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Brain gang marketing full

  1. 1. Brain Gang Marketing Firm 2019  West  Admiral  Stillwater,  Oklahoma          (405)  642-­‐7750                                   TVA  360  Tours  Marketing  Plan   I. Executive  Summary   a.  Brain  Gang  marketing  firm  took  an  in  depth  look  at  TVA  360  in  order  to  get  a   better  feel  about  what  the  company  was  all  about,  what  they  stood  for  and  how   my  company  could  help  them.    TVA  360  is  committed  to  creating  the  best  virtual   tour  of  any  other  competitors.    They  base  their  company  to  be  the  best  that  is   possible  in  the  virtual  tour  community.    TVA’s  goals  include  expanding  to  larger   markets,  such  as  new  cities,  and  even  insurance  agencies.    They  also  plan  on   getting  bonded  and  insured.       i. Goal  1  will  be  accomplished  by  using  these  objectives:   1.  We  will  spend  our  efforts  using  the  knowledge  that  we  know   from  starting  the  company  in  Tulsa,  to  expand  out  to  the  other   cities  in  Oklahoma.    We  would  keep  the  stitching  in  a  home  office   based  in  Tulsa  and  the  photographers  hired  in  other  areas  will   take  the  photos  and  send  them  to  Tulsa.   2. We  would  like  to  expand  to  insurance  companies  by  using  the   best  means  of  gaining  customers  in  which  we  found  out  from  our   first  target  market  of  Tulsa.   ii. Goal  2  will  be  accomplished  by  using  these  objectives:   1. We  will  apply  to  get  bonded  and  insured  from  each  of  our   workers.    This  will  allow  us  to  be  covered  and  safe  in  each  and   every  house  that  we  work  at.   TVA  360  is  a  company  that  will  be  very  successful  if  the  steps  they  take  are  in  the   right  direction.    They  need  to  move  quickly  into  marketing  their  product  the   brokerages.    Once  they  break  into  the  industry  they  will  be  able  to  grow  further   as  well  as  become  more  profitable.       The  establishment  of  this  marketing  strategy  plan  will  help  this  company  move   forward  in  the  long  run.    In  this  business  plan  covers  the  situational  analysis,   SWOT  analysis,  goals  and  objectives,  marketing  strategy,  marketing   1    
  2. 2. implementations,  evaluation  and  control  of  TVA  360.    Also  included  in  this   business  plan  are  promotions  and  ideas  that  I  believe  will  benefit  the  company   immensely.    Brain  Gang  Marketing  Firm  full  supports  TVA  360  and  we  believe  the   work  that  we  can  do  together  will  make  TVA  360  more  profitable  in  the  future.   II. Situation  Analysis   a. The  Internal  Environment   i. Goals  and  Objectives   1. The  current  goals  for  TVA  360  are  to  market  the  tours  to  realtors   and  brokerage  firms  in  the  Tulsa,  Oklahoma  area.    We  would  like   to  get  our  name  out  in  the  reality  industry.    Our  focus  would  be   the  main  brokerage  firms  in  the  Tulsa  area  such  as  Caldwell   Banker  and  Remax  Preferred.   a. The  first  brokers  will  come  from  existing  contacts  that   have  experience  with  real  estate  industry.    These  brokers   will  provide  real  estate  in  the  Tulsa,  OK  area.    We  will   market  our  services  to  these  brokers  with  a  free  trial  of   three  homes  photographed  and  delivered  free-­‐of-­‐charge   in  order  to  gain  credibility  within  the  market  and  to  these   clients.   b. Once  we  establish  credibility  with  the  brokers,  other   brokers  will  be  able  to  see  our  work  on  the  websites  of  the   brokers.    They  will  also  be  able  to  see  our  website  which   we  will  market  via  flyers,  emails,  phone  calls,  in-­‐house   meetings  and  face-­‐to-­‐face  marketing.    Once  we  can  get   our  customers  to  view  one  of  our  tours  compared  to  other   tours  that  are  available,  we  are  positive  that  our  product   will  be  chosen  over  our  competitors.   2. TVA  360  would  also  like  to  set  up  a  full  functioning  website  that   we  can  post  the  tours.    We  also  want  to  be  able  to  post  the  tours   on  social  networks,  which  will  allow  more  people  to  see  our  work   without  any  cost.   a. We  will  be  working  with  a  website  engineer  in  order  to   create  exactly  what  we  want.   3. Our  next  goal  for  TVA  360  will  be  the  ability  to  upload  our  tours  to   the  MLS  listings  that  go  out  to  each  relator.    We  will  be  able  to   2    
