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Buy necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendant and watches from chanti


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You can buy necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendant and watches from CHANTI

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Buy necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendant and watches from chanti

  1. 1. Buy Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendant and watches from CHANTIAuthor : Breths Denis Dazzle with elegance Humans have been enamored by jewellery since time immemorial. Both men and women have been fascinated with jewellery. Jewellery made of gold, silver, platinum, black metal etc are very popular with people. Of all these materials gold seems to be the most popular. Pure gold is very soft and its colour is yellow. To make gold jewellery it has to be mixed (alloyed) with metals like nickel, silver etc to give a solid feel. Here we will be talking about white gold which is actually platinum. Nowadays a lot of fashionable jewellery is being made of white gold or platinum. White gold isgiven more preference these days rather than the yellow gold. However you willfind that most traditional jewelleries are made of yellow gold. Nevertheless whitegold is also popular with people. Different types of ornaments made of white goldare in great demand in the jewellery market. White gold necklaces are a rageamongst women of all ages. Similarly there is also a sizeable demand for otheritems like bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings etc that are made of white gold.A gold necklace made of white gold goes with any dress of any colour. These havediamond settings which provide a dazzle to the wearer. Some necklaces evencome with matching pendants that lookmagnificent. Jewellery made of white gold can bean excellent gift item.When it comes to watches for men one can havevarious options. There are military watches whichhave cool features or sports watches for the activeguy in you. Military watches which are known forprecision, accuracy and performance are no longerthe exclusive domain of military people. Thesehighly durable watches have now undergone amodern transformation and have become sleekand trendy. Today a wide variety of consumers buy
  2. 2. military watches to soak in the robustness and the elegance of these watches.Apart from military watches men also have a preference for sports watches.These are great for outdoor activities. Sports watches are designed to match theactive lifestyle of an individual. Irrespective of the sport that you are indulging in,these sports watches will definitely compliment your game. The features of asports watch help you to keep track of information that you would like to knowwhen you are playing a game. There are different styles and features to choosefrom. Sports watches with GPS features or compass are great for runners.Similarly the ones with timers can be of immense help for swimmers. Glint and bliss Attraction for jewellery is no longer limited to only women. Influenced by the media and changes in mens fashion mindset today you will find that even men have tilted their interest towards jewellery. Modernity has brought in many changes and while touching the subject of fashion for men it has transformed the entire scenario. Today you will come across many men reading fashion magazines vociferously just like women. Of course it doesn’t look funny. This change has been accentuated by the style statements of male icons like film stars, pop stars, sportspersons and the like. The demand for mens jewellery like mens silver jewellery isan outcome of such influence. Similarly the modern man also likes to wear rings,bracelets and even necklaces made of different metals.Though different designs are incorporated into jewellery for men, tribal or ethnicdesigns are quite popular. Even in ancient times men used to flaunt jewellery.Egyptian men in ancient Egypt used to wear colourful jewellery. They were so attached to their jewelleries that they asked their family members to place their ornaments in their graves after their death. The Europeans were also not lagging behind in this regard. The Vikings used to wear beautiful silver jewellery for men like arm rings, neck rings etc. Jewellery is not only limited to demonstration of style or wealth but also mental well-being. There are many stones or gems that are worn by people to derive spiritual bliss. People believe that these stones help enhance your spirituality. The
  3. 3. spiritual stones bracelets are one of those jewellery items that can help you inyour search for spirituality.People wear spiritual jewellery to stimulate their spiritual level. It helps them todevelop a positive attitude towards life which brings in a balance. No doubt this isa new trend but it is fast catching up with people inclined towards fashion andpersonality development. You can choose from different designs and styles. Thestones that are embedded in these jewelleries like bracelets help nullify thenegativity of planets. These stones are also said to have healing power. Peopleirrespective of faith or religion wear them for relief from material anguish andalso to show off a unique style statement. These are designed in a stylish waythat compliments your other accessories.The market is abuzz with jewellery embedded with spiritual stones. Today thedemand for these has crossed geographical boundaries and you will find peoplefrom different countries vying to have a piece of spiritual stone embeddedjewellery. For that special adoration Women of all ages have a penchant for necklaces with pendants. It looks good on them. They feel proud when they wear one. A pendant necklace gives ultimate satisfaction to a woman and she can wear one in any occasion. Usually women wear either a diamond or a gold pendant necklace. Both these necklaces give an aura of sophistication to a lady. When it comes to choosing one you can choose from a variety of designs and shapes. Pendants are available in diamond, platinum, gold and silver. Regarding shapes these can be shaped in the formof numbers, alphabets or even heart shaped. You can opt for the alphabet shapeif you want to have your initials displayed.For expression of love and affection these can be great gifts. You can also gift anecklace pendant to someone during occasions like weddings, anniversaries andbirthdays etc. The recipient will thank you for making him/her feel special. Youwill also find celebrities wearing necklace pendants during special events like filmpremieres or award ceremonies. Therefore you can be rest assured that onspecial days it is definitely appropriate to wear a necklace pendant. A necklacependant is unique and has a charm of its own. It is simple yet it looks elegant andcompletes your personality.
