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AURA Speech MWC 2019


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Texto del speech de la parte de AURA en el MWC 2019 hecho por Chema Alonso. Más información en el artículo de El lado del mal:

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AURA Speech MWC 2019

  1. 1. Diapo 1 1) This is the third year talking about our digital transformation based on the vision of the fourth platform. As we’ve been sharing with you years ago, the 4th platform is the core for Telefonica to be a data-driven company.And followingit, wasn´t an easy path. 2) At the beginning,fourth platform was just an analogic draw our president did to all of us. I must say, first time I saw it, I really thought he was joking.Doing that meant huge amount of work. 3) I added AURA to the picture and looked for the best partner to make it real.We were goingto do a true AIinside Telefonica,and we could foresee a lot of work ahead,so better to havethe right partners. 4) Today4th platform is working and growing in every country,but It was just 100 kB when it was just a picture. I really loved both pictures,first one,because is ourpresident showingus the path. Second one is about me trying to convince Mr. Nadella at Microsoft offices to invest and help us to do AURA.And all that I had at that time was just this wonderful picture I drew for him. 5) But time has passed and today 4th Platform is normalizing and storing Personal Data Spaces for 178 million customers in the seven countries in which we deployed it so far. It normalizes actions for 34 API families and supports more than 30 solutions. Just to understand what a solution is for us, Aura is only one of them, and the rest are internal use cases for efficiencies and business opportunities. 6) 4ht Platform supports more than 120 million operations per month,what means It has become the new platform to integrate or develop new digital services in Telefonica.
  2. 2. Diapo 2 1) This is how the 4th Platform looked like more or less in term of structure last year. Actually,we finished last yearevent with this slide. In it, you can see different pieces. 2) Data is generated in the first, second and third platform.It goes to the Personal Data Spaces in the 4th Platform where it is stored and processed to generate insights. Customers can do actions in Telefonica using AURA interacting with cognitive services through different channels, like apps, Movistar Home, Smart devices or social networks. 3) And, we were integrating our 4th Platform with different partners and other companies to expand data control for our customers and experiences they can enjoy. 4) This was the finishing slide last year, but It wasn´t a full stop. It was just the beginning of a new year working in the growth of our strategy, and we were just thinkingabout next steps at that time. 5) In the end, having the 4th platform allowed us to integrate all pieces and use AURA in all of them. It was an opportunity for making AURA bigger and more open. Diapo 3 1) Today, our customer can interact with Telefónica using mobile apps, webs, TV, Movistar Home and of course, our cognitive intelligence. This new way of interacting with Telefonica, just talkingto AURA is available in 6countries,(well,seven next week that it will be live in Ecuador). 2) Aura is accessible through more than 20different channels,with around 1000 use cases in total. And this is the way to interact
  3. 3. with Telefonica for 2 Million customers per month.And the best is that this number is growing every month. 3) One of the countries in which AURA is aliveand more developed is VIVO, our operationin Brazil,and Christian Guevara,ourCEO is going to explain how big it is there. CG Diapo 4 1) Thanks Christian. 2) As you can see, Aura is a key element for us, and this year it will be live in 9 countries, in more channels, with more use cases – including third party ones – and we estimate to achieve 120 million conversations using Cognitive AI. 3) Every day, talking to technology in natural language is the way selected for more customers to interact. Diapo 5 1) And we are making Aura alive in the core of our services. Home of our customers. 2) Telefónica is the first technology provider in many of the countries in which we operate. 3) We’ve been digitalizingourcustomers home not onlywith state of art devices that we create, but also with services. Some of them from Telefonica,some of them from third parties that we integrate. 4) Todaywe haveWi-Fi routers,communications,apps,TVservices and IoT, but also billing, authentication or insights in our customers’ home.
