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EyeforTravel - Social Media Strategies for Travel USA 2008


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Use social media to enhance
your brand, increase sales &
attract new customers.

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EyeforTravel - Social Media Strategies for Travel USA 2008

  1. 1. From Buzz to Buck: Turn Social Networking to Your Advantage early Bird Discount SAVE $30 0! if you regis ter January 4 before Part of EyeforTravel’s Sales and Marketing Series , 2008 Social Media Strategies for Travel March 5-6, 2008, Crowne Plaza, Union square, san Francisco Use social media to enhance your brand, increase sales & attract new customers Hear how to exploit and control the explosion in user- Benchmark your strategy against generated content and social networking – and turn these industry experts & ensure the unknown into a useful and powerful marketing tool you don’t get left behind Investigate social media marketing strategies and establish what works for your business Find out what social media consumers really want – and make sure they get it… Now’s the time to create your own online community. We don’t just show you the possibilities, we give you the practicalities... Hear how to use social media to retain and acquire online customers Keep your brand image safe. Learn how to monitor and manage the effect of user-generated reviews Discover how travel companies can work with social networking sites, now and in the future Learn how to combine search and social media. Drive traffic and drive sales. Get ahead of the competition and stay in touch with your consumers. (They move fast; make sure you do too!) y if someone in your compan is already working on a social Researched and Organized by: media initiative, pass this y brochure onto them, so the can benefit today Trust our expert speakers to show you how to harness the power of social media
  2. 2. For more information visit Reach new customers online by registering now on +44 207 375 7228 Come the conference that gives you practical, real-world advice on implementing and monetizing social media THE Way WE UsE THE inTERnET is Certainly user-generated content is a powerful airlines are all getting their feet wet, dipping CHanging. WE dOn’T jUsT diP inTO resource in the right hands. But isn’t it just too tentative toes into the world of Web 2.0. It’s the difficult to regulate? How can you institute open, hot topic right now. If your competitors aren’t iT, WE inTERaCT WiTH iT. WE WORk accessible networking channels and ensure already planning their own social networking OnlinE; WE nETWORk OnlinE; WE consumer-to-consumer networks work in your initiatives then they’re two steps behind. More EvEn sOCializE OR RElax in THE best interests? likely they’re already dabbling. But that’s time OnlinE WORld. That’s what this conference is all about. You’ll consuming, it’s potentially costly – and it’s not The landscape of online marketing is evolving find out how suppliers and intermediaries are even guaranteed to improve margins one bit! too. And with change, comes a whole new already controlling the uncontrollable! How This conference gives you an easy-in… world of opportunities for travel marketers. Web they’re implementing social media strategies The timing couldn’t be better. We focus on front- 2.0 social networking initiatives are creating that are changing the way we all think about of-mind issues; on real-world business needs interactive online communities and blurring the travel marketing. for 2008 and beyond. We’re bringing together lines between consumers and providers. (Online representatives from hotels, airlines and online Forget abstract ideas; these issues all apply in communities that give consumers a real insight agencies. Our speakers have already cracked your industry: into the travel experience before they’ve even social networking. You can too. left home!) That’s good news for them. It can be • How to provide an open forum, Their insight isn’t theoretical, it’s entirely good news for you too… but still monitor input practical. This isn’t just about sharing success But the challenge here isn’t simply integrating • Can you protect your brand in stories; it’s about the practicalities of getting social networking strategies into a cohesive a social media environment? started. It’s about avoiding pitfalls and corporate framework - it’s making them pay... • Will unprecedented growth in social overcoming problems. It’s about invaluable networking really impact the way insight and travel-specific case-studies that will people buy and sell travel? inform your own social networking strategies. “All topics on the agenda Every one of our sell-out sessions focuses • What initiatives should you focus target either the latest “buzz” in on the hot topics and the here-and-now. Our on? What will work for you & the travel industry or focus on best delegates are always among the first to get in on practice. You go home with tons of what won’t? the buzz … ideas and key information to boost We’re here to help you sift through the your business performance” information and interpret the results to benefit Sal Uzarraga, Avis your business. This is a forum for travel industry “EyeforTravel was experts to create cutting-edge strategies for extremely relevant concerning today’s issues. And it’s the perfect place to get hot topics and future trends to stay Let’s start out by making a few basic fired up with enthusiasm for the inherent (and on top of your game. Thank you, assumptions. Let’s assume you’ve already got largely untapped) possibilities of UGC and social I’ll be back!” an online presence. You’ve probably got access networking for the travel industry. Amy Ras, Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association to consumers all over the States. And we’re Most importantly, by the end of this event you’ll prepared to bet you already use e-commerce have the tools you need to start making real and e-marketing strategies. connections with