New Supts - Lusd board self eval form


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New Supts - Lusd board self eval form

  1. 1. LAKEPORT UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD SELF-EVALUATION Below is a list of several characteristics or qualities connected with your position as a school board member. As you answer the questions, it is important to think of the school board and superintendent as a team. If you answer “no” to a question, please state your reason why you feel this is not being met. Question Meeting Preparation 1. Board members arrive 10 minutes early for every meeting to allow for “visiting time” that does not delay the start of the meeting. Response Yes No 2. Board members have sufficient time to study the agenda before the meeting. Yes No 3. Agendas are accompanied by an appropriate amount of rationale and/or data. Yes No 4. Items are added to agenda by board members in a timely and orderly manner. Yes No 5. Items are added to agenda by Superintendent or staff in a timely and orderly manner. Yes No 6. Board members who want additional information re: agenda items seek it in advance of the meeting. Board Member Conduct During Meetings 7. If new issues surface at a board meeting the board gives staff sufficient time to come back at a future time with the information. Yes No Yes No Comments Action
  2. 2. LUSD  Board  Self  Evaluation       Question 8. Meetings are run efficiently and too much time is not expended on collateral issues or discussions. Response Yes No 9. The board president takes charge of meetings and stays in control. Yes No 10. Board members display good listening skills and foster communication and understanding from each other and the public during board meetings. Yes No 11. Board members display a spirit of compromise when impasses arise and arrive at or work towards a near unanimous consensus. Yes No 12. Board members vote their conscience, but support the majority decisions. Yes No 13. The board holds workshops for board development, to foster professional relationships, to build cohesiveness and to establish goals and long range planning. Yes No 14. Board members speak loud enough and clearly enough so everyone present can hear them, including the audience. Yes No Comments Action
  3. 3. LUSD  Board  Self  Evaluation       Question Response 15. Board members are polite and treat each other, Yes as well as school personnel and the public, with No respect during meetings. 16. One or two board members do not control the discussions in advancing their position(s). Yes No 17. Appropriate school personnel are present at meetings to supply information for agenda items as needed, balancing respect for their time and the board’s need to have information pertinent to the business before the board. Board Meeting Structure 18. Board members are at liberty to ask questions of school personnel during meetings without the formality of going through the superintendent. Yes No Yes No 19. The setting of meetings is comfortable and Yes Conducive to eliciting public input and No completing the agendized business of the board. 20. Meetings conclude within two hours. Yes No 21.There is a rational relationship between how long the board spends on an agenda item and its importance. Yes No Comments Action
  4. 4. LUSD  Board  Self  Evaluation       Question Response 22. After a board meeting is concluded, I feel that Yes my time has been well spent. No 23. Name three “strengths” of the board--as a Yes board. (What does the board have going for it?) No 24. Name three “weaknesses” of the board--as a Yes board--that you think need to improve. No 25. The board keeps the district focused on the educational welfare of all. Yes No 26. The priorities for board meeting time are issues Yes related to student achievement. No 27. The board has adopted goals, approved student-performance objectives and established Yes policies that provide a well-balanced curriculum No resulting in improved student learning. 28. The board annually reviews and renews, or revises with community involvement, the district’s vision. Yes No 29. The board has developed and adopted longand short-range goals with measures of success to work toward achieving the goals and vision of the district. Yes No Comments Action
  5. 5. LUSD  Board  Self  Evaluation     Question 30. Administrators and staff were involved in developing the proposed goals and measuring standards.   Response Yes No 31. The use of community workshops were Yes considered and used in appropriate situations in No formulating the proposed goals and measuring standards. 32. The board devoted significant and dedicated time to independently consider and add to proposed goals and measuring standards. Yes No 33. The board continually reviews district goals and uses them in making decisions or in balancing competing interests and expenditures. Yes No 34. The district vision/mission statement is posted Yes and published in prominent places. No 35. The board has written policies that are clear, Yes concise, current and in compliance with all laws. No 36. The board uses the superintendent as its CEO and educational leader and delegates full authority and responsibility to him/her for the oversight of the district and implementing board policy. Yes No 37. There is a current written job description for the superintendent on file and it is reviewed and revised annually as necessary. Yes No Comments Action
  6. 6. LUSD  Board  Self  Evaluation       Question 38. The board oversees the superintendent by Yes Conducting semi-annual and annual written No evaluations of his/her performance in which all board members participate and also in which he/she provides a self-evaluation. 39. The board adopts a budget that incorporates sound fiscal practices and allocates resources to best achieve the vision, mission, and goals. Yes No 40. The budget process allows an opportunity to examine and discuss allocations as they relate to vision, mission and goals. Yes No 41. During the fiscal year, the board periodically reviews the budget and ends the fiscal year within the agreed-upon parameters. Yes No 42. The board attempts to increase its reserve to reasonably prudent business practice standards, maintaining at least a minimum 5% reserve in its general fund. Yes No 43. The board provides safe and adequate facilities. Yes No 44. The district has a current five-year facilities plan and budget. Yes No Comments Action
  7. 7. LUSD  Board  Self  Evaluation       Question 45. The district meets safety guidelines and has received no out-of-compliance reports. Response Yes No 46. The district facilities are periodically evaluated in terms of the district mission, vision and goals. Yes No 47. The board encourages & supports working cooperatively with students, families, businesses, community organizations, ethnic groups and other agencies. Community Involvement/ Advocacy 48. The district welcomes active community involvement and seeks parental involvement. Yes No 49. Board members publicly advocate on behalf of the district. Yes No 50. Board members regularly attend school Activities and visit school sites. 51. The board regularly recognizes noteworthy contributions to the advancement of district concerns, goals and programs. Yes No Yes No Yes No Comments Action
  8. 8. LUSD  Board  Self  Evaluation       Question 52. The board recognizes the achievement of students, including such recognitions in its agenda. Response Yes No 53. Board members are willing to speak at community meetings and events. Yes No 54. The board annually considers additional Funding issues and promoting bond initiatives for worthwhile projects and as a means to continually educate the public as to the needs of its educational institutions. Yes No 55. The board provides for itself, the superintendent and all staff ample opportunity for professional growth and increased competency through training and in-service training. Yes No 56. The board has a process to share training information at board meetings. Yes No 57. The board encourages and evaluates ongoing staff training. Yes No 58. The board strives for open communication among its members, the superintendent and other administration via appropriate channels. Yes No Comments Action
  9. 9. LUSD  Board  Self  Evaluation     Question 59. The board redirects specific complaints and requests to the superintendent or other staff members as appropriate and no specific concerns are dealt with at the board level until appropriate channels have been followed.   Response Yes No 60. The board makes and maintains distinction between the board’s role and that of administration. Yes No 61. The board assures that all other personnel are evaluated on a regular basis by superintendent and staff. Yes No 62. The board works and plans with staff in a spirit of mutual trust and confidence. Yes No 63. The board addresses potential problems between board and staff at the earliest opportunity. Yes No 64. The board is willing to defend staff from unjust and unfounded criticism. Yes No 65. The board has explored and utilized the Yes management team concept of operating the No district. 66. The board provides leadership in helping to preserve education as a satisfying profession. Yes No Comments Action
  10. 10. LUSD  Board  Self  Evaluation       Question 67. The board encourages suggestions for curriculum improvement from students, staff and community. Response Yes No 68. The board encourages a positive approach to Student discipline. Yes No 69. The board keeps the education and welfare of children as the primary concern. Yes No Comments Action