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Our FAQ document of case studies and handy info about Flash e-mercial productions.

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PrimeVision E-mercials

  1. 1. • Product Overview • Case Studies • FAQs Alex Coroneos, VP Marketing , 914-614-0046 x16 URL:
  2. 2. PrimeVision E-mercials PrimeVision is the interactive division of PrimeLook Inc., an award-winning, full-service branding and creative services agency specializing in financial servicies since 1991. Table of Contents Our strategy and content experts have earned securities licenses and worked for leading asset management companies, banks and insurance companies, so we can hit the ground running without the need for in-depth market orientation. We have led or observed research, focus groups and interviews with hundreds of clients An Unforgettable Learning Experience ........................3 and producers from all sales channels, so we have a good understanding of their needs. Benefits and Uses....................................................4 From retail to institutional, from independent advisors to brokers, our nearly 20-year history of working with leading financial service firms like those shown below has given What’s Included/Process...........................................5 us a unique understanding of your markets. To view an e-mercial introducing PrimeLook, visit Optional Tool: CUSTOMIZER .....................................6 Optional Tool: BLASTTRACK’R ..................................7 Case Studies: Dow Jones Indexes ..............................8 ING Funds .........................................9 John Hancock ...................................10 OppenheimerFunds ............................11 Frequently Asked Questions.....................................12 Contact Us: Alex Coroneos, VP Marketing .............914-614-0046 x16 , 2 PRIMEVISION E-MERCIALS
  3. 3. PrimeVision E-mercials An Unforgettable Learning Experience The most effective way to deliver a Formula for sales success: PrimeVision e-mercials open your brief and persuasive product overview exposure + engagement + prospects eyes, ears AND minds. Our e-mercials present your information in the way understanding They present your message in the way prospects WANT your prospects prefer to learn today—not by reading, Your sales are dependent upon a steady stream of to learn today... with an engaging on-line experience. but through a more engaging combination of listening qualified prospects who understand how your product They get noticed and watched to the end. Prospects can and watching that promotes greater understanding and will help them. But before prospects can begin to see and hear a brief persuasive message in a encourages viewer action. understand the benefits of your product, they must be comfortable and engaging way — at THEIR exposed to your message in a way that will make them convenience, without the pressure of a salesperson. PrimeVision e-mercials are interactive, Flash-based WANT to learn more. And because our e-mercials promote greater presentations that cleverly integrate text, motion understanding, they help deliver a more qualified graphics, music and professional narration, and are a The problem is – for today’s internet-dependent prospect to your sales process. There is simply no highly entertaining, breakthrough way to engage your prospects – most printed materials are ill-equipped for better or more cost-effective way to generate prospects and dramatically present your message in a the task of providing the engagement necessary to understanding of the benefits of your product. truly memorable way. They can be viewed using any promote true product understanding. Even Web sites internet browser, require no special software, have require too much navigation and TOO MUCH built-in response mechanisms, can be personalized to READING for an initial awareness-building tool. the recipient and their usage can be tracked. t of TV engagemen power and g ct marketin targe ting of dire ery system a Web -based deliv tracking of Visit the PrimeVision Web site: 3 PRIMEVISION E-MERCIALS
  4. 4. PrimeVision E-mercials Benefits Uses High Impact Viral Marketing Product Introduction Studies show that listening, watching AND reading PrimeVision e-mercials are frequently forwarded to produce higher levels of understanding and retention colleagues via e-mail, creating extra distribution. Company Overview than reading alone. E-mercials are engaging and In fact, over 60 percent of our clients were forwarded benefit-driven presentations that put your company our information by a colleague. Display (banner) Ad in its best light. Looping Kiosk Display FINRA Approved Print, legal and compliance language can devour Event Invitation a high percentage of the viewable space, which disrupts your message and adds to printing costs. Instructional/E-learning With e-mercials, a majority of the legal and compliance language can all be inserted into a relatively small scroll Fact Sheets box, so your story flow remains uninterrupted. We have created dozens of FINRA-approved e-mercials. Annual Report/Year in Review Multi Use Trackable Can be viewed on-line through e-mail Web link or as a Awards/Recognition You can view real-time usage and response statistics. Announcements destination for a banner ad. Can also be burned to promotional CD, embedded in a PowerPoint or in Personalization popular on-line meeting presentations such as Limitless customization and personalization capabilities. PowerPoint Intro Modules BrainShark or GoToMeeting, displayed at a kiosk or trade show booth, uploaded to an iPod or distributed Cost Effective Our e-mercials are similar in cost to print collateral, through video sharing apps, such as YouTube. One but are fast and inexpensive to update, giving your presentation never worked so hard for you! e-mercial a much longer shelf life than print communications. 4 PRIMEVISION E-MERCIALS