your consumers. That’s a good start, but you can go further. These days, travel marketers need to move fast Come to san Francisco and see to stay up-to-date – because it is the consumer “It is great to meet others in the industry who are for yourself. Find out how to who determines your company’s credibility – not a star rating or the Zagat guide. What experiencing my frustrations. It offers bring your business marketing consumers really want is interaction. And if you a level of sanity to know I’m not bang up to date. Understand how want it too then you need to integrate social the only one.” real-world solutions can inform media into your corporate marketing strategy. Liberty Wright, your corporate strategy for Harrahs Entertainment You need to reach out and connect with your years to come. consumers online… That kind of connection gives real credibility in the online marketplace. But it’s easier said Hear it from the front line than done. The online travel industry is awash Starwood Hotels and Resorts was one of the with user-generated content (UGC) and social first to get in on the action with “TheLobby”. networks. So if you’re going to implement a Offering consumers an opportunity to tell their social media initiative, you need to know how own, unique, uncensored travel stories brought to control it, and how to exploit it to meet your their brand to life. No special offers, no garish needs. promos – just real people telling it straight. Bottom line: You need to be able to make It could so easily have misfired. It didn’t. Now money from it. travel agents, online intermediaries, even Register now at:
  3. 3. Get practical advice on unleashing the power of social media Seize t Day One: Wednesday March 5, 2008, 9am – 7pm SESSion 1: oPEning KEynoTE PrESEnTaTion SESSion 4: PrESEnTaTionS and PanEl • How do you safeguard yourself against customer Evaluate Which Web 2.0 initiatives social networking and Travel: backlash? a Marriage Made in Heaven? How • orbitz plans to establish an incentive program Best suit your Business & develop from their most trusted sources. How can you a Coherent Corporate strategy Can Travel Companies Really Work reward customers and create incentives for them • Determine if your company needs a UGc With social networking sites? to return to your site and contribute content? initiative in the first place. and if so, what strategic • Facebook has recorded a year-on-year growth • How should a UGc retention strategy differ from mix of Web 2.0 best suits your business? of over 1600% and has a worldwide client a UGc acquisition strategy? • What does your company need to have in place base of 46 million. How can you leverage the John lee, VP Brand Marketing and before you launch a UGc strategy? huge volumes of traffic that these mega social Communications, Embassy Suites Hotels, • What is the easiest way to build a blog and start networking sites, like Facebook, Youtube or Hilton Hotels Corporation interacting with your customers? Myspace, attract? adam Healey, CEO, VibeAgent • What are the key benefits of social media to the • How can travel suppliers and intermediaries hospitality industry? How can UGc help you partner with social networking sites like Youtube, steven Moo Young, Director Strategy & differentiate your services and de-commoditize Facebook and Myspace? CRM, American Airlines your product? • What is the relevance of generic social tom russell, VP of Brand Marketing, • Hear real-world advice on managing a social communities to travel-based organizations? Have Orbitz Worldwide media portion on your website on a day-to-day travel-based applications been successful on the basis open Facebook platform? NetworkiNg Coffee Break • see how to avoid common pitfalls and misguided • What are the limitations of social networking sites for the travel industry? Is your money better spent SESSion 6: PrESEnTaTion investments on UGc? Understand How social networking Jeff Mirman, Director, Sheraton Interactive Marketing, Starwood Hotels and Resorts • How successful are the multitude of traveler is Bringing the Personal Element Worldwide social network startups? How do they differentiate Back into sharing Travel themselves? What kind of lifecycle should we expect from these types of businesses? Experiences SESSion 2: PrESEnTaTion • sites like Groople allow groups of travelers to • see how user-generated content is evolving into How are Consumers Behaving in book hotels collaboratively, share content and friend-generated content: From mass anonymous a Web 2.0 Environment and How complete transactions online. How can you use advice to personal recommendations does social Media impact Their social networking to target niche segments? • Discuss how to make your property or service Buying Cycle? • User-generated content sites, like tripadvisor, part of the conversation between friends are now moving into social networking, will other • Hear how, and where, to use social networking in • What do people actually look for in consumer- travel-specific UGc sites follow suit? the travel marketing mix and where not to generated content? • What impact does UGc have on the customers’ Victoria treyger, VP Merchandising and Product ashley randall, Senior Product Manager, decision-making process? Management, Travelocity TripAdvisor • When do consumers seek out UGc in the Jim kovarik, General Manager, AOL Travel SESSion 7: CloSing KEynoTE PrESEnTaTion buying cycle? Does UGc represent the missing Mike stacy, CEO, Groople component in the online travel buying cycle? What Place does social Media Jasper Malcomson, General Manager, • What kind of metrics can you apply to UGc? Yahoo! Travel Play in the Online Marketing Mix? • How can you profit from consumer-generated How Can you advertize on social content? NetworkiNg LuNCh Break Media sites? ken leeder, CEO, RealTravel • How can travel companies work with sites like SESSion 5: PrESEnTaTionS and PanEl Youtube? SESSion 3: induSTry analySiS develop a social Media strategy • see how social media sites, like Youtube, can User-generated