  4. 4. 5) We see every home as a computer with infinite possibilities of creating new experiences. Diapo 6 1) That experiences could be run at home using all devices and all services. 2) It is every partner we are integrating in our 4th Platform the one who chooses the way. 3) We have integration with Netflix based on our Set Top Box and remote. We have Twitter integrated in Movistar Home and Facebook Safety Check into Aura, but we could go further, and the question was “why not?”. 4) Using this vision of Home as a Computer, we create a new way of developing experiences at home, in which AURA let our partners to enrich ourcustomers livewith the right use cases to be enjoyed at home. 5) We call them, Living Apps, and let me explain how they work with some examples. Video 1: 1) One ofthe services we provide in Telefonica is MovistarCar.Our customers can control their car from an app. 2) It uses the power of IoT and Cloud technologies to control vehicles. 3) But having this service integrated as a Living app, users can receive alerts through AURA, SMS, Movistar Home or the app and open a Living app to control it from TV, using just the voice. Or the remote. Video 2:
  5. 5. 1) We can have more or less the same experience with SmartWifi, our Wi-Fi securityand managementservice.Now,ourcustomers will be able to see all devices connected in a map they can project on TV. Using voice, they can control the security of their Wi-Fi network easily. 2) Get details about devices or stopping providing connectivity to them.Great feature, ifyou want yourkids comingto havedinner on time. Video 3: 1) And we did the same with other service like MovistarCloud.This Living App is allowing our customers to see their pictures and videos on TV, just talking AURA or using Movistar Home to control everything. 2) And our Home as a Computer platform is open to integrate experiences from other companies. 3) We don´t want them to migrate theirmobileapps orwebsites to TV. We want them to provide our customers the best experiences though Living Apps at Home. Video 4: 1) For instance, this living app from Atletico de Madrid,one of the best football teams that has one of the most digitalized and advanced stadiums in the world,allows theirsupporters to have direct information aboutthe next match just openingthe Living app. 2) Information like TV channel in which the next match is going to be aired, but also weather forecasting, estimated time to get to the stadium (by car or by public transportation) from home.
  6. 6. 3) But also allows supporters to do some actions in Atletico de Madrid. Actions like yielding the football pass or buying a VIP upgrade.If customer decide to yield their football pass to other supporter,livingapp leverages of another Telefonica service for strong authentication. In this case Mobile Connect,to verify the real identity through a challenge. Video 5: 1) In the case of El Corte Ingles, the biggest retailer in Spain, customer can enjoy TV and receive information related to special items using Second Screen services in Movistar Home. 2) Like a special T-Shirt or a special product from a TV program. In this case a ball from an Atletico match. These items can be stored in a Wishlist and customers can use a Living App to manage their Wishlist and buy the objects. 3) In this case, just using voice and TV to control it and a QR Code to connect with El Corte Ingles mobile App. Video 6 1) Last example is AIR Europe, one of the most relevant airlines in Europe.This LivingApp brings theircustomer the full experience to check in a flight when it is available just answeringquestions. 2) As you can see, Air Europa uses voice to let control the seat selection (which is based on Machine Learning techniques), to add special items to be carried or anyother preference available in the flight. 3) Once it is done, customers will receive boarding pass in their app, e-mail or through an SMS code. 4) A Full Online Check-in for your next flight just from your living room and in a few seconds. I really love this Living App.
  7. 7. Diapo 13: 1) As you could see in the demos, having the 4ht Platform open to develop new services and integrate third party ones, plus our home as computer ecosystem to run living app, allows us to enrich our customers live with new experiences. 2) It is not only about digitalizing our customer homes with best devices. 3) It is not only about creating the best services to be enjoyed at home. 4) It is not onlyabout integratingthe best third party products and services. 5) It is about to do everythingthinkingabout people living seamless experiences at home. Diapo 14: 1) To finish this part, I would like to let you a new picture. A new last slide with our 4th Platform for 2019. 2) An open platform to make available technology for our customers in the easiest way with the only vision of enriching their lives. 3) See you next year, that now I have a lot of work to be done.