Cv, Daisy Mafubelu, December 2011


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Cv, Daisy Mafubelu, December 2011

  1. 1. Daisy  Mafubelu   8  Muthaiga  Complex,  150  Webber  Road,  Sandown,  2196,  South  Africa   +27766499933        SUMMARY  Daisy   Mafubelu,   the   Head   of   Department   of   Health   of   the   Limpopo   Provincial  Government,   is   a   former   Assistant   Director-­‐General   of   the   World   Health  Organization,   the   first   nurse   in   history   to   occupy   a   high   level   position   within   this  United  Nations  agency.  She  began  her  career  in  public  health  in  1981  as  a  nurse  and  midwife.   Her   experience   as   a   diplomat   complements   her   substantial   public   health,  management   and   organizational   development   experience   nationally   and  internationally.    She   has   13   years   of   hands-­‐on   experience   in   a   hospital   and   community   setting;  including   6   years   as   a   lecturer.   She   joined   the   management   ranks   of   the   South  African  health  service,  where  she  played  a  significant  role  in  the  transformation  and  management   of   public   health   services.   She   held   several   senior   management  positions   within   the   public   health   sector,   including   Director   of   Human   Resources,  Chief  Director  of  Corporate  Services  and  Deputy  Director-­‐General.        As  Assistant  Director-­‐General  of  the  World  Health  Organization  she  was  responsible  for  providing  leadership  of  the  following  departments  of  the  Family  and  Community  Health   cluster:   Child   and   Adolescent   Health;   Reproductive   Health   and   Research;  Immunizations,   Biological   and   Vaccines;   Making   Pregnancy   Safer;   Gender,   Women  and  Health:  as  well  as  Ageing  and  the  Life  Course.      Prior   to   her   appointment   as   Assistant   Director-­‐General   of   WHO,   Daisy   was   a  diplomat   with   the   rank   of   Minister   at   the   Permanent   Mission   of   South   Africa   in  Geneva.   As   South   Africa’s   health   representative,   she   dealt   with   and   negotiated  health-­‐related   issues   in   the   international   organizations   in   Geneva,   such   as   the   WHO,  UNAIDS,   the   Global   Fund,   Human   Rights   Council,   WTO   and   ILO.   She   negotiated   on  behalf   of   South   Africa   in   a   number   of   important   international   health   issues,   notably,  the   Framework   Convention   on   Tobacco   Control   and   the   International   Health  Regulations.    In  her  capacity  as  coordinator  of  the  African  Group  on  Health  Matters  in  Geneva,  she  also  represented  and  negotiated  on  behalf  of  the  African  Region,  which  enabled  the  African   region   to   articulate   common   positions   on   matters   of   regional   interest.              Her   achievements   during   this   period   include   increased   cohesion   of   the   African  region.    As  one  of  the  five  Vice-­‐Chairpersons,  she  represented  the  African  region  on  the   Bureau   of   the   Conference   of   the   Parties   of   the   Framework   Convention   on  Tobacco  Control.  