Content: That Communicates With your provide your travel company with unique, rich- a detailed Overview of How Customers and Creates an media content Travelers are Using User- Online Community • Is video media the key trend for the future? What impact could video content have on your brand? generated Content • How can UGc help you create a dialogue with • can social networking sites really be monetized? • How is user-generated content being used by your customers and provide you with a platform How can you really tap into the vast amounts of your potential customers? for communication? traffic they attract? Is anyone actually making • What types of social media do travelers rely on • Understand the benefits of creating a community any money? during their online travel research? with central ethos, based on your customers’ • With the increased costs of search engine • User-Generated content may be cool. But what is needs marketing, how can you use social media sites the business case beyond cool? and what are the • Increase customer loyalty by giving your to reach new customers? key elements you should consider in your social customers the opportunity to influence your • How much does it cost to advertise on social media strategy? website media sites? • How do you actively grow your community whilst Diane clarkson, Travel Analyst, suzie reider, Director of Advertising, still maintaining an aspirational quality? JupiterResearch YouTube • What role does customer segmentation play in NetworkiNg Coffee Break developing a UGc strategy? eNd of day oNe CoCktaiL Party Call the booking hotline now on +44 207 375 7228 & reserve your place today
  4. 4. the opportunity presented by social media & boost your online marketing strategy Day Two: Thursday March 6, 2008, 9am – 3.30pm SESSion 8: PrESEnTaTionS and PanEl SESSion 10: PrESEnTaTion SESSion 12: PrESEnTaTionS and PanEl drive Traffic to your site With Promote and Protect your Brand How Can social Media Provide a Comprehensive social search in the social Media space you With valuable, distinctive, Marketing strategy • according to tamar, 80% of people who use Quality Content? • search is probably your biggest online channel, social networking sites comment on a brand. • consumers are increasingly demanding but are you realizing the massive potential What strategies enable you to maintain and content-rich information about niche, relevant of aligning your search strategy with user- build your brand image on social media sites? topics. How can you utilize social media to generated reviews? • Do you need to develop a brand defensive cater to their needs? What are the necessary • Develop a search engine marketing strategy strategy to protect and monitor your brand on processes needed to make user-generated that not only balances paid and unpaid search, user-generated content sites? content relevant to the consumer? but also considers social search engine • How much of your brand image is dependant on • Understand how to utilize UGc sites to marketing as a distinct area your reputation in the social media space? transfer honest, accurate information to your • User-generated content sites, like tripadvisor, • What is industry best practice for brand partners without compromising the integrity always rank highly in search results. What can marketing on social media sites? of your content you learn from sites like these? • How can social media help you de-commoditize • What are the advantages and disadvantages • are the old and new media formats in synergy and personalize your brand? of relying on your customers to create your or are they at war? are search engines slowly online content? randy petersen, CEO, becoming obsolete as UGc increasingly • Hear from travel companies who have dominates? successfully balanced traditionally sourced SESSion 11: PrESEnTaTion • should you do social search marketing in- content with UGc house? are tools, like Google adwords or How Can you Foster genuine • see how advances in technology could technorati, up to the job? loyalty among your dramatically enhance the ease of content- ted souder, Head of Sales – Midwest Travel Member Base? sharing Vertical, Google • How can you link the various social media • What level of effort is needed to create loyal mediums together, such as videos, podcasts Brad king, Senior Director, Travel Category, members on a UGc site? and blogs? Yahoo! Search Marketing • What is the benefit of having a truly loyal • Do UGc photos and videos generate real customer base? Max starkov, President & CEO, business? How can you track this form of Hospitality eBusiness Strategies • How can you use loyal members to act as marketing? ambassadors and monitor reviews? NetworkiNg Coffee Break • Understand why a user wants to share their ravi sreekakula, Internet Marketing Manager, travel experiences and create a website tailored Cathay Pacific Airways SESSion 9: induSTry analySiS to their needs James pappas, Electronic Marketing Manager, learn How to Practically Monitor • When people invest their time contributing Extended Stay Hotels User-generated Reviews and to UGc, what do they expect in return? Brian stolte, Director of Product Management, Protect your Brand image Giampiero ambrosi, General Manager, SideStep against dissatisfied Customer VirtualTourist Gregg Brockway, Co-Founder & President, Comments NetworkiNg LuNCh Break TripIt • What impact does user-generated content have on travel brands? • Who has lost brand value due to UGc? What InteractIve PartIcIPatIon can you learn from their mistakes? • How do you respond to reviews from your customers? What opportunities and challenges This conference is specifically designed do you face? should you strive to respond to to encourage active participation. Not every comment? only will you hear stimulating, thought- • Understand why is doesn’t pay to be defensive provoking presentations, you will have of nervous about UGc the chance to discuss key topics and get • Discover how to use negative feedback in your questions answered. Each