  3. 3. upload  our  tours  automatically  each  day  to  our  website.    This  will   allow  our  homes  to  be  seen  by  all  relators  in  the  Tulsa  area.    They   will  be  able  to  see  each  house  that  we  photograph,  and  this  will   allow  us  to  sell  houses  for  the  relator  quicker  than  most  other   firms.   a. The  MLS  Syndication  functionality  is  a  matter  of  acquiring   a  user  name  and  password  for  each  agent’s  MLS  database.     We  will  then  set  up  a  MLS  client  server,  which  will  upload   the  videos  automatically.    We  can  input  the  listings  to  the   MLS  client  server  manually  until  we  have  the  full   functioning  website.       b. The  main  difficulty  is  ensuring  compatibility  with  each   respective  agent’s  in  the  MLS  system.    We  will  need  to   make  sure  we  keep  up  on  our  updates  in  order  for  our   virtual  tours  to  keep  from  being  broken  because  of   updates  to  JavaScript  and  iOS  systems.   4. Our  final  goal  would  be  to  be  a  full  functioning  photography   company  for  a  brokerage  firm.    This  is  our  main  goal  and  the  other   goals  we  have  set  in  place  will  help  us  reach  this  goal.    If  we  can   successfully  book  relators,  set  up  our  website  and  gain  access  to   the  MLS  listing  service  our  company  will  be  fully  functioning.   ii. Current  Market  Strategy  and  Performance.   1. TVA  360  is  a  brand  new  company.  They  have  not  launched  yet,  so,   they  do  not  have  a  current  marketing  strategy  to  talk  about.    This   is  tough  on  me  while  writing  a  plan  because  I  do  not  know  what   elements  of  a  strategy  work  and  which  ones  we  need  to  change.   2. The  firm’s  current  performance  is  another  area  that  is  not   applicable  due  to  being  a  startup  company.    The  main  competitor   in  our  area  is  OBEO.  They  own  a  wide  majority  of  the  markets  in   the  United  States.    They  are  very  successful  with  a  product  that  is   a  lesser  quality  than  ours.    We  want  to  be  comparable  to  OBEO  to   be  profitable,  as  well  as  providing  a  great  product  and  great   service.   iii. Current  and  Anticipated  Cultural  and  Structural  Issues   3    
  4. 4. 1. TVA  360’s  overall  customer  orientation  will  be  handled  by  contact   with  the  broker,  which  is  a  major  advantage.  They  tell  us  which   houses  to  photograph  and  we  go  and  shoot  pictures  of  it.    Our   customers  are  picked  for  us;  we  don’t  have  to  deal  with  each   individual  customer.   2. Our  emphasis  on  short-­‐term  planning,  instead  of  long-­‐term,  has  to   do  with  the  stage  on  which  we  are.    Starting  off,  we  have  a  lot  of   planning  for  the  short-­‐term,  but  this  is  what  we  need  to  get  our   company  up  and  running.    Once  we  get  through  a  few  stages  in   our  overall  business  plan,  we  will  be  able  to  rotate  our  planning  to   focus  more  long  term.   3. TVA  360  has  an  extensive  willingness  to  embrace  change.    Being  a   technology  based  company;  we  have  to  be  willing  to  change  with   the  times.    We  will  have  to  keep  up  with  current  technology  in   order  to  have  our  virtual  tours  a  head  of  the  game.   b. Customer  Environment   i. Current  and  Potential  Customers   1. The  firm’s  customers  will  be  the  brokers  and  real  estate  agents  in   the  Tulsa,  Oklahoma  area.    Our  main  focus  is  to  be  contracted   from  a  broker,  which  will  allow  us  to  be  supplied  houses  to   photograph  from  the  broker.    We  will  get  paid  depending  on  the   package  that  they  choose.    Our  customers  will  be  both  the   brokers  and  the  owners  of  the  house.    The  good  part  is  that  we   don’t  have  to  be  connected  to  the  owners  of  the  house  since  we   are  contracted  by  the  broker.   