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CHW Programming_10.15.13


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CHW Programming_10.15.13

  1. 1. Decision Making Tool for CHW Programs Ram Shrestha, URC-CHS Allison Annette Foster, URC- CHS Sidhartha Deka, JHU-CCP
  2. 2. Tool Structure
  3. 3. Advisory Board Name Country Role Organization Dr. Antonio Neves Ribas Brazil Ministry of Health Dr. Anya PG Vieira Brazil Vice Coordinator of Primary Health Care Coordinator of the Family Health Program and Researcher Mr. Dejere Mamo Ethiopia Director of the Health Policy and Planning Directorate Ministry of Health Dr. Geira Baruda Ethiopia Consultant formerly with JSI Dr Rajani Ved India Community Health Structures Advisor Ms. Ruth Mutua Kenya Program Officer Ms. Linda Birch Liberia Dr. Edwin Nkhono Malawi Country Health Officer Deputy Director of Preventive Health Services Primary Healt Care NHSRC on Community Processes Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation Liberia Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Dr. Samba Diarra Mali Health Economics and Policy Ministry of Health Sabina Pradhan Nepal Ministry of Health Dr. Zahid Larik Pakistan Oversees the Female Community Health Workers Former lead of LHW program, currently working in EPI program Community Health Desk Human Resources Officer Ministry of Health South Africa National Department of Health South Africa National Department of Health Assistant Commissioner for Health Ministry of Health Ms. Cathy Mugeni Rwanda South Mr. Michael Mahlako Africa South Mrs. Margaret Mohohlo Africa Dr. Jesca NsungwaSabiti Uganda Deputy Director of Primary Health Care University Federal of Ceara' Ministry of Health Ministry of Health