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Writing Online News Leads


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Basic video on how to use the inverted pyramid style to determine the best information to use in a news story lead.

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Writing Online News Leads

  1. 1. Writing the Internet News Lead
  2. 2. Why is the lead so important?
  3. 3. “There is nothing like a goodbeginning for a story.” John Hohenberg, “The Professional Journalist,” 1960
  4. 4. Grab the readersattention right away.
  5. 5. News Style vs. Essay Style
  6. 6. News Story – Council Bluffs City Council Meeting• Dog tax raised from $10 to $15• Mayor resigns• Internal audit reveals questions• Board goes into executive session• City attorney reveals possible criminal activity
  7. 7. Dog tax raised Council meets in secret Internal audit reveals discrepanciesCity attorney reveals there might be criminal action Mayor resigns
  8. 8. Mayor resignsCity attorney reveals criminal action Council meets in secret Internal audit Dog tax raised
  9. 9. The facts: • Two kids were killed today at 2 p.m. • A car jumped the curb • It happened near Prospect Park • The corner of Jackson and 16th • Police Chief J. W, Carmichael announced the accident.
  10. 10. News in a hurry:the straight lead Police Chief J.W. Carmichael announced today that two children were killed outside Prospect Park, at Jackson Ave. and 16th St., N.W., when a “recklessly driven” automobile jumped the curb near where they were playing at 2 p.m., and ran them down.
  11. 11. News with reflection:the news feature lead A speeding yellow sports car jumped the curb outside Prospect Park today, plowed into a group of children at play, and killed two of them. Twelve others were injured. Police Chief J.W. Carmichael attributed the tragedy to reckless driving. The driver,
  12. 12. Playing with words:humor and imagination The Supreme Court yesterday knocked out the International Boxing Club by upholding a decision ordering the IBC to break up its monopoly on prize-fighting. On a 5-3 count, the court said the IBC has eliminated competition among fight promoters who want to stage events in other
  13. 13. A video by Bill Edwards, Copyright 2011.