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  • Only if you haven’t done so before…and hand them in to Debbi or Phyllis when done.
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  • MakeCamtasia of Legacy Order System
  • $71,925
  • Testimonials.
  • Cw nov2013

    1. 1. Welcome Group Cruise Agents…
    2. 2. Welcome Group Cruise Agents…
    3. 3. Welcome Group Cruise Agents…
    4. 4. Who Is “Captain Lou” and Why Should You Listen To Me? Agent / Owner Little Shop Of Cruises Brooklyn, NY. Specializing In Un-shop-able Niche Theme Groups Annual Volume Over $1,500.00* (Mostly Online)
    5. 5. Who’s Read My New Book? Thanks To YOU, We Collected A Lot Of Money For A Very Worthy Cause… The Epilepsy Foundation
    6. 6. Before I Became “Captain Lou”…
    7. 7.  Sell ONLY Week-Long Packages (or longer)  Mark-Up Your Group Rates By $100+ pp “Event Fee” *  Use Extra GAP Points for $100 bonus commission.  Sell Pre-Cruise Hotel Stay (consumer bookable online)  Sell Island Excursions (consumer bookable online) *  Sell Travel Insurance (consumer bookable online)  Don’t Give Away All Of The T/Cs (added $$$ for you)
    8. 8. 2 Years Later. This Is Getting Frustrating… Then I Spent Thousands Of Dollars For A Web Designer To Build A Fancy Website For Me And Waited For The World To Beat A Path To My Door
    9. 9. 1. Vision 2. Mentor 3. Partner 4. Team 5. The Right Investment*
    10. 10. VISION = Create A Travel Biz Un-Shop-Able and Automated! 1. Travel Pro (who specializes) 2. Group Special Event Planner 3. Internet Marketing Genius?
    11. 11. How Do You Communicate? IN PERSON FACEBOOK* (and other Social Media) PHONE EMAIL
    12. 12. Who Likes To Shop at Macy’s?
    13. 13. Who Likes Shop On
    14. 14. Who Likes To EAT?
    15. 15. The Million-Dollar Postcard That Cost 10 cents
    16. 16. • Your Portfolio Of Successful Past and *Future Groups • Your VIP Guest List • Great Testimonials (Videos on YouTube and Audio)
    17. 17. Get audio testimonials from Your raving fans and instantly Share them on your website, Facebook and Twitter, for FREE!
    18. 18. Start Cruising the World for FREE with a $200 Reward Right Now When You Call 888-I-WANNA-GO Ask Me How to Cruise BETTER than FREE and Earn $10,000 On Your Next Vacation.
    19. 19. Redeem After Listening To CD by Calling 1-888-I-WANNA-GO
    20. 20. Came From An Ex-Marine Cruise Client With INFLUENCE…
    21. 21.
    22. 22. 105 Cabins @ $685 Profit Per Cabin = 71,925
    23. 23. • *$1.000,000 Annual Group Event Sales (How much in Gross Cabin or Room sales is that?) • Gross Commissions and Profits = 25% to 30% or $250,000 to $300,000 • Net Profits Of $200,000 After Expenses
    24. 24. All we need are 3 to 5 good groups @ avg. $500 to $800 profit per cabin! • Just Two 50 Cabin groups = $250,000 in sales = $75,000 in profits • One 100 Cabin group = $250,000 in sales = $75,000 in profits • One 200 Cabin group = $500,000 in sales = $150,000 in profits
    25. 25. Brand Yourself as THE Expert In your niche with your own CD, DVD or even a BOOK! Outsource the work to freelancers on
    26. 26. Put Your UNSHOPABLE Niche Group Events Online So Guests Can Book 24/7. • Put automation systems in place so you have a strategy and *SCALABILITY! • Get off the phones, double your commissions, turn your clients into group leaders and raving evangelists of YOU!
    27. 27. • • • • • • • • • • • Who Are Tired Of Price Shoppers Who Want To Create Un-shop-able Group Events That Can Be Booked Online 24/7 Marked Up For Double and Triple The Profits Who Want To Triple Their Time Off and Travel More While Automating and Scaling Your Business By Combining High Tech With High Touch To Work Smarter Not Harder Gain The Respect Of Your Clients (and Spouses!) By Branding Yourself THE Expert Authority On Groups Positive Mindset - Ready To Go The Extra Degree!*
    28. 28. Session #1: Session #2: Session #3: Session #4: Session #5: Session #6: Introduction: Why “Special-Events-At-Sea”? Prospecting For “Pied Pipers” Profit Plans That Double Your Commissions Event Planning Do’s and Don’ts Optimizing The Three “O”s Viral CRM - Combining High Touch With High Tech Session #7: Getting Groups Of Groups On The Same Sailing Session #8: Live Presentations & Virtual Cruise Nights Session #9: Crafting Your “Re-Up” Strategy / The Power Of The 2-Part NCR Form Session #10: Cool Tools and Resources Bonus Session: Creating Your Lead Generation Disk
    29. 29. You Can Even Share The System With A Partner, Spouse, or Friend. Cost Of Tuition? Write This On the form NOW… Just $777 today and 2 more payments  or Pay In Full NOW Just $1997 (Save $334) But There IS One Catch…. To Get All Of The Added Bonuses You Must Be One Of The First *22 To Enroll, and Your Future Success Story May Be Used By Me at Future Events.
    30. 30. Here Is Your Iron-Clad 100% Risk Free Guarantee “If You Have a Change of Heart and Return The Course in the Next 30-Days, You’ll Get Every Cent Back—No Questions Asked!”
    31. 31. The Iron-Clad You Will Profit Promise “Test Out My Million-Dollar Groups System… If You Don’t Earn At Least 10 Times Your Tuition in The Next Year, You’ll Get A FULL 100% Refund, Just Show Me That You TRIED Implementing The System!”
    32. 32.  To Enroll In the Million Dollar Groups System, Hand In Your Completed Enrollment Application to **Phyllis or Vanessa** at the BACK OF THE ROOM tables.  THANK YOU for attending! Smooth Sailing to Greater Profits with Group Events, ONLINE and on Steroids CRUISE CONTROL!