2. Our  potential  customers  will  be  those  that  are  selling  houses  in   the  Tulsa  area  who  register  with  a  broker  or  agent  with  whom  we   have  contracts.    Our  potential  customers  will  have  the  ability  to   use  our  services  without  ever  having  to  contact  us.    More   potential  customers  will  be  other  brokerage  firms  in  the  area  that   see  our  work  and  want  us  to  contract  for  them.   3. The  important  players  in  the  purchase  process  for  TVA  360   include  the  brokerage  firm  and  the  owners  of  the  house.    The   brokerage  firms  are  the  purchasers,  actually  paying  for  our   services.    They  are  also  the  purchase  influences—  they  influence   4    
  5. 5. the  decision  and  make  recommendations  to  further  enhance  our   product.    The  brokerage  firm  pays  us  for  the  product,  so  they  bear   the  financial  responsibility.    The  owners  of  the  house  are  the   users  as  well  as  the  brokerage  firm.    Both  the  firm  and  the  owners   use  to  the  TVA  360  virtual  tour  to  sell  the  house.   ii. What,  Where,  When  and  Why  Do  Customers  Purchase  Our  Product   1. Our  customers  purchase  our  products  to  sell  their  house.    Our   virtual  tour  enhances  the  owner’s  house  with  the  ability  to  get  it   on  and  off  the  market  as  quickly  as  possible.    This  benefits  the   customer  because  it  gives  potential  buyers  a  legit  view  of  the   entire  house  while  sitting  in  their  living  room.    Our  product  is   uploaded  onto  our  website,  the  brokers  website  and  the  MLS  list   serve  data  base.    Potential  buyers  will  be  able  to  visit  the  websites   and  check  out  the  house.   2. Customers  will  purchase  our  services  through  the  brokerage  firm.     The  brokerage  firm  will  contract  us  to  go  to  the  house  and  take   the  pictures  for  their  customers.       3. Our  customers  will  purchase  our  tour  when  a  house  goes  up  for   sale.    The  sales  of  our  product  won’t  vary  for  different   promotional  events  because  there  is  no  promotion  for  selling   houses.    Houses  will  always  be  for  sale.    People  are  always   moving,  switching  houses,  and  relocating.    That  being  said,  the   season  for  selling  houses  varies  dramatically  during  the  summer   and  winter  months.    We  will  have  to  make  a  majority  of  our  profit   during  the  summer  months  when  the  housing  market  is  at  its   highest  point.       4. Our  customers  purchase  our  product  if  they  want  to  get  a  house   off  the  market  quick.    They  chose  our  product  because  it  is  the   best  available  360  degree  virtual  tour  of  a  house.    Our  product   fulfills  the  needs  of  the  customer  at  a  higher  percentage  than   other  competitors  in  the  area.    Our  product  gives  an  inside  look  at   the  house  being  sold  while  people  are  sitting  in  their  living  room   on  a  computer,  iPad,  or  any  android  ran  system.    Our  product  is   also  effective  when  the  relator  is  taking  around  a  client,  they  can   5    
  6. 6. actually  view  the  house  before  driving  several  miles  to  check  them   out.       c. External  Environment   i. Competition   1. TVA  360’s  major  competitor  is  OBEO.    They  are  a  firm  that  creates   a  similar  type  tour.    They  create  a  type  of  tour  that  shows  the   houses,  but  they  are  different  from  ours  in  that  they  are  not  a  360   degree  panorama  view  of  the  rooms.    They  are  a  very  large   company  that  is  located  throughout  the  United  States.    They  are  a   very  profitable  company  with  a  large  amount  of  clients.    They   have  the  same  target  market  as  we  do,  which  is  the  owners  of  the   houses  for  sale  in  different  areas.    They  have  a  major  strength   over  us,  which  is  that  they  have  been  in  the  business  for  a  lot   longer  then  we  have.    