  2. 2.  Daisy   is   a   visionary,   strategic   thinker   with   outstanding   managerial,   leadership,  analytical,  negotiation,  communication  and  research  skills  as  well  as  ability  to  work  with   people   from   diverse   social,   cultural   and   professional   backgrounds.   She   is  driven   in   her   work   by   a   strong   commitment   to   making   a   contribution   to   address  national   and   global   public   health   challenges.   She   has   travelled   extensively  internationally   on   global   public   health   issues.     She   was   named   Oliver   Tambo   Fellow  in  Public  Health  Leadership  in  1997.    She   is   quite   involved   in   the   reform   of   the   nursing   profession   in   South   Africa.     In   this  regard,  she  chaired  the  Organising  Committee  of  the  Nursing  Summit  that  was  held  in   April   2011,   and   currently   chairs   the   Ministerial   Task   Team   on   Nurse   Education  and   Training   charged   with   taking   forward   the   recommendations   of   the   Nursing  Summit.    AREAS  OF  EXPERTISE  Maternal,   newborn,   child   and   adolescent   health;   sexual   and   reproductive   health;  gender   equality   and   empowerment   of   women;   health   systems,   policy   and   strategy  formulation;   evaluation   of   programs;   high-­‐level   facilitation   and   coordination;  organizational   development   including   change   management;   human   resource  management;  organized  labour  negotiation;  nursing  education  and  practice.    EXPERIENCE    Head  of  Department  of  Health,  Limpopo  Provincial  Government,  South  Africa  June  2011  to  date  Head   of   Department   and   Accounting   Officer   for   Limpopo   Department   of   Health,  providing   strategic   direction   and   leadership   in   the   provision   of   comprehensive  health  services  to  about  5.4  million  people,  93%  of  these  are  uninsured  and  rely  on  public   health   services.   Manages   a   budget   in   excess   of   R11.5   billion   and   a   staff  complement  of  about  37  000.      Director,  Mafubelu  Consulting  Services  November  2010  –  May  2011    Strategic   consulting   with   a   focus   on   health   programs,   in   particular   maternal,  newborn,   child   and   adolescent   health;   sexual   and   reproductive   health;   gender  equality   and   empowerment   of   women;   health   systems,   policy   and   strategy  formulation;   evaluation   of   programs;   high-­‐level   facilitation   and   coordination;  organizational   development   including   change   management;   human   resource  management;  organized  labour  negotiation;  nursing  education  and  practice.    Daisy   successfully   led   the   organization   of   South   Africa’s   National   Nursing   Summit,     2  
  3. 3. held   in   April   2011.   The   summit,   attended   by   almost   2000   nurses   and   other  stakeholders   adopted   a   nursing   compact   aimed   at   reconstructing   and   revitalizing  the  nursing  profession  for  a  long  and  healthy  life  for  all  South  Africans.    Assistant  Director-­‐General,  World  Health  Organization  April  2007  -­‐  October  2010    In  charge  of  the  Family  and  Community  Health  cluster,  providing  leadership  over  six  departments   responsible   for   programs   that   address   maternal,   newborn   and   child  health   including   adolescent   health;   sexual   and   reproductive   health;   promoting  gender   equality   and   empowerment   of   women;   immunizations,   vaccines   and  biologicals;   promotion   of   healthy   and   active   ageing;   and   overseeing   the   Partnership  on  Maternal,  Newborn  and  Child  Health.  She  also  served  on  the  boards  of  the  GAVI  Alliance   and   the   Partnership   on   Maternal,   Newborn   and   Child   Health.   Managed   a  budget   of   US$   450   million   and   staff   of   279,   with   11   (9   directors)   of   those   being  direct  reports.    Deputy   Director-­‐General   and   Health   Attaché   (Minister),   Mission   of   South  Africa,  Geneva,  Switzerland  November  2001  -­‐  March  2007  Daisy  was  a  diplomat  with  the  rank  of  Minister  at  the  Permanent  Mission  of  South  Africa   in   Geneva.   As   South   Africa’s   health   representative,   she   dealt   with   health-­‐related  issues  in  the  international  organizations  in  Geneva,  such  as  the  World  Health  Organization   (WHO),   the   Joint   United   Nations   Programme   on   HIV/AIDS   (UNAIDS),  the   Global   Fund   to   fight   AIDS,   TB   and   Malaria   (the   Global   Fund),   Human   Rights  Council,   World   Trade   Organization   and   International   Labour   Organization.   She  represented   South   Africa   in   numerous   international   and   regional   meetings,  including   the   meetings   of   the   governing   bodies   of   WHO,   the   Executive   Board,   the  World   Health   Assembly   and   the   WHO   Regional   Committee   for   Africa.   She   also  represented  South  Africa  in  the  meetings  of  the  Programme  Coordinating  Board  of  UNAIDS  and  those  of  the  Board  of  the  Global  Fund.  