot and the Chakras to support holistic views and to alter energy systems, thereby affecting patterns presented to you in the cards. This comprehensive guide takes the Whole into account by including meditations, exercises, bodywork techniques, home remedies, dietary recommendations, and the use of crystals. all of these help balance energy and facilitate change of the physical, mental, and spiritual body. Learn about the energy behind the Tarot and how it interconnects with the Chakras. Use the advice, card attributes, and stories in this book to see important patterns and then set into motion your informed, inspired choices, so that you can follow your correct life path.
  • Tarot basics.pp

    1. 1. NAVIGATING© Polarity Wellness Tarot with Miriam Jacobs All rights reserved ©2014
    2. 2. Choosing Cards
    3. 3. - History of Tarot - Tarot Structure - Minor Arcana - Suits & Elements - Numerology - Polarity Wellness Tarot - Individual Suits - Major Arcana Cards - Court Cards - PWT Card Structure & User Guide - Top Symbols - Elements
    4. 4. - Astrology signs & planets - Polarity Therapy Connection - Body with Practices - Touch Symbols - Touch Relations to Astrology - Chakras - Practices - Sample Card Layout - Expanding the Work – "Tarot and the Chakras”
    5. 5. TAROT HISTORY Unclear Origins - Book of Wisdom - Ancient Egypt - “Royal Road of Life” - Tree of Life (Kabbalah) - Hebrew - Torah - Pictorial way for gypsies, who spoke different languages, to communicate - A wedding gift made for the marriage union between the Visconti & Sforza families (15th century Renaissance Italy) - Latin - “Rota” Wheel
    6. 6. Pentacles Swords Cups Wands Earth Air Water Fire Diamonds Spades Hearts Clubs
    7. 7. 78 cards total 22 Major Arcana cards - 56 Minor Arcana cards - 4 suits 40 number cards 16 court cards TAROT BASICS
    8. 8. Numerology - A system that interprets the numbers of the spelling of your name and birth date etc. - Based on early philosophical theories. - The relationship between physical objects or living things Numerology appears in both the Major and Minor Arcana cards. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
    9. 9. Most Popular Minor Arcana Decks
    10. 10. Fire/ Wands Aries forehead Leo solar plexus Sagittarius thighs
    11. 11. Air/ Swords Libra kidneys Aquarius ankles Gemini shoulders
    12. 12. Water/ Cups Cancer chest Scorpio pelvis Pisces feet
    13. 13. Earth/ Pentacles Capricorn knees Taurus neck Virgo colon
    14. 14. Tarot Kabbalah Relationships
    15. 15. Most Popular Decks
    16. 16. Most Popular Decks
    17. 17. Major Arcana
    18. 18. Fool - in between the Elements
    19. 19. Consciousness: outer concerns Body
    20. 20. Subconscious: search inward to find who we really are Mind
    21. 21. Superconscious development of a spiritual awareness; the unfolding of archetypal energy Spirit
    22. 22. COURT CARDS King/Knight Father/wise one Queens Mother/nurturer Knight/Prince Son/teen Page/Princess Daughter/child
    23. 23. Court Cards
    24. 24. Elements Crown/Major Arcana XV - XIX Third eye/Major Arcana VIII - XIV Ether/Major Arcana I - VII Air/Swords Thoughts Fire/Wands Insights Water/Cups Emotions Earth/Pentacle Physical
    25. 25. Polarity ——- Astrology———- Tarot The ASTROLOGICAL LINK
    26. 26. Adaptation of Stone’s chart 5 book 2 with permission by Jan Cendese Esoteric Anatomy to Astrology
    27. 27. Aries forehead 2,3,4 of wands + Taurus neck 5,6,7 of pentacles 0 Gemini shoulders 8,9,10 of swords - Cancer chest 2,3,4 of cups + Leo solar plexus 5,6,7 of wands 0 Virgo colon 8,9,10 of pentacles - Astrology & the Body