They  have  a  large  company  and  a  lot  of   resources  to  rely  on,  but  OBEO’s  tour  is  not  close  to  the  quality  of   TVA  360’s  virtual  tour.       ii. Economic  Growth   1. The  economy  has  been  down  in  the  past  few  years,  in  Oklahoma   though,  the  economy  hasn’t  hit  as  hard.    The  houses  in  Oklahoma   have  still  been  able  to  be  bought  and  sold.    The  housing  market   has  not  taken  that  big  of  a  hit,  this  is  a  positive  thing  for  TVA  360.     The  economy  doesn’t  affect  our  raw  materials.    Supply  and   demand  should  stay  where  they  are,  and  the  industry  growth  will   continue  to  improve  in  the  Tulsa  area.    The  economy  does  not   affect  our  business  in  a  wide  variety  of  ways.    Our  business  should   stay  stable  throughout  the  year.   iii. Technological  Advances   1.   III. SWOT  Analysis   a. Strengths   i. Strength  1:  TVA  360  has  a  high  quality,  high  functioning,  and   technological  savvy  product.  The  quality  of  our  product  is  higher  than  any   other  on  the  market.   6    
  7. 7. ii. Strength  2:  TVA  360  tours  can  be  viewed  on  a  computer,  iPad,  iOS  or  any   android  operating  system.  This  functionality  is  a  key  strength  of  TVA’s   product.   iii. Strength  3:  TVA  360  can  provide  incredible  service  to  the  customer.    TVA   360  treats  every  customer  like  it  is  its  only  client.   iv. Strength  4:  TVA  360  has  incredible  turnaround  time.    The  house  can  be   photographed  in  4  hours,  stitched  together  in  another  hour,  and  then   posted  to  the  website  in  the  same  day.     b. Weakness   i. Weakness  1:  TVA  360  is  a  young  company;  they  do  not  have  a  lot  of   experience.    The  lack  of  experience  is  a  major  weakness  because  they  do   not  know  what  to  expect  from  each  upcoming  speed  bump  that  gets  in   their  way.   ii. Weakness  2:  TVA  360  has  a  lack  of  credibility  being  a  brand  new   company;  their  reputation  isn’t  very  high  among  the  real  estate   community.   iii. Weakness  3:  TVA  360  is  a  small  company,  so  this  will  make  it  tough  to   compete  with  competitors.   iv. Weakness  4:  TVA  360  has  a  lot  of  startup  costs  that  need  to  be  covered   before  they  can  be  profitable.   c. Opportunities   i. Opportunity  1:  There  is  an  expanding  market  for  houses  being  sold  in  the   Tulsa  area.    It  is  one  of  the  fastest  growing  areas  in  the  state  of   Oklahoma.    The  expanding  market  means  new  homes—  new  families  and   people  moving  into  the  area.   ii. Opportunity  2:  There  are  not  very  many  competitors  in  the  area,  so  it   would  be  easy  to  break  into  the  industry  once  TVA  gets  started.   iii. Opportunity  3:  The  ability  to  expand  to  the  surrounding  cities  and  other   states,  gaining  more  clients.   iv. Opportunity  4:  TVA  360  will  have  the  opportunity  to  expand  to  different   markets  such  as  commercial  real  estates,  tours  for  remodeled  buildings   and  tours  for  historical  land  marks.   d. Threats   i. Threat  1:  OBEO  is  TVA  360’s  biggest  threat,  being  a  big  company  that  has   a  head  start  on  the  market  we  are  tapping  into.   7    
  8. 8. ii. Threat  2:  Economic  down  fall,  when  the  economy  is  bad,  houses  won’t   sell  as  often.   iii. Threat  3:  TVA  360  will  be  threatened  by  people  who  will  try  to  copy  their   tours.       iv. Threat  4:  Brokers  that  are  old  school  and  are  not  caught  up  with   technology  might  not  understand  the  significance  of  what  this  tour  can   bring  to  them.     e. The  SWOT  Matrix Strength   Opportuniees   •  High-­‐Class  Product   •  Expanding  Market   •  Technological  Advanced   •  Low  Compeetors   •  Service   •  Expandability   •  Turnaround  Time   •  New  Markets   Weakness   Threats   •   Lack  Of  Experiance   •  OBEO   •  Lack  of    Credablity     •  Economic  Downfall   •  Small  Company   •  Compeetors  Copying     •  Start  Up  Cost   •  Technological  Challenged       f. Strategy  Canvas   5   4   3   TVA  360   2   OBEO   1   Other     0   Price   Quality   Time   Experience     8    
