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Leveraging Mobile Technology to Strengthen the Work of Community Health Workers_Gwyn Hainsworth


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Leveraging Mobile Technology to Strengthen the Work of Community Health Workers_Gwyn Hainsworth

  1. 1. Leveraging Mobile Technology to Strengthen the Work of CommunityHealth WorkersSpring CORE Group MeetingApril 25, 2013Gwyn HainsworthSenior Advisor, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
  2. 2. ContraceptionMaternal &Newborn HealthHIV and AIDSAdolescentsAbortion &Postabortion CareAdvocacyCore areasPeople everywhere havethe right and opportunityto live a healthy sexualand reproductive lifeOutcomeCapacity BuildingGender EqualityBehavior ChangeCross Cutting StrategiesStrategic InitiativesmHealthPopulation Healthand theEnvironment (PHE)Cervical CancerSystemsStrengthening
  3. 3. CommCare – Case ManagementIt’s a mobile phone appthat can:• Document questionsand answers• Transmit data whenmobile network isavailable• Use multimedia• Use logic to stepthrough a processdynamically
  4. 4. Pathfinder CommCare ProjectsTanzania• D-Tree, start 2008• 300 CHWs in Dar• Focus on HIV/AIDS• Study with FHI360,CommCare forFP/HIV IntegrationNigeria• Start in 2012• 20 facilities, 150CHEWs• Focus on ANC• Study looking atquality of careKenya• Start in 2012• Aiming for 300CHWs in Nairobi andCoast• Focus on OVCs andMNCH
  5. 5. The Design and Implementation Process• Identify challengesat point of care• Shadow CHWs• Discuss perceptionsand needs with end-users• Design with scale upand sustainability inmind• Engage governmentin the designDefining theproblem• Design app with theend user• Field test app;mapping workflows• Developingcounseling andaudiovisual tools• Partnerships forcoordination andownershipDeveloping thesolution• Refining the app tofit the needs of theCHW• Integration ofmobile into CHWworkflow androutine• Using data toimprove supervision• Engaginggovernment inmonitoring and datauseIterations andmonitoring
  6. 6. Supervision, Monitoring and EvaluationRigorous M&E Plan• Performance indicators• User satisfactionIntegration and use of data• Data standards matchedto reporting requirements• Data integration withnational HMIS• Cultivating a culture of data useDeRenzi, et al 2012
  7. 7. Challenges and Lessons LearnedChallenges• CHW familiarity with technology• Burden of double reporting• Culture of using data for targetedsupervisionLessons Learned• Define the benefits for the CHW to maximize use• Actively engage governments from the beginning• Show the benefits of using data to improve quality of services
  8. 8. THANK YOU