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Post Campaign Analysis.


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Post Campaign Analysis.

  2. 2. HINDUSTAN PUMPS PROFILE • “Hindustan Pumps” located at Karnal, India is an established manufacturer of high quality, efficient, reliable and long lasting pumps and motors for more than 40 years, setting a tradition of excellence since 1975 • With Plant Area of 1, 01,700 sq.ft & employee strength of 400, the company has modern State-of-art Manufacturing Facilities, Quality Assurance Systems & Well-equipped R&D facility • At present the company is marketing its products to North, Central & North-Eastern states of India. • As a leader amongst the North Indian pump Manufacturers, the key business segments of the company are 1. Agricultural Pumps & Motors 2. Domestic Pumps & Motors 3. Industrial Motors 4. Solar Pumps • Hindustan pumps major competitors are Shakti Pumps, CRI pumps, Kirloskar Pumps etc. • The Client is not into online ecommerce as of now. The client is planning to launch its online sales by 2017. • The Client never used AdWords campaign prior to this.
  3. 3. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES 1. To improve Brand Awareness by getting 5000 impressions 2. To increase Website Traffic by getting at least 350 clicks 3. To increase Products Awareness 4. To increase the dealers/distributors across India
  4. 4. GOOGLE AD WORDS CAMPAIGN – DAY 1 • Google Ad words campaign has been started on April 18th 2016 with one Campaign (Brand Awareness) and one Search Ad group (Pumps and Motors). • Having only 24 keywords for the Ad group and no negative keywords, we have opted for Automated Bid strategy to analyse . • On first day, we had 24 clicks and 688 impressions at an average CPC of $0.44 and average CTR of 3.49%. Average position of the Ad was 1.74. • Since the average CPC was higher we have changed to Manual CPC bidding which helped us in reducing the cost. • Also we added different Campaigns, Ad groups and Ad’s with relevant keywords.
  5. 5. Campaigns Ad Groups Ads Keywords Brand Awareness 4 34 122 Product Awareness 17 92 294 Dealership 5 14 59 GDN-Demographic Targeting 1 1 GDN-Placement Targeting 1 2 Campaign Ad Groups statistics • Created themed Ad Groups for unique keywords with different ad copies. • A total of 3 GSN campaigns and 2 GDN campaigns with 28 Ad Groups, 143 Ad copies, 475 keywords. • Over 700 Negative Keywords included in Shared Library across all the campaigns
  6. 6. • Location Targeting : Northern India for Brand Awareness and Product Awareness campaigns. India for Dealership Campaign. • Ad scheduling: 9AM to 12PM IST - is implemented to get genuine search impressions and clicks. • Networks: Google Search and Search Partners Bid Strategy: 1. AdWords Automatic Maximise clicks - is used for 1st day to analyse the campaigns performance 2. Manual Bidding - is used throughout the campaign Budget Allocation: 1. Daily budgets – Budgets are allocated as planned before the start of campaign. 2. Shared budget allocation across campaigns- is experimented with for a couple of days. • Ad extensions: Sitelinks extensions, Call links extensions, Callouts extensions are used Search only Campaign Settings
  7. 7. Campaign1 : GDN-Demographic Targeting – Used Demographic Targeting (Age 20-45) for Brand Awareness Campaign 2: GDN-Placement Targeting – Used relevant Publishing Websites to increase Website Traffic Relatively, Campaign 2 has run better than campaign 1 with a better CTR Key Ad Words Features used: 1. Targeted Locations: North India 2. Bid Strategy: CPM 3. Frequency Capping - set to 3 4. Demographic Targeting 5. Ad Rotation: Optimized Clicks to display throughout the day Display Only Campaigns