  9. 9. g. Quantitative  Assessment  (strategy  canvas)   Strengths   M   I   R   Opportunity   M   I   R   High  Class  Product   3   3   9   Expanding  Market   2   3   6   Technology   3   3   9   Low  #  of  Competitors   3   3   9   Service   2   2   4   Expandability   2   2   4   Turn  Around  Time   2   2   4   New  Markets   2   2   4                   Weaknesses         Threats         Lack  of  Experience   -­‐3   -­‐3   -­‐9   OBEO   -­‐3   -­‐3   -­‐9   Lack  of  Credibility   -­‐3   -­‐3   -­‐9   Economic  Downfall   -­‐3   -­‐3   -­‐9   Small  Company   -­‐2   -­‐2   -­‐4   Copying  Competitors   -­‐2   -­‐2   -­‐4   Start  Up  Cost   -­‐1   -­‐1   -­‐1   Technologically   -­‐2   -­‐2   -­‐4   Challenged     h. Developing  Competitive  Advantages   i. Higher  quality  product   1. Our  product  is  a  better  360°  tour.    It  is  not  a  slide  show  that  puts   pictures  together;  it  is  actually  a  360°  panoramic  of  the  room.   2. Our  software,  design  and  ways  of  photographing  are  unknown  to   the  rest  of  the  industry,  and  are  patent  pending  so  it  will  be  illegal   to  duplicate.   ii. Technologically  advanced   1. Our  tours  can  be  seen  on  a  wide  variety  of  electronics.    It  is   compatible  with  iOS  systems  or  any  android  OS.   2. Customers  will  always  be  able  to  see  the  tours  of  the  houses  on   any  mobile  device  they  have.   9    
  10. 10. iii. Turnaround  time   1. We  can  get  the  product  back  to  the  customer  on                                                             the  same  day  that  we  photograph  the  house.   a. We  will  always  be  quick  and  effective  for  the                                                               customer  no  matter  what  steps  we  have  to  take  to  make   this  happen.   IV. Marketing  Goals  and  Objectives   a. Marketing  Goal  A:  Break  into  the  insurance  industry   i. We  want  to  break  into  the  insurance  industry.    If  we  can  expand  our   business  to  incorporate  videoing  houses  for  insurance  purposes  it  has   potential  to  make  us  a  lot  of  money.    If  we  can  video  a  house,  stich  them   together  and  burn  it  to  a  CD  they  would  have  every  valuable  item  in  their   house.    This  will  be  used  in  case  of  a  fire,  tornado,  burglary  or  any  other   potential  hazards  event  that  might  take  place.   ii. We  would  market  our  product  to  insurance  companies  such  as  State   Farm,  Farmers,  Geico,  Progressive,  Liberty  Mutual  and  All  State.    If  we   could  book  a  few  insurance  agencies  then  we  would  have  a  huge  market   to  work  for.    Since  everyone  has  insurance  it  would  give  us  customers  just   like  a  brokerage  firm  would.    We  want  start  working  toward  this  market   in  year  2.   b. Marketing  Goal  B:  Expand  to  other  cities  in  Oklahoma   i. We  would  like  to  make  enough  money  to  have  photographers  in  other   cities  throughout  Oklahoma.    This  would  be  easier  to  accomplish  because   we  will  still  have  everything  set  up  in  Tulsa.    The  photographers  would   photograph  the  house,  up  load  it  to  their  computer  and  file  share  it  with   the  sticher  back  in  Tulsa.       ii. We  would  know  how  to  market  our  product  to  the  brokerages  in   different  cities  because  we  have  went  through  the  trial  and  error   capturing  the  market  in  Tulsa.    We  will  like  to  expand  to  other  cities  by   year  two.    This  will  help  us  expand  out  of  state  in  the  coming  years.   c. Marketing  Goal  C:  Get  bonded  and  insured   i. In  order  to  be  protected  since  we  will  be  in  houses,  we  need  to  get   bonded.    This  will  protect  us  from  blaming  us  for  things  that  they  lose.     This  will  be  something  that  we  need  to  get  done  early  on  starting  out.     We  plan  on  getting  this  done  before  we  get  the  company  launched.       10    
