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WooCommerce: Customization Definitions


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These slides belong to, a technical video course that shows you how to override WooCommerce pages and elements without using plugins. You can watch me code and learn by example.

A series of videos, screencasts, examples and exercises will help you feel more confident about WooCommerce customization, child themes, hooks and CSS/PHP snippets.

Watch and re-watch each video how many times you like, get lifetime access to me via the comment section, exercise as much as possible and keep learning.

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WooCommerce: Customization Definitions

  1. 1. WooCommerce Customization: Definitions
  2. 2. WooCommerce (“WC”, “Woo”) ● Launched in 2011 ● “Develop WooCommerce” dev blog ● ●
  3. 3. PHP (“Hypertext Preprocessor”) ● Programming language .php ● HTML vs PHP: PHP executes a calculation on the server, and then the result is returned as HTML ● E.g. <p><?php echo date(“Y”); ?></p>
  4. 4. CSS (“Cascading Style Sheets”) ● Style sheet language that defines HTML formatting (style.css) ● “Selector” (id, class, tag) ● “Declaration” (“property”: “value”) ● E.g. h1 { color: red; }
  5. 5. Snippet ● Piece of PHP code that adds a specific functionality to WP/WC ● It’s a mini-plugin! ● Goes into child theme’s functions.php
  6. 6. Staging ● Service that should be offered by your hosting company ● 1-click cloning and 1-click pushing ● Used to test updates, new plugins, themes, snippets, troubleshooting
  7. 7. Backup ● Made of 2 files: .ZIP (WordPress files) + .SQL (Database “DB”) ● 1-click restore via hosting ● Should be stored somewhere different than your own server
  8. 8. WordPress / WC “Hook” ● Provided to allow your snippets to “hook into” WP/WC i.e. call functions at specific times/places without overriding core files ● Actions vs Filters (add / edit)
  9. 9. Text/code editor ● Software used to code (PHP, CSS, etc) ● Find/replace, syntax highlighting, undo/redo, auto backup ● NotePad++, Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio Code
  10. 10. FTP ● “File Transfer Protocol” ● Software to transfer files between your computer and your server e.g. download style.css, customize it, upload it back to the server
  11. 11. phpMyAdmin ● Access your WP DB online ● Import / export / bulk update / bulk delete / backup / clean / search & replace ● Very delicate. Advanced only
  12. 12. Troubleshooting ● Trying to understand why WooCommerce is not running / freezes / displays weirdly / takes you to error pages (404/500) ● WC “Status” @ WP dashboard
  13. 13. Error 500 ● Site is “broken” ● There is a PHP Fatal Error. A simple missing “,” can break your site ● WP_DEBUG to the rescue
  14. 14. Changelog ● Record of notable changes in WC software ● Know the difference: 3.5.2 > 3.5.3 vs 3.5.2 > 3.6.0 vs 3.5.2 > 4.0.0
  15. 15. “Deprecated” ● Function that is replaced by another, hence becomes obsolete ● WC deprecates functions @ each update ● Snippets / plugins should adapt