  4. 4. Just like the necklace pendant solitaire rings arealso very popular with women because of itseternity and beauty. Solitaire means single or onepiece and the most common stone used is thediamond. You will find fashionable women sportingsolitaire gold rings during special occasions.Married couples feel proud to wear one on theirspecial day. In fact these rings have been an alltime favorite of people since ages.The most preferred stone for this type of ring isthe diamond because of its endless sparkle. Youcan choose from different shapes of this stone tomake your solitaire ring. Women prefer the Marquise diamond setting because theshape accentuates their feminine quality. On the other hand women who preferthe ethnic look go for the emerald cut. Today fashion trends have changed andpeople want variety. Therefore you will find other stones as well apart from thediamond. Even the cut of a solitaire ring which is purely traditional has undergonea change. A traditional solitaire ring is round in shape but today you can find onewith new cuts. The tastes of the new generation are changing and solitaire ringsare being given new cuts to cater to this demand. For that cool sophisticated look Women naturally have a weakness for gold. Gold as we know is yellow in colour and quite expensive. With the introduction of white gold, new styles came into the fore. Fashion became more pronounced and tradition blended with modernity thereby creating jewelleries that look cool as well as sophisticated. White gold has that steely modern look and is affordable. Moreover glamour queens endorse different types of jewelleries made of white gold thereby enhancing its popularity. Therefore you will find many leading celebrities of the world wearing white gold jewelleries like for example white gold diamond rings. This is onepiece of jewellery which not only looks great but is also not pricey. This is indeedan advantage for style enthusiasts who can afford something like this when theworld is facing an economic slowdown.Jewellery made of white gold became popular after World War I. Pure gold is verysoft and bents easily. Therefore to prevent gold jewellery from getting out of
  5. 5. shape, after working on the design painstakingly, it is mixed with other metals.White gold is created by mixing gold with other precious metals. The mostcommon metals which are added to gold are platinum, silver and nickel. Oncemixed it gives a bleaching effect to the gold. Thereafter a material known asrhodium is coated on the gold to make it shine just like pure platinum. There are so many different types of jewelleries that the list is endless. If some are crazy for rings, bracelets and earrings, there are those who hanker after necklaces with pendants. One such piece of jewellery is the silver pearl pendant. If you want to go for that perfect ensemble then this jewellery item can do the trick for you. Silver necklaces with pearl pendants use different kinds of pearls. Some women prefer to wear items that combine various colors so that they get something that is unique. Pearls as you know are used to make different kinds of jewellery. You can get pendant necklaces,earrings, bangles and bracelets etc. Some even choose a ring so that it makes theset complete. Whatever may be the choice but the necklace pendant is the mostpopular among all these items. You can choose from various designs which aresure to suit your taste and age. Pendants also come in different designs.Sometimes it has a single pearl combined with other precious stones. You will alsoget pendants which are made of a cluster of pearls. Love can be expressed in many ways The pearl makes the wearer look elegant and graceful. For centuries women have been using pearls. Jewellery made of white pearls looks classic and it has been the choice of women throughout the world. The modern woman has given a new touch to pearls and today you will find many women wearing jewellery that has black pearls. Black pearls look modern and they are beautiful too. If you have just started with your pearl collection then you should get yourself a pair of black pearl earrings. This will give your collection a youthful look. Black pearls have a distinct style and grace.However as a matter of fact black pearls are very rare and therefore you have tolook at the right places. These are different from cultured pearls. It is the black
  6. 6. lipped oyster that is available in Tahiti which produces them naturally. Thereforeblack pearls are considered precious. The output of black pearls is also small incomparison to its white counterpart. These are expensive but if you make blackpearl jewellery it will turn out to be really exquisite. To enhance the beauty of awoman or to immortalize a special occasion nothing can beat black pearls. Keepin mind that you cannot combine jewellery made of black pearls with any otherjewellery. If you want to wear earrings as well as a necklace then both should bemade of black pearls to achieve the desired effect.Amongst young people who are about to proposeengagement rings are very popular. Though youhave a choice here you will definitely prefer tochoose a metal which is affordable for you.Diamond or gold rings would be too expensive foryou at this stage. Therefore you will surely opt forthe noble metal called silver. Women love silverrings. It looks beautiful and is also affordable.Silver in its purest form is soft. To make it solid itis alloyed with another metal which is copper.Beautiful engagement rings of silver are made inthis way. Sometimes silver is also mixed with goldand platinum. Though it might not cost much since only 7.5% of gold or platinumis used yet you will notice a great difference in quality. If you want to put a gemor stone on the ring you can choose from real semi-precious stones. It will makeyour engagement ring look impressive. There is always an option for you when itcomes to expression of love. For that special moment Any woman will find a diamond irresistible. Diamonds in fact have a long association with both women and men. A woman never considers her ensemble of jewellery complete without the diamond. The value of a diamond cannot be determined in terms of money because the exquisite ones are priceless. Even a plain and a simple one will have many takers. A woman seldom parts with her diamonds unless of course there is an emergency and there is no way out. Diamond jewellery creations are a treat for the eyes. There are some fantastic creations which will dazzleyou. Take the case of the diamond heart pendant. It is that one of kind thingwhich you will definitely feel like buying.
  7. 7. To know the value and beauty of a heart shaped pendant with a diamond on ityou have to show it to a woman. When you see the glint in her eyes you willrealize that you have hit the bulls eye. Women all over the world give moreimportance to the diamond than her other jewelleries. If you are buying one foryour lady love then you can be sure that it will epitomize your love for her andshe will cherish and treasure it forever.Heart pendants with diamonds must conform to a certain length to look its best.The perfect length is 18 inches. If it is short the wearer will not feel comfortablewhile wearing it. On the other hand if the length is longer than 18 inches thependant will get covered by the dress of the woman wearing it. Usually to createa dazzling effect numerous and tiny diamonds with brilliant cut are set on theheart pendant. Only diamonds with great clarityare used.There always comes a special moment ineveryone’s life. Traditionally that moment can besolemnized perfectly with a ring engraved silverrings can be the perfect gift that you can presentto seal that moment. These look stunning and eyecatching. You can also choose the band for the ringaccording to size, material and your preference ofcolours. Nevertheless while selecting your ring letyour preferences as well that of your lady lovedetermine what exactly you want to purchase. Youwill get lot of options to take your pick.