Lead Nurturing Beyond The Inbox


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Demand Gen Report's Lead LifeCycle Series presented by Bizo


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Lead Nurturing Beyond The Inbox

  1. 1. Session sponsored by! #LLCseries   Lead Nurturing Beyond the Inbox !
  2. 2. #LLCseries   Questions / ON24 Logistics ! •  Download  this  white  paper.   •  View  our  podcast.   •  Take  our  assessment   •  …  
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  4. 4. #LLCseries   About Demand Gen Report! @DG_Report http://linkd.in/DG_Specialists •  Launched  in  2007  to  track  best  pracIces  in   lead  generaIon   •  Newsle>er  has  grown  to  more  than  28,000   readers   •  We  also  offer  a  menu  of  research  and  best   pracIces  reports     •  New  audio/video  podcasts  at   DemandGenReport.com  
  5. 5. #LLCseries   Panelists! Moderator     Amanda  Halle,   Sr.  Manager,  Online  MarkeIng   Programs   Bizo     Kim  Zimmermann,     Managing  Editor,   Demand  Gen  Report    
  6. 6. Lead Nurturing Beyond the Inbox Amanda  Halle   Senior  Marketing  Manager,  Online  Programs,  Bizo   @ahalle  
  7. 7. Let’s Talk About… •  The State of B2B Lead Nurturing Survey •  Why Do Marketers Love Lead Nurturing? •  How Display Advertising Helps Marketers Reach Prospects Beyond the Inbox •  The Powerful Combination of Display Advertising and Marketing Automation
  8. 8. The State of B2B Lead Nurturing •  Survey conducted by Bizo in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud in May 2014 •  Over 500 Marketing Executives were surveyed on their lead nurturing challenges and strategies •  Get the full report at www.bizo.com/resources
  9. 9. Question #1 How important is lead nurturing to your marketing efforts? •  Very important – we couldn’t live without it •  Somewhat important – we have a few campaigns running •  Not important at all – we focus primarily on new lead generation
  10. 10. Survey Says… How important is lead nurturing to your marketing efforts?
  11. 11. Why Do Marketers Love LEAD NURTURING?
  12. 12. Why Nurture Leads? •  57% of B2B organizations identify 'converting qualified leads into paying customers' as a top funnel priority. (Source: MarketingSherpa)
  13. 13. Why Nurture Leads? •  Generating net new leads is expensive •  These leads have already expressed an interest in your product or service •  Nurturing and relationship building is key in the B2B world of longer sales cycles
  14. 14. Why Nurture Leads? •  A survey conducted by Bizo in association with Oracle Eloqua in May 2014 found that more than 60% of Marketers reporting contributing more at least 20% of B2B company revenues.
  15. 15. more than 50% of  marketers  feel  their   marketing  mix  is  not   meeting  the  demands  of   the  sales  pipeline   Source: BtoB magazine: The Evolving B2B Purchase Process, April 2013 Unsure/unable to measure how well marketing is meeting the demands of sales Not meeting sales pipeline demands Meeting sales pipeline demands Exceeding sales pipeline demands 23% 37% 36% 4% But there’s a bottleneck,
  16. 16. SEO   Email   PPC   MEET TODAY’S MARKETER:
  17. 17. overfishing. most  marketers  are   SEO   Email   PPC  
  18. 18. BIGGER POND. More rods in the same small pond won’t clear the bottleneck. Display   Social   Source: BtoB Magazine: Online Marketing: The Next Frontier, March 2012 SEO   Email   PPC   Top Two B2B Marketing Challenges: •  Not enough leads to support pipeline demands •  Reaching target audience at scale Marketers must start fishing in a
  19. 19. Why Display Advertising for NURTURING?
  20. 20. Question #2 On average, what percentage of contacts in your database do you estimate ultimately convert into marketing qualified leads? •  Less than 1 percent •  1-4 percent •  5-9 percent •  10 or more percent •  Not Sure
  21. 21. Survey Says…
  22. 22. NURTURE PROSPECTS regardless of where they are online. 3.5%   8.3%   22.7%   65.5%   search   email   social   networks   other  sites   Source: “What Americans Do Online: Social Media and Games Dominate Online Activity,” NielsenWire Reason #1: Display is everywhere your prospects are.
  23. 23. Firmly In Control *Forrester Research Up  to  90%  of  the  buying  process  is  done   by  the  time  they  contact  a  salesperson*   The  B2B  Buyer  is   START   FINISH   Brand awareness Engagement Conversion Qualification Work opportunity and close the deal! 90%10% Sales   Marketing MUST fill the gap
  24. 24. TOP FUNNEL IMPACT MID FUNNEL IMPACT BOTTOM FUNNEL IMPACT (Brand Awareness) (Education & Content Engagement) (Lead Generation & Sales Conversions) MARKETING FUNNEL IMPACT Strategies, tactics, and metrics will differ depending on which area of the funnel you’re hoping to impact Reason #2: Display lets you reach and nurture prospects at every stage of the funnel.
