Ies la mola puri y alba


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Ies la mola puri y alba

  1. 1. *IES La MolaHigh School
  2. 2. * IES La Mola High School is in the outskirts of Novelda.* It is divided in three buildings A, B and C, gym, sports facilities, parking, the playground and caretaker’s house.* The buildings B and C, the parking and the caretaker’s house were built later than building A. There have been two renovations in different dates. *
  3. 3. *NOWADAYS * It has two floors, ground and the first floor is connected by a bridge with the building C. * On the ground floor there is the library, Staff room, the Headmistress office, the Head* It was built in 1967. It is the of Studies office, Secretary’s oldest. That year the High office, Guidance department, School was part of the Elche’s one Computer room and the High School and the next year toilets. was part of Elda’s High School. * On the first floor there are the In 1974 it became an 1º and 2º of ESO classrooms. independent centre.* The first renovation was in the 1973-74 course. That year the lessons took place in the “Casa Museo Modernista” and * at the end of that course the library was inaugurated.
  4. 4. *It has two entrances and two floors.* 1st Entrance: On the first floor there are four classrooms, two of 3rd and two of 4th of ESO. On the ground floor there are two toilets, two classrooms and the laboratories of Physics and Chemistry.* 2nd Entrance: On the first floor there are four classrooms, two of 1st and two of 2nd of Bachelor. On the ground floor there are two toilets, three classrooms and the Science’s laboratory. *
  5. 5. * There was a complete renovation of the centre during the course 95-96 and building C was built .* It has two entrances: in one side you can find: the photocopy’s room, “Aula Magna”, Multipurpose room, two Computer rooms, an Arts room and two Music classrooms.* In the other side there is another Arts classroom and two Technology workshops. This building has a lift too. *
  6. 6. * The gym, the sports facilities and the changing rooms were renovated at the same time that building C was built.. *
  7. 7. * This areas have an educational purpose. Some activities such as PCPI’s Gardening practices, Audiovisual Communication, P.E, Environmental Education and other extracurricular activities are developed here. *
  8. 8. * In this school 86% of the students are from Novelda and 14% are from La Romana.* There are students of 17 nationalities.* Since 2004 the centre shares its facilities with the Official School of Languages of Elda. *