  11. 11. ii. Company  insurance  will  be  another  area  that  we  will  obtain  before   launching  our  company.    We  need  a  good  insurance  policy  because   people  will  be  traveling  to  different  homes  to  photograph.    We  will  also   need  insurance  on  all  of  our  equipment  because  it  is  expensive   equipment.   V. Marketing  Strategy   a. Primary  and  Secondary  Target  Market   i. Primary  Target  Market   1. Our  primary  target  market  will  be  the  brokerage  firms  in  the   Tulsa,  Oklahoma  area.    We  would  like  tap  into  the  more  expensive   nicer  houses,  the  houses  we  would  like  to  photograph  are  of  the   price  range  over  180,000.    The  areas  that  we  want  to  use  are  the   surrounding  cities  of  Tulsa,  such  as  Broken  Arrow,  Jenks,  and  Sand   Springs  as  well  as  Tulsa  itself.    The  needs  of  the  consumer  will  be   using  our  product  to  sell  their  house  in  a  quicker  fashion.    Our   customers  want  to  sell  their  house  and  get  it  off  the  market.    The   only  requirements  for  using  our  product  are  to  have  a  house  up   for  sale.       ii. Secondary  Target  Market   1. Our  secondary  target  market  will  be  marketing  our  services  to   insurance  agencies.    This  is  our  secondary  market  because  we   want  to  set  up  our  business  with  the  brokerages  before  we   expand  to  the  insurance  area.    We  would  stay  in  the  Tulsa  area  as   our  testing  target  market.    They  would  use  our  product  to  make   sure  their  valuables  are  on  tape  in  case  of  something  happening   to  it.     b. Product  Strategy   i. Brand  Name   1. TVA  360  Virtual  Tours  by  Van  Arsdale  Photography   ii. Logo   TVA 360º Tours   11    
  12. 12. iii. Positioning     1. Our  philosophy  “Progressive  Quality”  means  TVA  360  is  never   content  with  its  position  in  the  marketplace  and  is  always   progressing  forward  with  the  ever-­‐changing  trends  in  technology   of  society  as  well  as  with  the  real  estate  industry.  If  product  or   service  doesn’t  enhance  our  quality  or  progress  us  forward  then   it’s  not  for  our  company.     2. TVA  360°  Tours  is  positioned  in  the  marketplace  in  a  middle  price   class  in  the  real  estate  industry  using  leading  edge  technology  to   provide  the  best  possible  product/service  mix.   3. Our  product  is  differentiated  from  our  competitors  by  providing  a   superior  virtual  tour  product  at  a  comparable  price  for  realtors.   We  also  are  establishing  more  attractive  features  such  as  a   Facebook  “share”  button  on  our  web  page  to  increase  property   and  realtor  exposure.   4. Our  unique  selling  proposition  is  addressing  the  needs  of  real   estate  agents  by  taking  advantage  of  current  trends  in  technology   and  mobile  communication  to  provide  convenient  and  practical   ways  for  individuals  to  view  homes  and  properties  without   physically  being  there.     5. This  is  partly  achieved  by  the  use  of  technology  making  our  tours   capable  of  running  on  iPads  and  other  tablet  devices.     6. Our  product  will  initially  be  introduced  in  the  Greater  Tulsa  Area   in  order  to  achieve  name  recognition  and  credibility  as  well  as   proper  functionality  of  operations.  Once  we  become  stable  in  the   Tulsa  area  market  we  will  look  to  immediately  expand  into  the   Oklahoma  City  area  market  followed  by  higher  annual  income   areas  with  high  populations,  such  as  North  Dallas,  Collin  County,   Northwest  Arkansas  and  surrounding  suburbs  of  Austin  Texas.   7. Our overall  marketing  efforts  will  be  made  through  word  of   mouth  in  the  Realtor  industry.  This  will  be  accomplished  through   trade  shows  such  as  Home  &  Garden  shows  at  the  Tulsa  Expo   Center,  becoming  an  active  member  of  Greater  Tulsa  Association   of  Realtors  (GTAR),  Announcing  achieved  goals,  future  goals,  and   future  products  or  features  to  be  developed  to  increase  real   estate  exposure  and  sales.     12    
