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History of Fax Part 1


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For something completely different, we’re going to have a fun look at the history of fax – which dates back further than you’d expect! From its conception in 1843 to today’s online fax service, the story of the fax is both interesting and surprising. Enjoy Part 1 and stay tuned for Part 2.

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History of Fax Part 1

  1. 1. A Short History of FAX The first fax machine was invented by the Scottish legend and watchmaker Alexander Bain. The machine used synchronised pendulums and electrolytic paper to scan and send. Synchronisation was a major problem. Then the Englishman Frederick Bakewell improved upon the design by replacing the pendulums with rotating cylinders. Synchronisation was still an issue with this machine though. The next step in fax evolution was the telediagraph. Invented by Minnesota watchmaker Ernest Hummel. It was used for the first time in January, 1898, in the New York "Herald" office, when a picture of Mayor Van Wyck was sent over a 6-mile circuit. 1843 1851 Then the Italian inventor Giovanni Caselli solved the synchronisation issues by using a regulating clock. His Pantelegraph allowed the first ‘commercial’ use of the fax transmitting banking transaction signatures between French cities. 1898 1906 Then, in steps German inventor Arthur Korn and just quitely transmits a photograph electronically over a distance of 1800 km using his game changing Bildetelegraph. #GameChanger Next up, the French get invovled. Edouard Belin created the humbly named, Belinograph. It converted light to electrical transmissions using photoelectric cells. This tool was the first to be able to encrypt messages. #GettingSerious STAY TUNED…we’ll continue with the development of fax to the modern day and fax online... C'est Magnifique! 1914