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Animated Explainer Video Production Process


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Animated Explainer Video Production Processes

Requirement Discussions
1. Phone or email discussion
2. Direct Discussion
3. Skype or video call discussion

Requirements on Manpower
Project Researcher
Script Writer
Storyboard Artist and illustrator
Professional Voice over Artist
Music and sound design Engineer
Computer Hardware and Software’s required
In order to deliver professional quality video, the production team uses most popular professional software’s and computer hardware.

Project Research and Brainstorming
An initial time taking process to write a powerful script for businesses.

Creative Scripting
Script: Foundation of a great video that explains businesses with clarity and creativity.

Choosing Styles Frames and Illustrations
Creating variations of characters and assets to choose that suits the businesses.

A scene-by-scene visual representation of a video in its final animated form, with approved script and chosen style.

Voiceover and Recording
An audio version of the script made, used by a professional voice over artist and recorded.

Animation and Video Production
The most work intensive and time-consuming part assembling every movement and blending them with voice, music, and sound effects.

Background Sound and Music Design

Editing and Delivery
An option for selecting file type and adjusting video settings like size and quality before exporting.

Publishing and Marketing
Way to make sure nothing was lost during encoding process, once video is ready to show to the world!

Uploading in to social media and sites with a good title, neat description, and reachable tags.

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  • The typical explainer video production process can be divided into 7 stages. Script Writing a marketing video script is literally creating the message you want to deliver to your audience. It needs to be a simple, short and clear story so that it keeps the audience's full attention. Storyboard If the script tells the message then the storyboard describes the actions and the entire visual aspects of the video, it’s like a graphic novel of your video. Style Frames These are high-resolution frames (based on the storyboard) that represent part of the video. It’s like having your video finished and taking pictures from it. Designs Once all of the previous stages are checked, professional illustrators digitally draw all the graphic elements that will be used in the video. Animation Using all the graphic elements, storyboard frames and voice-over recordings, professional animators manage to set the entire video in motion. You’ll never wonder how animated marketing videos are made any more; now you need to go and make one! solly labs creates explainer videos offering the best quality and price which will help your business grow. for more info please visit (animation studio)
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