speaker a productive way to improve the customer will address the issues listed on the experience and your company’s services agenda and illustrate with real-life case- • How can technology help you react to studies. Finally, the session moderator comments being posted about you? can online will generate a panel debate or field your reputation management be solely automated, or do you need human input? questions directly to the speaker. Enough • How does UGc affect traditional marketing time is always given for you to get your models and your brand’s relationship with questions answered and play an active the consumer? role in the discussion. You’ll have ample • see how to convert the social media discussion opportunity to talk over the issues at into sales hand and exchange ideas with speakers amy scarth, Head of Research, EyeforTravel and your fellow delegates. The sooner you register the more money you will save! Register before the New Year to Save $300!
  5. 5. Register on the Secure Website at early Bird D iscou SAVE $30 nt 0! Social Media Strategies for Travel if you regis ter January 4 before , 2008 March 5-6, 2008, Crowne Plaza, Union square, san Francisco Buy a gold Pass and get REGISTER NOW! EyeforTravel’s Online Travel Marketing Report... 5 Ways TO REgisTER How to Pay: • email: We will need your full Credit Card: Complete and return this form contact details to process your registration. with your credit card details this report offers forward thinking Invoice: Complete and return this form marketers a comprehensive tool to drive • Fax: Back this form to +44 (0) 207 375 7576 and you will receive an invoice conversions and increase roI. learn • call: The booking line on +44 (0) 207 375 7228 Check/Draft: Payable to First Conferences Ltd. about different strategies companies are • online: Go to and submit your details adopting including search marketing, for instant confirmation. You can pay directly on the Dates anD Venue: Conference: Wednesday 5th March – online advertising, branding, social secure site or request an invoice. Thursday 6th March, 2008 media, crM, affiliate marketing and new • mail: This form to: Registrations, EyeforTravel, Venue: Crowne Plaza, Union Square, technologies. Get an insight into what 7-9 Fashion Street, London E1 6PX, United Kingdom San Francisco different companies value most, what has Discounts: worked and what hasn’t and what their Register before Register before Normal Price after Early Bird offers could save you $300! 4th January 2008 1st February 2008 key objectives are. For those that value SAVE $300! SAVE $100! 1st February 2008 For group discounts please contact Paul Lane on a good understanding of the challenges +44 (0) 207 375 7597 or and opportunities of the online marketing GOLD • 2 day conference pass accommoDation: mix; are interested in current practice; We have arranged a discounted room rate at the • CD Rom of the conference want to have recommendations and proceedings (with presentations $2195 $2395 $2495 Crowne Plaza, Union Square in San Francisco. tips from industry leaders, real-life case and an audio stream) Reservation details will be sent to you when you studies, focused interviews and an • EyeforTravel’s North American register. It is recommended that you book early Online Travel Marketing Report to take advantage of this offer. exclusive analysis of eyefortravel’s global online marketing travel industry survey, cancellations: SILVER this report is invaluable. • 2 day conference pass All conference places are fully transferable without any charge. There will be no penalty for cancellations received • CD Rom of the conference $1495 $1695 $1795 before Friday 1st February 2008. (Credit card registrations are proceedings (with presentations subject to a 5% cancellation fee) If written confirmation of a EyeforTravel events are key industry and an audio stream) cancellation is not received before Friday 1st February 2008 forums for high-level executives to meet, we will be obliged to charge the full conference fee. Please note, you must inform the conference desk in writing of any network and discuss strategy. Don’t BRONZE $1295 $1495 $1595 cancellations: please email The • 2 day Conference Pass organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program just take our word for it – see what your without notice. industry peers said about previous event: Yes!! Please register me for Social Media Strategies for Travel “I found the quality of speakers and Block letters please presentations exceptional and the entire Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: Last name: experience invaluable. I have obtained many ideas I’m looking forward to Company: Position/Title: sharing with my company.” Telephone: Fax: Sam Atwell, Tropicana Las Vegas Email: Address: Postcode: “EyeforTravel events provide an ideal Country: venue to meet key decision-makers in all areas of the travel industry” Payment: Rory Fagan, PROS I enclose a check/draft for: $_________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) Please invoice my company: $_________________ Purchase Order No.:____________________ Please charge my credit card: $________________ AMEX Visa Mastercard “I enjoyed the diverse group on the panels, from their ideology to their Credit card number: Security code: Expiry Date: business backgrounds. This is what Name on card: ignature: S makes these conferences so worthy.” NB: Full paYmeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNt Lourdes Quinonez, Joie de Vive Hospitality © Copyright 2006 First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel reserves the right to make changes to the programme prior to the event. All rights reserved. This document contains original material which is protected by copyright. No unauthorised use of the material herein may be made without the prior consent of First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel is a proprietary creation and trademark of First Conferences Ltd. Call the Booking Line on +44 207 275 7228 to Reserve Your Place Today!
