As Consumer Cd Brochure V5 1


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Created a brochure directed towards consumers interested in purchasing GPS technology products

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As Consumer Cd Brochure V5 1

  1. 1. F410 4 Panel Gate Folder w/CD Pocket & Spine Outside AutoSearch makes it easy to AutoSearch offers you the latest and highest AutoSearch Login Screen get the information you need: quality GPS technology available. With AutoSearch in your car, you have the best in automotive safety security and information • No Equipment to Buy at your fingertips. Always in Control • One time Activation Fee Customer specifies their company name, Enters predetermined user name and password. How AutoSearch Works • Free Installation Can request help if any details forgotten. A system of (with subscription agreement) These receivers gather the precision-linked information from the satellites satellites circle Our on-board navigation monitor provides full-color maps and detailed, high above the graphically enhanced directions in a large, easy-to-read display. AutoSearch™ Always in Control Earth collecting information and transmitting it back to GPS receivers. The AutoSearch website is intuitively designed to give you immediate access to the information you want. Why wait? Always in Control View the enclosed D Settings l Administration l Log Off l Help Position Now l Focus on map l Areas & Zones l View History l Get reports l Set Tracking l Alarms A TRACKING DEVICE MANAGEMENT CD-ROM to learn more. Group A Vehicle 1 Vehicle 2 Vehicle 3 These receivers gather the information from the satellites B Group B And identify the Vehicle 1 Vehicle 2 location of the Vehicle 3 signal, which is presented to you Calculate it in real-time via your online C connection. Your best source for E For information about AutoSearch A. Central Account Management: Specify Settings, Update user/account information. Fleet Management Solutions auto protection and B. Device Management: Users with multiple devices can arrange their GPS trackers into contact us at: categories for easier tracking and managing. Categories will update automatically as new vehicles are added. A system of precision linked satellites, circle the earth and transmit C. Map Display: Users have a graphic representation of the location of the vehicle they are real-time, GPS tracking. information back to our receivers. These GPS receivers gather the currently monitoring information from the satellites, calculate it, and ultimately, identify D. Tracking Control Panel: Users can manage the basic functions of their tracking devices from the location of the signal. a simple, easy to follow menu. © 2004 EarthSearch Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. E. Messaging Display: Users will receive text-based updates of recent satellite transmissions EarthSearch Communications, Inc., 561 Forest Parkway, Suite 5, Forest Park, GA 30297 and related information. Telephone (404) 608-9320 • Fax (404) 361-8525 • sales rep: MAGENTA CYAN 1st ofa date: Back cover Front cover YELLOW BLACK artist: DISC MAKERS cust: job #: rel #:
  2. 2. F410 4 Panel Gate Folder w/CD Pocket & Spine Inside AutoSearch Gives You More! ™ Every GPS system offers roadside ACCESS CONTROL assistance and emergency With AutoSearch you are automatically notified if anything should go AutoSearch gives you complete control over what happens to your car— response but AutoSearch has a wrong with your car, and information can be accessed 24 hours a day no matter where you are. You can remotely monitor your vehicle’s by phone, web, or from your PDA. operating speed, immobilize the car in case of suspected theft, and even host of other features that do limit the traveling range of your vehicle with our Geo Fence option. more to keep you safe, secure, and informed at all times. SECURITY NON-PRINTABLE Cell Phone Computer PDA If ever you are in danger, the AutoSearch panic button will Geo Fence immediately connect you with our trained, reliable staff who will notify police and work through the crisis with you. GeoFence INFORMATION You know that AutoSearch can provide you with diagnostic and geographic information about your vehicle. But you may not know that AutoSearch can also provide you with other handy Intelligent Content like maps, directions, and third party content, like tourist attractions, lodging information and gourmet restaurants. Prevent car theft and Automatic Notification Demobilize Vehicle Speed Monitoring Intelligent Content recover stolen vehicles sales rep: cust: MAGENTA CYAN 1st ofa date: job #: Inside Front cover Inside Back cover YELLOW BLACK artist: rel #: DISC MAKERS