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How Does Your Brand Stack Up? Our 2015 Micro Study Results Are In!


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We’re back again with the results from our 2015 survey of marketing professionals from national brands, Director level and above.
In this presentation, Balihoo and Gatepoint Research present the results, as well as actionable insights from marketing executives.

You will learn:
The biggest marketing challenges executives are facing
How executives rate the strategic value of local marketing
How national brands are localizing their marketing campaigns
How to begin a local marketing automation search

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How Does Your Brand Stack Up? Our 2015 Micro Study Results Are In!

  2. 2. Balihoo and Gatepoint Research surveyed 100 marketing professionals - Director Level and Above, from National Brands...
  3. 3. ● What challenges are executives facing? ● How do they rate the strategic value of local marketing? ● How are they localizing their campaigns for higher ROI?
  4. 4. ● Brands know driving consumers to locations is important ● More brands are realizing that local outperforms national ● More national brands are now investing in local marketing ● Those that are investing in local are still limited by budget ● Tracking and metrics are a growing challenge ● Despite these drivers, most brands aren’t utilizing local marketing automation ● Brands are hyper-focused on measurable ROI when shopping for an automation platform 7 BIG INSIGHTS
  5. 5. INSIGHT #1: Brands know driving consumers to specific locations is important to overall campaign success.
  6. 6. In fact, 64% of companies said a local marketing strategy is CRITICAL.
  7. 7. INSIGHT #2: More brands are now realizing that local marketing outperforms national campaigns, dollar for dollar.
  8. 8. 50% of companies surveyed said that they expect the ROI on local marketing spend to be higher than that of a national campaign.
  9. 9. … that’s a 13% increase from our 2012 survey.
  10. 10. EMAIL LOCAL DISPLAY ADS LOCALIZED MARKETING COMMUNICATION 18% 15% 315% higher response rate1 higher open rates with local emails vs national2 higher CTRs with localized ads3 Sources: 1. Gleanster, 2. Balihoo Customer Data, 3. xAd/Doubleclick And they’re right... Download the Full Infographic
  11. 11. LOCAL FACEBOOK MOBILE ADS LOCAL SEARCH 47% 2X Local relevancy is top reason for engagement4 Searches with local intent convert at 2x the rate of non-local searches.6 ( 30% of all searches have local intent!5 ) higher engagement than national benchmark5 Sources: 4. xAd/Telemetrics, 5. Google, 6. IPSOS, Google Download the Full Infographic
  12. 12. INSIGHT #3: More national brands are now investing in local marketing.
  13. 13. In 2012, 66% of national brands were investing in local marketing.
  14. 14. But in 2014, 77% of national brands are now investing in local marketing.
  15. 15. That’s an 11% jump in two years.
  16. 16. INSIGHT #4: Those that are investing in local are still limited by budget.
  17. 17. In fact, 73% spend less than 20% of their marketing budgets on local.
  18. 18. INSIGHT #5: Tracking and metrics are a growing challenge.
  19. 19. TOP MARKETING CHALLENGES 2012 2014 Lack of Budget Tracking & Metrics Lead Generation 40% 39% 32% Tracking & Metrics Brand Building Lead Generation 59% 35% 34% Lack of Budget 34%
  20. 20. INSIGHT #6: Despite all of these drivers, brands still aren’t utilizing local marketing automation.
  21. 21. Instead...
  22. 22. 34% hire agencies to localize campaigns.
  23. 23. 11% rely on their affiliates. (agents, dealers, individual locations, franchisees)
  24. 24. 24% localize campaigns individually in-house.
  25. 25. 16% don’t localize at all.
  26. 26. ● National brands know that local marketing is very important or critical to their strategy ● They know that ROI is higher than national campaigns ● However, less than 25% of their budgets go into local ● And only 7% utilize automation in place of less scalable methods WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED
  27. 27. So, why aren’t more brands using local marketing automation?
  28. 28. INSIGHT #7: Brands are hyper-focused on measurable ROI when shopping for an automation platform.
  29. 29. When asked what factors would justify an investment in a local marketing automation platform, the two most often selected factors are “Tracking & Metrics” and “Cost-efficiency.”
  30. 30. How can automation help me with these two issues? We’ll show you! (Hint: Keep Going...)
  31. 31. BONUS DATA In addition to asking questions about local marketing, we dove specifically into local search, one of the biggest problems national brands encounter.
  32. 32. 77% of companies report that consumers use Search Engines to research their products and services.
  33. 33. However, 73% report their affiliates aren’t displayed in results any more than their competitors or even worse, not at all.
  34. 34. This is good news for the brands poised to take advantage of local SEO.
  35. 35. We promised to show you how...
  36. 36. CASE STUDY Control4 Implements Balihoo’s Local Websites Solution
  37. 37. CONTROL4 CHALLENGES ● Consumer behavior continues to trend towards making purchases locally ● Ensuring a consistent online presence across 3,000 independent dealers was next to impossible ● Driving local online traffic and leads that convert to sales was a challenge ● Tracking of resellers’ individual marketing results was difficult Download the Full Case Study
  38. 38. CONTROL4 LOCAL WEBSITES Balihoo and Control4 launched over 4,000 local and regional websites to capture leads at the local level.
  39. 39. CONTROL4 LOCAL WEBSITES With Local Websites, Control4 now has: ● A branded URL on the subdomain of their main website that provides instant authority online ● Local websites that are easy for top search engines to crawl and follow best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) ● Name, address, and phone number (NAP) consistency across all online directories ● Google+ Local Registration and management for local relevance ● Unique content, locally-relevant links and citations to ensure content is tailored to the various markets
  40. 40. CONTROL4 RESULTS Download the Full Case Study
  41. 41. “The local websites we launched in conjunction with Balihoo has given us the ability to maintain a local brand presence online by leveraging our independent dealer’s physical locations and associating them in with our brand. We have seen phenomenal results with this effort and more importantly, we are getting leads directly to our dealer network faster than we ever have.” – Tyler Reed, Senior Marketing Manager
  42. 42. BUT Local Websites are just one channel.
  43. 43. Local Marketing Automation can provide you the tools you need to connect your consumers with the local providers of your products and services... LOCAL WEBSITES SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING LOCAL EMAIL SOCIAL MEDIA TRADITIONAL CO-OP ANALYTICS
  44. 44. At scale.
  45. 45. BALIHOO CUSTOMERS SEE RESULTS WITH LOCAL MARKETING AUTOMATION 13:1 ROI on demand-gen and relationship campaigns
  46. 46. | | 866-913-8417 ABOUT BALIHOO Leading national brands, across a multitude of industries, use the Balihoo local marketing platform to activate millions of data- driven local campaigns for over 350,000 local outlets. Balihoo is proud to call many of the top companies in the world our customers, including Aflac, Geico, Wendy’s and New Balance.