    28. 28. Libra kidneys 2,3,4 of swords + Scorpio genitals 5,6,7 of cups 0 Sagittarius thighs 8,9,10 of wands- Capricorn knees 2,3,4 of pentacles + Aquarius ankles 5,6,7 of swords 0 Pisces feet 8,9,10 of cups - ASTROLOGY SIGNS CONTINUED
    29. 29. Sun – Fire Moon – Water Venus - Earth Mars - Fire Mercury - Air Saturn - Fire Jupiter - Earth Neptune - Water Uranus - Water Pluto - Air Planets
    30. 30. 1 Unifying field 2 Poles - positive & negative 3 Types of touch/Gunas rocking, light/off the body, deep and dispersing 4 Components/Pillars bodywork, health building, yoga like exercises, verbal communications 5 Elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth Polarity Therapy
    31. 31. founder of Polarity Therapy Randolph Stone (1890-1981)
    32. 32. Polarity Therapy Elements Ether - (container of all elements, joints) return to spirit, grief, space, hearing, cranial sacral, music, elongation Air - (shoulders, kidney, ankles) scattered, quick, light, thoughts, touch, dance, speed Rafael, east Fire - (forehead, solar plexus, thighs) anger, forgiveness, enthusiasm, putting out in world, clarity, sight, visual arts, shaking Michael, south Water - (breast, pelvis, feet) emotions, feelings, letting go, attachment, nurturing, smooth, taste, cooking, salty, flowing Gabriel, west Earth - (neck, colon, knees) courage, fear, slow, steady, stuck, grounded, smell, sculpture & business, sweet, contraction Uriel, north
    33. 33. Adaptation of Stone’s Chart 3 book 2 permission by Jan Cendese
    34. 34. Aries forehead 2,3,4 of wands cardinal fire Taurus neck 5,6,7 of pentacles fixed earth Gemini shoulders 8,9,10 of swords mutable air Cancer chest 2,3,4 of cups cardinal water Leo solar plexus 5,6,7 of wands fixed fire Virgo colon 8,9,10 of pentacles mutable earth Libra kidneys 2,3,4 of swords cardinal air Scorpio genitals 5,6,7 of cups fixed water Sagittarius thighs 8,9,10 of wands mutable fire Capricorn knees 2,3,4 of pentacles cardinal earth Aquarius ankles 5,6,7 of swords fixed air Pisces feet 8,9,10 of cups mutable water
    35. 35. rocking quick moving light slow moving deep moderate moving TOUCH and Movement
    36. 36. All 2,3 & 4’s +
    37. 37. All 5, 6, & 7’s 0
    38. 38. All 8,9 & 10’s -
    39. 39. Crown Chakra Major Arcana VIII-XIV PURPLE Third Eye Chakra Major Arcana XV-XXI INDIGO Ether Chakra Major Arcana I-VII BLUE Air Chakra Swords GREEN Fire Chakra Wands YELLOW Water Chakra Cups ORANGE Earth Chakra Pentacles RED Chakras
    40. 40. CHAKRAS Crown/MA XV - XIX Spirit Third eye/MA VIII - XIV Light Ether/MA I - VII Space Air/Swords Thoughts Fire/Wands Insights Water/Cups Emotions Earth/Pentacle Physical
    41. 41. Major Arcana - MeditationS Minor Arcana - Yogalike exercises Court Cards - Art practices Practices in order for change to occur there needs to be movement
    42. 42. Major Arcana - Meditation Practices
    43. 43. Aces – (seed quality) Yoga-like Exercises
    44. 44. Minor Arcana – Yoga-like Exercises
    45. 45. Court Cards - Art Form Practices Queen of Water
    46. 46. Four Card Elemental Spread firewaterearth air Physical Sense Work Money Structure Methodical Organize Grounded Mental Thoughts Contemplate Ideas Movement Speed Disperse Lightness Emotional Love Relationship Connect Flowing Receptive Nurturing Merging Spiritual Create Insight Passion Brightness Action Focus Vitality
    47. 47. Polarity Wellness Tarot the first somatic Tarot deck http://polaritywellness.com http://polaritywellness.com/pol arity-tarot-charts/