  25. 25. Reason #3: Display lets you nurture prospects beyond the inbox. Combining display advertising with marketing automation lets you nurture: •  Anonymous website visitors: Personalized nurturing through website retargeting •  Known contacts: Sync email nurturing with display and social ads
  26. 26. Question #3 On average, what percentage of anonymous visitors to your website do you estimate ultimately convert by supplying their email address? •  1-5 percent •  6-10 percent •  10 percent or more •  Not Sure
  27. 27. Survey Says… On average, what percentage of anonymous visitors to your website do you estimate ultimately convert by supplying their email address?
  28. 28. Intelligent Nurturing is Everything in B2B B2B MARKETING SUCCESS  
  29. 29. Your Marketing Mix Today Your  marketing   investments  aim  to   accomplish  three  key   objectives…   Goal #2 Convert your anonymous audiences Goal #3 Accelerate known prospects through the funnel Goal #1 Reach the right audiences, at scale
  30. 30. * B2B campaign conversion rates range from 1-5% according to Sirius Decisions Benchmark Survey. ** Eloqua Benchmark 2012 95% DON’T CONVERT* 80% DON’T OPEN EMAILS** But there’s a problem…
  31. 31. Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing CONVERT ANONYMOUS VISITORS Nurture and convert the 95% of visitors that leave your website ENGAGE YOUR KNOWN PROSPECTS Engage the 80%+ prospects who never open your email The  Next  Wave  of   Marketing  Automation  
  32. 32. Your next steps Purpose-­‐built  for  the  B2B  marketer,  Bizo  enables  best  practice  nurturing  beyond  the  inbox   1. Created Targeted Nurture Paths 2. Sequence & Optimize Ad Creative 4. Measure Impact with Full-Funnel Reporting 3. Nurture Your Audiences Everywhere Nurturing Done Right!
  33. 33. Step 1: Define Your High Value Segments Multi-­‐Channel  Nurturing  Strategy   • Which business demographic segments are most desirable? • Which onsite behaviors indicate high engagement or provide insight specific interests? • Which audiences have already taken specific actions on your site? Which have converted? PRODUCT “A”   PRODUCT “B”   PRODUCT “C”  
  34. 34. WEEK 1 MESSAGE WEEK 2 MESSAGE WEEK 3 MESSAGE Home Page Only Visitors Higher  Level  Message   Engaged Visitors – Product Page A Use  Case  /  BeneUits  Message   Steps 2: Create Multiple Nurture Paths Multi-­‐Channel  Nurturing  Strategy   • Target relevant messaging and offers by audience • Sequence relevant ad creative and content • Transfer prospects to most relevant nurture paths as they engage or convert • Bid aggressively for most engaged, valuable anonymous segments WEEK 1 MESSAGE WEEK 2 MESSAGE WEEK 3 MESSAGE
  35. 35. Step 3: Reach Targeted Audiences Everywhere Multi-­‐Channel  Nurturing  Strategy   • Intelligently engage anonymous and known prospects beyond the inbox • Reach target audiences across the Business Web and on Facebook • Synchronize nurture paths across online display and social advertising channels
  36. 36. Step 4: Measure the Impact Multi-­‐Channel  Nurturing  Strategy   • Track metrics including lift in visits, engagement, conversions by nurture path & more • Leverage platform supported A/B testing to continually optimize programs
  37. 37. BIZO MULTI-CHANNEL NURTURING FOR ELOQUA Extend Your Prospect Nurturing Effort Beyond Email with Online Display & Social Ads |  
  38. 38. DMA Case Study B2B Branding Guide SYNCHRONIZED EMAIL & DISPLAY Reach the 80% of prospects who do not open email by synching online display and social ads with your Email Nurture Programs Email Nurturing Display Nurturing 5 Minute Display Primer News Feed Nurturing 5 Minute Display Primer Display made easy http://www.bizo.com Download now! B2B Branding Guide Increase Awareness http://www.bizo.com Download now! DMA Case Study Success Metrics! http://www.bizo.com Download now! 5 Minute Display Primer B2B Branding Guide DMA Case Study
  39. 39. Case Study: Bizo Email/Display
  40. 40. Case Study: Bizo Email/Display
  41. 41. Case Study: Bizo Email/Display
  42. 42. Case Study: Anonymous Nurture Homepage     &  Other   Engaged   Anonymous   Self  Service   Page   Bizo  for   MarkeIng   AutomaIon   Social   AdverIsing   Week  1  -­‐  3  Week  4  -­‐  6  Week  7  -­‐  9  
  43. 43. • 13% conversion rate from anonymous prospects • 211 new leads generated and delivered to sales • 350% ROI RESULTS IN FIRST THREE MONTHS: TARGET AUDIENCE: Creative & media professionals CUSTOMERSANONYMOUS KNOWN PROSPECTSANONYMOUS - ENGAGED RESULTS:
  44. 44. Bizo Recycle Program RESULTS Bizo Nurture Program Program ran for 12 weeks 157 additional leads generated and delivered to sales from nurturing program Over 64% increase in leads converted when display was added Running for about 4 months Generated 92 additional leads 31% increase in downloads from nurtured leads Nurturing through Display and Facebook News Feed
  45. 45. THANK YOU! Q&A  
  46. 46. #LLCseries   Q&A // Panelists! Moderator     Amanda  Halle,   Sr.  Manager,  Online  MarkeIng   Programs   Bizo     Kim  Zimmermann,     Managing  Editor,   Demand  Gen  Report    
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