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Cut Through the Clutter With Direct Mail



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Cut through the digital noise. Direct mail cuts through the clutter like a sword through warm butter. Social media is crowded. Stand out by going where your competition doesn’t exist: your prospects' mailboxes.

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Cut Through the Clutter With Direct Mail

  3. 3. Wait, did we hear someone whisper, “it’s outdated?” PHYSICAL MAIL GRABS THEIR ATTENTION Do you throw out the tire iron because you have fix-a-flat? Know … fix-a-flat won’t fix all flats. It’s not print that’s outdated, it’s the thinking you can throw out proven ways to grow a business that is outdated.
  4. 4. Direct Marketing Association: direct mail averaged a 4.4% response rate, compared to email's average response rate of 0.12% PHYSICAL MAIL GRABS THEIR ATTENTION Isn't it smarter to keep all the (post)cards on the table so your marketing toolkit is complete?
  5. 5. If you miss out on physical marketing, you could be invisible in your prospects’ 3D world and lost in the crowd of their 2D digital screens. But if you use direct mail, it’s quite possible you’ll stand alone in your niche, in their mailbox. Your prospects’ attention: All. To. Yourself. BREAK FROM THE CROWD
  6. 6. .. .and since “everyone” is online. Doesn't it show more market leadership to go where your competitors aren’t? Direct mail opens opportunities to stand out.
  8. 8. All of them pivoting on the key. The key to Direct Mail success is to give it enough TIME.
  9. 9. I Need A Postcard! 1 - Have a Design? 2 - Have a List? 3 - Have Clear Postage and Printing Logistics? No? All These Take Time!
  10. 10. “TAKE TIME FOR ALL THINGS: GREAT HASTE MAKES GREAT WASTE.” – BEN FRANKLIN So…Time is Money In Direct Mail. Take the time and make the money.
  11. 11. 4 Categories ofOptions Open Up When MoreTimeis Available
  12. 12. Time to Target the right prospects means you have time to discover and acquire the right list. 1. Target
  13. 13. Have a Current Target List? If not, researching who to send to will help your ROI. Target
  14. 14. Target Variables Income Biz Type Age +++…
  15. 15. 2. Design There are a lot of variables to consider with a direct mail design. Color or black & white? What size? Do you understand the relationship between size and postage costs? What type of paper?
  16. 16. Findingthe “Sweet Spot” Design Production Do you want to put more resources into how elaborate or nice the mailing piece is? Or do you want to print more. So many balancing acts. Balancing Designand Quantity
  17. 17. Balancing Designand Quantity HowMany?Color orB&W?
  18. 18. 3. Production Digital or traditional printing? Or a combination of both? Digital printing offers merging personalized information into the body of a printed piece. Of course, digital printing can be expensive for large volume, so there’s another option: combining offset with digital.
  19. 19. Quantity= Size Less Important HowMany? The more you print, the less sensitive the cost is to size. Another “Sweet Spot” Quantity Size
  20. 20. 4. Delivery Do you want the mailing personalized to each recipient? Do you want a direct- mail print + web campaign with PURLs (personalized URLs)? Or do you want to use carrier-route delivery to save money per-piece?
  21. 21. Standard Size = Less Cost Postage Cost = Multiple Variables Delivery
  22. 22. Save $ / Maximize Impact Find the Sweet Spot Size Postage Designto Delivery
  23. 23. 2 Days = Crunch 3 Weeks = Plenty How Much TimeisEnough? Less Options More Options
  24. 24. PRESENTED BY YOUR DIRECT MAIL EXPERTS AT More Print and Direct Mail tips at our blog at…. 2139 N. Boland Circle N. Charleston, SC 29406 843.745.0001 Thought Leadership with Thaut Digital Media by 5th Level Web