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The Chemin du Puy


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The 740-kilometer section of the Camino that begins in Le Puy-en-Velay is one of the oldest recorded pilgrim routes to Santiago, and it passes through some of the most beautiful villages and countryside of France, but it’s still uncharted territory for many Americans. In this session, we will explore the Chemin du Puy, also known as the Via Podiensis – the history and spiritual significance; the practicalities of housing, guidebooks, and food; and what sets it apart from other, more familiar parts of the Camino trail network.

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The Chemin du Puy

  1. 1. THE CHEMIN DU PUY The Le Puy Camino By Beth Jusino
  2. 2. Le Puy-en-Velay: Association of Friends of Saint-Jacques Photo credit:
  3. 3. Photo: Saint Come d’Holt: Gite Communal del Romiou
  4. 4. Estaing: Hospitalite Saint Jacques
  5. 5. Auvillar: Gite Communal
  6. 6. Larresingle: La Halte
  7. 7. Aroue: Le Ferme Bohoteguia