  13. 13. iv. Pricing  Strategy     1. Our  prices  will  enable  our  product/service  mix  to  be  accepted   because  we  are  providing  a  higher  quality  product  with  better   features  than  competitors  at  the  same  to  lower  price  than  our   primary  competitor  Obeo.       2. Our  pricing  strategy  is  to  be  competitive  with  the  competition  and   maintain  a  leading  advantage  over  them.  We  are  offering  a  better   product  to  our  customers  at  a  price  that  is  comparable  with  our   competition  for  our  customers.   3. We  are  able  to  provide  a  lower  price  than  competitors  by  lower   personnel  costs  and  lower  margins.  We  feel  by  providing  lower   costs  and  receiving  lower  margins  than  that  of  the  competitor  we   will  be  able  to  generate  more  volume  and  grasp  higher  market   share  than  that  of  the  competitor.   4. Our  pricing  structure  is  broken  into  5  packages.  These  packages   were  derived  from  the  investment  realtors  would  make  on  their   listings,  which  varied  due  to  the  list  price  of  the  home  or  property.       Bronze   Silver   Gold   Platinum   Stills Only  4 panoramas   6 panoramas   10 panoramas   14 panoramas   N/A  20 stills   30 stills   40 stills   50 stills   15 stills  $129   $159   $189   $239   $99                 13    
  14. 14.       c. Distribution  and  Supply  Chain   TVA  360º  Tours     Stage  in  Process   Plan  of  Action   l Referrals  from  Brokers  using  our  products  to  find  qualified   leads   l Print  Advertising  and  personal  networking  at  GTAR   Prospecting   (Greater  Tulsa  Association  of  Realtors)   l Web  media  and  examples  from  our  website  and  listings  on   real  estate  photography  websites   Initial  Contact  /  Sales   l Meeting  and  product  presentation  with  qualified  leads   Presentation   l Packages  detailed  in  full   l Agreement  for  access  to  MLS  Database   l Offer  free  trial  period   Close  The  Sale   l Request  list  of  currently  used  photographers  to  help  with   certification  process   l Attend  GTAR  meetings   Build  The  Relationship   l Offer  discounts  for  high-­‐volume  of  business     d. Promotional  Strategy   1.  Our  initial  approach  to  get  our  product/service  mix  into  the   market  will  be  selecting  a  few  top  realtors  in  the  Tulsa  area  to  give   them  free  trail  use  of  our  product  and  service  to  raise  awareness   of  all  the  features  we  offer  and  to  generate  buzz  about  our   company.   2. We  will  primarily  advertise  through  word  of  mouth  by  creating   buzz  about  the  company.  One  way  will  be  through  our  Facebook   “share”  feature  on  our  website  which  will  get  our  name  out  across   social  media  networks.     3. Realtors  are  a  tight  knit  group  of  people  whom  are  reached   through  conversation  amongst  realtors  about  what  new  thing   they  are  doing.  We  plan  to  penetrate  this  tight  knit  group  by   joining  GTAR  and  issuing  announcements  about  the  company  and   14    
  15. 15. print  ads  at  monthly  meetings,  as  well  as  participate  in  and   sponsor  events  hosted  by  GTAR.   4. Through  our  website’s  Facebook  “share”  feature  which  is  used  by   a  vast  majority  of  people.  We  will  be  generating  free  publicity  for   our  company  by  being  posted  on  numerous  Facebook  pages.  We   will  generate  publicity  for  us,  but  also  for  the  real  estate  agent   and  their  listed  property.   5. We  will  also  set  up  a  twitter  and  a  Blog  in  which  we  will  post  the   videos  that  will  also  be  able  to  share  the  videos.    On  the  blog  I  will   be  setting  up  a  different  type  of  blog  in  which  I  want  to  post  other   home  furnishing  ideas  for  the  homes.    This  will  give  us  a  following   on  the  blog  so  when  people  go  to  sell  a  house  they  will  remember   the  blog  and  want  to  use  our  product.   6. Even  though  it  is  hard  to  offer  warranties  on  an  intangible   products,  we  will  offer  guarantee  of  service  through  time   efficiency  windows.  We  will  guarantee  that  your  listing  will  be   generated  and  posted  within  48  hours  of  the  photo  shoot.  If  any   tours  are  down,  links  broken,  or  any  other  functionality  of  the   service  is  inoperable  we  will  guarantee  it  to  be  up  and  running   within  48  hours  of  the  customer  notifying  the  proper  individual  as   stated  in  the  purchase  agreement.   VI. Marketing  Implementation   a. Structural  Issues     i. Top  Realtors   1. We  will  pitch  our  company  to  realtors  in  the  Tulsa  area.    