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Why do you need a payment gateway? - Cardinity


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Everything you need to know about payment gateways and card payments. Cardinity is a card payment service provider for online merchants in the EU/EEA.
With more than 10 years of experience in the provision of online payment solutions, we continue to grow and improve in order to help online merchants' businesses become global.

Cardinity offers:
• Global payments. Accept payments in major currencies with all main credit and debit cards from customers all around the world.
• Recurring billing. Offer subscriptions or memberships, and your customers will be charged automatically.
• One-click payments. Let your customers purchase with a single click.
• Mobile payments. Purchases made anywhere on any mobile device.
• A payment gateway and a free merchant account.
• Virtual Terminal. Accept mail and phone orders.
• Fraud prevention. We help merchants to ensure security with our enhanced protection measures.
• Low price. No monthly fees.
• Fast application and boarding procedure.

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Why do you need a payment gateway? - Cardinity

  2. 2. It is a service that connects your online shop with your acquiring bank and your merchant account.  A payment gateway enables an online business to accept payments securely.   What is a payment gateway? 
  3. 3. 01 02 03 04 05 How does it work? A customer enters his personal and card data at the checkout and chooses to pay with a credit/debit card. Your website encrypts and sends the customer’s data to the gateway. The payment gateway receives the response that the transaction has been approved and authorized, and sends it to your website.   The order is created and the payment is transferred from your customer’s bank account to your merchant account. The data goes through the payment processor and the card associations (Visa and MasterCard) until it reaches your customer’s issuing bank for authorization.
  4. 4. Customer pays in an-eshop Payment gateway Card networks Acquiring  bank You  (merchant) Issuing (customer's) bank Visual representation of the payment process
  5. 5. What is special about Cardinity payment gateway? Cardinity is an all-in-one payment service provider.  It is perfect for online businesses that need everything under one roof: Merchant account Payment processor All the essential security measures Acquiring bank Payment gateway    
  6. 6. Accept the  most popular credit and debit cards  All the necessary measures to prevent fraudulent transactions Payments from customers all around the world in any currency Instant one-click payments and tokenisation Recurring payments for  subscriptions BENEFITS
  7. 7. Accept all major credit and debit cards  MasterCardVISA Maestro Diners Club Carta Si Carte Bleue
  8. 8. Feel free to contact us! UAB Click2Sell Sauletekio ave. 15, Vilnius, Lithuania Company code: 300110581 VAT code: LT100005028414 Phone: +44 2035 144 748 Open Up Your E-Business to the Infinity of Cards WWW.CARDINITY.COM