  5. 5. PrimeVision E-mercials What’s Included Process Each PrimeVision e-mercial is a one-of-a-kind Our “Benefits-Selling” communication that includes the following: Creation Process: Discovery – Client interview and project intake Compression – Proprietary compression process Our development team of strategists, script writers, teleconference or meeting assures smallest file size for optimal on-line viewing directors, animators, video production specialists, programmers, illustrators, music/sound engineers Concept – Complete concept and story development Interface – Custom user interface design and and professional narrators is skilled at creating controls Copywriting/editing – Script development by presentations that promote viewer engagement, copywriters who have earned FINRA licenses (with Web links – Links to existing Web sites; information trigger interest and encourage response. input from client) downloads and e-mail response • We strategically address the challenges the viewer Visual Brand Integration – Complete creative Hosting – PrimeVision can provide Web hosting and has without your product – which may trigger development to conform with any existing corporate secure necessary URLs for your e-mercial upon interest that was not already present branding guidelines request • Next we identify benefits and relate them back to Adobe Flash Development – Full implementation Testing and Troubleshooting – We work with you to the challenges using the versatile Adobe Flash Platform by certified ensure complete functionality... and satisfaction Adobe Flash Developers • We show proof, data, testimony or examples of Animation – Create motion graphics utilizing benefit claims illustrations, text and photography • We end with a powerful call to action Directions Video – Insert custom or client-supplied video Watch e-m forUse: The result is a convincing and entertaining Repeat a ercial, then res Narration – Professional voiceover recording, editing s necess pond as d presentation that informs and motivates the ary. irected. and optimization Active In viewer, and creates a more qualified prospect Creative gredients: for your sales team. Synchronization – Add and synchronize voiceover, professio genius; FINRA-ap music and sound effects music an nal narration; mo proved scripts, v d sound ti id effects; re on graphics; pho eo, E-mercial sponse m tos Tracking Tags – Insert necessary tracking codes and enviro s are the ultimate echanism ; nmentally green mar ke . Nothing to frie ting tool. discard or ndly. No trees ar Non recycle. N e destroye -toxic o harmfu d. l emmissi ons. 5 PRIMEVISION E-MERCIALS
  6. 6. Optional Tools Customizer Create customized versions of your e-mercial for each of your sales reps... whether you have 10 or 10,000! Sales professionals prefer to use tools that help set We begin by creating a custom log in page for your them apart from the pack, that’s why PrimeVision company, featuring your company’s branding, with no e-mercials are becoming so popular. Now our mention of PrimeVision. Customizer tool ups the ante by allowing your sales Your reps then log on and follow a simple 3-step reps to quickly and easily create versions of your process that takes only minutes, and a personalized e-mercial customized with THEIR contact information URL for the e-mercial will be automatically delivered and/or personalized greeting. to them via e-mail, along with instructions on how to Now when your prospects choose their call-to-action deliver it to their prospects. after viewing your e-mercial, their response will go To see how easy it is, click below for a demo: directly to the sales rep who delivered it, as well as to an administrator you designate who can track each VIEW CUSTOMIZER DEMO NOW reps results! And, if you desire, both you and the rep can have access to a tracking page to see how many times their customized e-mercial has been viewed. 6 PRIMEVISION E-MERCIALS
  7. 7. Optional Tools BlastTrack’r Fortify your e-mercial with advanced personalization and tracking capabilities! Now your e-mercial can be an even MORE powerful BlastTrack’r works by automatically creating a sales followup and marketing tool! personalized URL (PURL) which links a database you provide with variable data fields that we embed in your As with most web-based communications, you can easily e-mercial. Any information that you have stored in your track total “hits” on your e-mercial utilizing your database can be used to populate these fields. And existing web metrics provider. BlastTrack’r is easy to use: But what if you want to know exactly WHO has viewed Step 1: You provide us with an Excel spreadsheet (or your e-mercial? Or what if you want your e-mercial to other .CSV file) that contains information about each of contain custom messaging for each of your e-mercial your recipients. viewers? Both are possible with our BlastTrack’r tool! Step 2: We e-mail your database back to you with a With BlastTrack’r you can: new PURL field, which will serve as the link to the e- • Deliver your e-mercial with a custom greeting, or mercial. even product information geared exactly to each Step 3: You deliver the link using your existing viewer e-mail delivery program, such as SalesForce or • Track WHO has viewed your e-mercial, and how many Constant Contact times. Those with the most views are probably the Step 4: View your e-mercial tracking statistics on a most promising prospects. Or, you can see who has custom tracking page that we provide to you. not viewed it yet, and send them a reminder. Customized user experiences are quickly becoming the Contact us for more information. standard way to engage your prospects. BlastTrack’r puts you on the cutting edge of this marketing technology. 7 PRIMEVISION E-MERCIALS
  8. 8. Dow Jones Indexes Web site Introduction Challenge: Solution: Result: CASE STUDY Dow Jones Indexes had the unenviable task of PrimeLook proposed development of a PrimeVision The Global Dow was successfully launched introducing their newest index – The Global Dow – e-mercial to explain the details of the new index quickly. in September 2008, and the promotional to their institutional clients in the midst of a global To further save cost, the pre-launch and post-launch materials created were very well received financial crisis. e-mercials were designed to be very similar, and allowed by both Dow Jones management and their for instant update on the launch date. institutional clients. They sought a low-cost, but high-impact approach that would be easy to distribute and update when needed, as We also created the HTML e-mails containing a link to In addition, the e-mercial was awarded there were two promotional phases: the presentation, and banner ads that were placed on a prestigious W3 Gold Award for pre-launch and post-launch. all Dow Jones sites. outstanding interactive communications. In support of the e-mercial and its distribution, PrimeLook also created a series of HTML e-mails and animated banner ads. 8 PRIMEVISION E-MERCIALS