Alternative Energy Resources


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  • Alternative Energy Resources

    1. 1. Alternative energy resources By: Jia Le
    2. 2. Why alternatives? As you know, our resources are depleting. Thus, scientist and researchers have turned to natural resources in their bid to save the Earth.
    3. 3. Some examples of alternatives... Solar energy Wind energy Biomass fuel Hydrogen and so on...
    4. 4. Solar energy According to the Energy Budget, our Earth is able to receive around 51% of the Sun's solar energy. The rest is either absorbed by clouds or the atmosphere or radiated back into space. But the 51% we receive carries quite a punch. Remember the old saying, "Either use it or lose it"? It certainly applies here. Each day, we have this 51% of the sun's rays coming down on us. For sure, it gives us sunlight and heat, but we could be getting a lot more by taking advantage of some practical resources. We can do this by using solar-plated calculators and cars etc.
    5. 5. Wind energy Let's define Wind energy. Wind Energy is defined as the “power generated by harnessing the wind, usually by windmills”. In scientific terms, wind energy is the "force" of winds blowing across the earth’s surface ("Wind Energy"). Wind energy was first harvested centuries ago, when early windmills were used to power millstones, pumps, and forges. Wind energy systems generate electrical energy by harnessing the power in wind using machines called wind turbines.
    6. 6. Biomass fuel Biomass fuel refers to anything that can either burn or decompose. Other terms are biomass energy or biofuel. The prefix "bio" refers to life. Bio energy technologies use renewable organic resources, called biomass, to produce many energy related products including electricity, liquid, solid and gaseous fuels, heat, chemicals and other materials. Biomass fuels are starting to become more popular due to the rising costs of fossil fuels. The beauty of using these biofuels is that we can develop our own fuels at home.
    7. 7. Hydrogen Just like Solar, Hydrogen and Biomass energy has been utilized for thousands of years. Hydrogen technology as a fuel source has also been known for over 150 years. What's more interesting, anybody can produce hydrogen gas as a fuel source to be used in their vehicle or small engine. There is much debate about the economics of producing hydrogen as a fuel, but either way, it certainly makes a great alternative to do further research on in the future.
    8. 8. To sum it up in a nut shell, we should do our best to use alternatives as often as we can to save the Earth. Our resources are depleting. Natural energy resources is our choice.
    9. 9. Thank You!!