She  negotiated  on  behalf  of  South  Africa  in  a  number  of  important  international  health  issues,  notably,  the  Framework  Convention  on  Tobacco  Control,  the  International  Health  Regulations  as  well  as  the  Intergovernmental   Working   Group   on   Public   Health,   Innovation   and   Intellectual  Property.    Deputy  Director-­‐General,  Free  State  Province,  Government  of  South  Africa  July  2001  –  November  2001    Provided  strategic  leadership  in  the  management  of  one  Academic  Health  Services  Complex,  6  Regional  hospitals,  32  community  hospitals  and  263  clinics,  with  a  staff  component  of  15,000  and  a  budget  of  about  US$  300  million.  Daisy  is  credited  with  initiating   the   development   of   an   Interactive   Learning,   Communication   and  Management   Unit   (ICAM)   in   the   Free   State,   a   first   project   of   its   kind   in   the   public     3  
  4. 4. sector   in   South   Africa.   This   is   a   two-­‐way   communication   system   linking   40   video-­‐based  remote  classrooms.  This  interactive  system  has  enhanced  communication  and  made  distance  learning  more  effective,  efficient  and  affordable.          Chief   Director   of   Corporate   Services,   Free   State   Department   of   Health,   South  Africa  April  2000  -­‐  June  2001  Responsible  for  the  management  of  a  cluster  of  the  following  directorates:  Finance;  Health   Programmes   (comprising   HIV   and   AIDS,   TB,   Mental   Health,   Mother   &   Child  Health,  Chronic  Diseases,  Environmental  and  Occupational  Health);  Health  Support  (comprising  of  Diagnostic  Services,  Pharmaceutical  Services,  Rehabilitation  Services,  Oral  Health  Services);  Human  Resources  Management  and  Development;  as  well  as  Planning  and  Support  (comprising  of  Strategic  Planning,  IT  management,  Research  Unit,  General  Administration).    Director  of  Human  Resources,  Free  State  Department  of  Health,  South  Africa  April  1995  -­‐  March  2000  Managed   personnel   provisioning   service   that   included   recruitment,   selection,  placement   as   well   as   performance   management   and   mobility;   personnel  maintenance  that  included  administration  of  service  conditions  and  benefits;  labour  relations   including   effective   and   efficient   handling   of   grievances   and   misconduct;  human  resource  development,  focusing  on  training,  management  development  and  career   management;   organizational   efficiency   studies   and   transformation.  Represented  government  in  negotiating  conditions  of  service  with  labour  unions  in  the  Bargaining  Council.    Member   of   Strategic   Management   Team,   Free   State   Department   of   Health,  South  Africa.  June  1994  –  March  1995  In  1994,  following  the  first  democratic  elections  in  South  Africa,  Ms  Mafubelu  played  an   active   role   in   the   transformation   of   public   health   services   as   one   of   the   ten-­‐member  Strategic  Management  Team  which  was  charged  with  the  responsibility  of  restructuring   of   the   Health   Department   in   the   Free   State   province.   The   exercise  involved   rationalising   four   health   administrations   that   had   been   fragmented   along  racial  and  ethnic  lines  by  the  apartheid  regime.  This  resulted,  among  other  things,  in  the  establishment  of  a  new  provincial  health  department.    Nurse  lecturer,  Qwaqwa  Nursing  College,  South  Africa         4  
  5. 5. April  1988  –  June  1994  Lecturing   and   practical   training   of   nursing   students   in   General   Nursing   Science,  Anatomy,   Physiology,   Social   Sciences   and   Community   Health   Nursing   Science.  Provided   academic   support   to   students,   assisting   them   with   reading,   writing   and  study   methods   and   skills   as   well   as   providing   student   counseling.   Also   had  responsibility  for  staff  development.      Clinical  nurse  and  midwife  Themba  Hospital  (  1986  –  1988);  Tintswalo  Hospital  (1981  –  1986)  Rendered   nursing   and   midwifery   care,   mainly   in   maternity,   gynaecology,   medical  and  surgical  wards  as  well  as  mobile  clinic  services.       5  
  6. 6. EDUCATION    University  of  South  Africa  LLB,  current  studies    Stellenbosch  University  Bachelor  of  Business  Management  and  Administration  with  Honours,  and  completed  course  work  towards  an  MBA  degree,  1999  -­‐  2001    University  of  Cape  Town  Post  Graduate  Diploma  in  Health  Management,  1997  -­‐  1998    Transvaal  School  of  Public  Health  Senior  Health  Management  Course,  1995    University  of  South  Africa  Honours  Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Nursing  Science,  1988  -­‐  1989    University  of  South  Africa  Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Nursing  Science,  1983  -­‐  1986    Tintswalo  Nursing  School  Diploma  in  Nursing  and  Midwifery,  1977  -­‐  1981    Orhovelani  High  School  Senior  Certificate  (Std.  X)       6