We  will   do  this  by  creating  flyers  for  the  company  (located  at  the  end  of   the  paragraph)  and  posting  them  around  the  Tulsa  area.    We  also   with  join  the  GTR  group  in  which  is  a  meeting  held  monthly  that   brokerage  firms  and  real  estate  agents  attend.    We  will  send  out   our  flyers,  make  announcements  and  have  other  print  ads  that   are  sent  out  in  mailers.    We  will  also  be  going  around  to  open   houses  talking  to  realtors  and  giving  out  elevator  pitch.    We  will   also  send  out  emails  and  cold  call  agencies  and  try  to  set  up  face   to  face  presentation  in  which  we  can  show  what  our  products  are   all  about.   15    
  16. 16.             ii. Social  Media   1. We  will  set  up  our  website  through  paying  a  website  technician.     This  will  start  off  our  social  media  marketing  once  we  are  able  to   get  out  website  up  and  running.    We  will  create  a  TVA  360   Facebook  page  in  which  clients  will  be  able  to  visit  to  view,  share   and  talk  about  the  houses  that  we  have    as  well  as  run  other   promotions  on  it  (example  below).    We  will  have  a  twitter  that  we   can  run  ads  and  promotions  as  well  as  the  tours  will  be  posted,   our  twitter  user-­‐name  will  be  @TVA360.    We  will  set  up  a  TVA  360   blog  as  well  that  will  have  a  variety  of  information  as  well  as   tours.  These  social  medias  will  give  us  a  large  amount  free   marketing.   16    
  17. 17.  Specific Tactical Activities Person Responsible Required Budget Completion DateProduct Activities • Meet With Brokerages • Tyler Van Arsdale • $500 (Flyers & Gas) • 7/31/2011 • Social Media • Brett Henderson • Free • 5/31/2011 • Contract Guarantee • Tyler Van Arsdale • Free • 5/31/2011Supply Chain Activities • Prospecting • Tyler Van Arsdale • $500 • Ongoing • Initial Contact • Tyler Van Arsdale • $300 • Ongoing • Close the Sale • Tyler Van Arsdale • $200 • Ongoing • Build the Relationship • Tyler Van Arsdale • $400 • OngoingIMC Activities • Public Relations • Brett Henderson • Free • Ongoing • Sales Promotion • Brett Henderson • $1000 (promotions) • Ongoing • Advertising • Brett Henderson • $1000 (Flyers & Print) • Ongoing 17    
  18. 18. iii. Guarantee  of  Service     1. We  will  write  up  a  contract  that  will  be  signed  by  the  customer   that  guarantee’s  our  customer  that  if  the  guide  lines  that  we   agree  on  then  they  will  fully  take  care  of  it.    Within  the  48  hour   allotted  time  all  problems  with  the  link  will  be  taken  care  of.   VII. Evaluation  And  Control   a. Process  Controls   i. All  employees  should  be  completely  knowledgeable  of  the  upcoming   promotions  and  where  to  find  more  details  on  them  in  order  to  provide   them  to  our  customers.   ii. Employee  incentives  to  draw  in  more  customers  through  promotional   enticements  and  potential  customers  that  they  obtain   b. Output  Controls   i. Website  hits  on  our  social  media  sites   ii. Contacting  us  from  the  flyers   iii. How  many  people  took  advantage  of  the  promotions   iv. How  many  people  were  interested  in  our  company   v. Use  of  the  “Share  Button”  on  Facebook   vi. Number  of  members  on  our  social  media  outlets   c. These  controls  should  be  check  up  every  3  months  to  make  sure  each  of  them  is   being  taken  care  of.                       18    
  19. 19. May 2011 June 2011 July 2011 Aug 2011 Top Create the flyers Start meeting Continue Have a list and t-shirts plus with meeting serve of Realtors the elevator pitch brokerage with clients lined and presentation firms brokerage up and ready firms while to adding on photograph agents Social Have the website Create the Get set up Have completely Facebook with the everything Media finished and page, twitter MLS list connected Outlets ready to operate and blog serve data together and base ready for when we launchBonded and Get bonded to Have full Create the Make sure protect ourselves coverage contracts as every legalGuarantees from being inside insurance well as the aspect is of houses guarantees ready for launch   19