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Best Photos Slide

  1. 1. Best & possible photos for front cover
  2. 2. I think this is one of my best photos as I like the position of her and how her leg in up and her facial expression, it represents her as being casual and cool. The mise-en-scene ruined the photo though, as there is to much happening on the left hand side which takes the main focus of her and into the shop.
  3. 3. I like this photo as her body position and the way she holds the guitar represents that she loves music and her career as an artist for my music magazine. The mise-en-scene is also nice. The facial expression is odd though and doesn’t look very professional, so I couldn’t use this photo.
  4. 4. In this photo I experimented with another prop, the microphone instead of the guitar. Emma’s body language and pose looks very realistic as singers pose like this when they sing a high note. However the photo looks slightly blurry and the background looks messy with the bag and wall behind the painting .
  5. 5. This photo was a successful shot as the mise-en-scene looks great and links to the story I am going to include about my singer, she use to busk outside train stations, so the train map and guitar change with change on it shows this to the audience. The star earring she is wearing also shows clearly representing her as a famous star and her success.
  6. 6. I really like this photo, and can’t think of anything negative about it. The mise-en-scene and shot angle is excellent. The high angle shot portrays her career as vulnerable as a busker can’t always rely on receiving much money daily.
  7. 7. The mise-en-scene of the train stations doors is good as it makes it clear where it is but the flowers ruin it and loose the main focus point as they are on the left hand side of the page where we read from.
  8. 8. This is my favourite shot therefore I am going to use it for my magazine front cover. The mise-en-scene is perfect as it looks relaxed and where our target audience are likely to chill out, therefore they will feel they can relate to this new successful artist. Aswell as this, her earring is showing and her body language is perfect as it’s calm and cool. Final Front Cover