  6. 6. Meet the Pioneers of the Online Travel Industry in San Francisco early Bird D iscount SAVE $30 0! if you regis ter January 4 before Part of EyeforTravel’s Sales and Marketing Series , 2008 Social Media Strategies for Travel March 5-6, 2008, Crowne Plaza, Union square, san Francisco Make the essential contacts you need to launch Benchmark your strategy against these major UgC sites, online your online initiatives and get real-world advice agencies, search engines, from people who have succeeded suppliers & industry gurus: Social Media Strategies in Travel is the first travel-specific conference to give practical tom russell, VP Brand Marketing, Orbitz Worldwide advice on exploiting the social media phenomenon. You will have the opportunity to meet suzie reider, Director of Advertising, YouTube a unique cross-sector of the industry – all with one common interest – the application of social networking and user-generated content in travel. This conference will attract the true John lee, VP Brand Marketing & Communications innovators in online travel from across North America - And to ensure that you get to meet Embassy Suites Hotels, Hilton Hotels Corporation them all we have built ample networking opportunities into this event. Giampiero ambrosi, General Manager, VirtualTourist ONLINE CONTACT CENTER INFORMAL ATMOSPHERE ken leeder, CEO, RealTravel Organize meetings in advance and touch AND IDEAL VENUE base with those crucial contacts through our We expect about 200 people at this Mike stacy, CEO, Groople online networking center. This online system conference, which is an ideal size for you to Jim kovarik, GM Travel, AOL will be up and running before the event so you network and meet new contacts. If someone Jasper Malcolmson, General Manager, can make initial contact and after the event to is there, who you would like meet, you are Yahoo! Travel catch-up with the people you missed. guaranteed to catch up with them, discuss ideas and exchange business cards. Plus, ravi sreekakula, Internet Marketing Manager, NETWORKING RECEPTION the conference hotel is conveniently located Cathay Pacific Airways Wednesday 5 March 6pm-8pm – We know right on Union Square, ashley randall, Senior Product Manager, that you want to meet your fellow attendees which means in a social environment - which is why our TripAdvisor that you are networking receptions are always such a ideally placed for adam Healey, Co-Founder and CEO, VibeAgent great success! Being held in the exhibition post-conference randy petersen, CEO, hall, this informal environment is the perfect meetings and opportunity amy scarth, Head of Research, EyeforTravel experiencing all for you to see that San Francisco ted souder, Head of Sales - Midwest Travel Vertical, the products has to offer. Google on offer, meet Max starkov, President & CEO, your fellow COFFEE AND LUNCH Hospitality eBusiness Strategies delegates and The backbone of your networking, you will be discuss the able to cement new relationships and discuss James pappas, Electronic Marketing Manager, issues that future business opportunities during two Extended Stay Hotels have been raised. lunches and four coffee breaks. Brian stolte, Director of Product Management, SideStep 5 Easy Ways To Register Diane clarkson, Travel Analyst, JupiterResearch Gregg Brockway, Co-Founder & President, TripIt EmAil: Jeff Mirman, Director Sheraton Interactive Marketing, FAx: +44 (0) 207 375 7576 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Brad king, Senior Director - Travel Category, CAll: +44 (0) 207 375 7228 Yahoo! Search Marketing steven Moo Young, Director, Strategy & OnlinE: CRM, American Airlines mAil: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 7-9 Fashion Street, Victoria treyger, VP Merchandising and Product Management, Travelocity London, E1 6PX, UK Call +44 207 375 7228 to Register Now