  8. 8. Ad copies types 1. Text Ads 2. Dynamic Search Ads are experimented with (Refer Slide 21 for detailed statistics) • Included Keywords in the Ad descriptions (Headlines and Display URL) for better Quality Score and Ad Rank Sample Ad copies created:
  9. 9. Tools used for generating Keywords: • Keyword Planner for GSN • Display planner for GDN Tools/Reports used to gauge performance • Keyword Quality Score • Daily Average Position • AdWords Opportunities Notifications • Auction Insights Report • Search impression share statistics • Google Analytics Key Reports/Features used
  10. 10. Campaign Type Impressions Clicks CTR Avg. CPC Avg. position Planned - 3000-5000 150-300 3% - - Achieved Search only 55931 1122 2.01% 0.18 2.7 Display only 30989 25 0.1% 0.1 1 Campaign Key Performance Metrics (from 4/18 to 05/03)
  11. 11. AdWords Account Budget StructureCampaign Ad Groups Impression s Clicks CTR Avg CPC Planne d Budget Executed Budget Avg Positio n Brand Awareness 4 37,548 767 2.04% $0.18 $112.50 $136.03 2.62 Product Awareness 18 14,748 269 1.82% $0.20 $100.00 $53.32 2.89 Dealership 5 924 32 3.46% $0.13 $25.00 $4.22 2.76 GDN - Placement Targeting 1 778 7 0.90% $0.22 $12.50 $1.51 1.14 GDN- Demographic Targeting 1 30,211 18 0.06% $0.06 $1.03 1 • Week 3 is allocated with highest budget than Week 1 and Week 2 • Budget for Brand Awareness is higher as compared to other GSN campaigns • Average CPC is maintained at $0.18 while maintaining the Average position below 3 throughout the campaign period
  12. 12. Campaign wise budget allocation and dollars spent till date Budget Spent
  13. 13. Clicks and CTR: Impressions vs Clicks: Clicks – Blue CTR - Orange
  14. 14. Daily Average Position: Maintained Average Position below 3 for all the campaigns through out the campaign period.
  15. 15. Auction Insights Report: Retained the competitive Impression share throughout the campaign Search Impression Share: Retained the competitive Impression share throughout the campaign
  16. 16. Ad Extensions Statistics: Callout statistics
  17. 17. Sitelink Statistics:
  18. 18. Call Extensions:
  19. 19. Keyword Related Statistics: Key Word Match Types: • Used modified broad match to enhance ad visibility along with broad match and phrase match. • Exact match types keywords are also experimented with. 1. Quality Score: Retained the good quality scores 8/10, 7/10 for many of the Keywords. Modified Broad match Phrase match
  20. 20. 2. Good performing Keywords: High number of impressions and clicks are for keyword water pumps for the campaign Brand Awareness 3. Clicks based on Keyword State:
  21. 21. • Impressions are higher on Desktop compared to Mobile. • Clicks are almost equal for Desktops and Mobile. Mobile vs Desktop performance:
  22. 22. However, since the website is not mobile optimized, Bid adjustment has done to Mobile ads. Bid is reduced by 20% for Mobile Ads
  23. 23. Dynamic Keyword Insertion Ad statistics: Dynamic Keyword insertion performed better with amazing CTR 3.09% and Search Impression Share of 21.55%. Ad Target: All Webpages
  24. 24. Ad Preview and Diagnosis:
  25. 25. Google Analytics – Goal completions Goals: Goals are set in Google Analytics a week after campaigns are started. Goal 1: Time spent more than 1.5 minutes on the website Goal 2: Clicking Contact us page Goals Source/ Medium
  26. 26. • The AdWords Campaign is the best opportunity for Hindustan Pumps to set its online presence in the competitive space. • With the platform set by this campaign, Hindustan pumps can improve the awareness build till date. • With a better website and effective use of AdWords, the client can create a strong marketplace for itself online. • Currently its presence can be only felt in North India. With more dealers across the country, Hindustan pumps can improve its sales. • With long sales cycles, the client should compete effectively to increase ROI and market share. Conclusions and Future Scope
  27. 27. Thank You