Google Adwords - Stand Out from the Crowd in 2014


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Google search is used by 94% of Australians and is a very powerful tool in getting your business found by your prospective customers. Working your way up the Google rankings can take months and sometimes years but there is a quicker way – Google Adwords. Pay per click advertising in Google using Google Adwords can get your business found in a matter of minutes. In this session you will find out how you can use Google Adwords to your advantage, learn how to create an account and launch your first campaign. Hear from a Google Adwords qualified individual about the tips and tricks to get ahead of the competition, make the most of your advertising budget and get the cash register ringing! This session was designed for Adwords intenders, beginners and Adwords DIY’ers who want to get more bang for their buck from their advertising.
This session is part of the Capital Region Digital Enterprise program. For more information visit

This workshop was presented by Threesides Marketing

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    what is adwords?
    history - october 2000 – adwords launches with 350 customers – now 1.2 million worldwide

    how does cpc advertising model work?

    how does adwords search work (ad auction etc)?

    outline search, display, remarketing, video, product listings, mobile app ads.
    who uses adwords and how many people can i reach?
    why choose adwords? benefits to business.

  • Overall Campaign picture
    All tabs available at this level
    Today we’ll stick to exploring the top tabs of Campaigns, ad groups, Ads and Keywords
    However, I’ll briefly explain the other sections of this main dashboard
    Date span
    Left column
    Ad Extensions
    Display network
    Highlight drop downs
    – all campaigns, all enabled etc
    - segment – look closely at time of day/device/network and other segments
    Customise columns –
    Show/hide graph
    Download report
    Graph options – view two metrics at once (conversions, clicks, bounce rate etc)
    Menu – Tools - Conversions
  • Google Adwords - Stand Out from the Crowd in 2014

    1. 1. Capital Region Google Adwords: Stand Out From the Crowd in 2014 Presented by Threesides Marketing
    2. 2. Housekeeping
    3. 3. OurMission To provide energised leadership, share innovative solutions, broker positive relationships and deliver valued projects to the region. Regional Priorities • Regional Development Planning • Education, Employment & Investment • Transport – Infrastructure & Services • Regional Food • Digital Economy Transition • Living & Working Sustainably
    4. 4. Key Initiatives • South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme • Southern NSW Harvest Association • Capital Region Digital Enterprise Program How We CanHelp You • Access to government programs • Advice and training • Sourcing skilled labour • Grants - support and data • Networks and contacts
    5. 5. Findout More Richard Everson Project Officer Mob. 0427 27 27 54
    6. 6.
    7. 7. What can we achieve today? Inspire Direct Inform
    9. 9. Your digital marketing plan
    10. 10. Where does AdWords fit within your digital marketing tactics? Digital Tactics WEBSITE & Content LOCAL Listings + directories LINKS connections ADVERTISING: AdWords + Facebook SEARCH SEO / Content EVALUATION: Analytics + Webmaster tools SALES & Distribution: e-conmerce DIRECT: Email marketing SOCIAL Media + Review Sites
    11. 11. Spending on Digital The average global spend on digital marketing is between 25 – 35 per cent of total marketing budgets
    12. 12. Global digital ad spend breakdown IAB Stats - growing-173927
    13. 13. What is Search Engine Marketing?
    14. 14. Australian search engine use 92% 8%
    15. 15. ads ads
    16. 16. Cost Per Click Advertising (CPC) 1. Pay for individual keywords and appear in the paid/sponsored listings 2. Each word has a different cost from $0.15 - $10.00+ 3. The more competition for a word the higher the cost (generally speaking) 4. You set your budget and billing preferences 5. Pay for clicks (search) or impressions (display)
    17. 17. What is Google AdWords and why should I use it?
    18. 18. What is AdWords?
    19. 19. Google ad formats Search - text ads on Google Search & partner search websites Display - text and graphic ads on the Display Network, targeted by
    20. 20. Google ad formats Video ads - You Tube & Display Network, pay per view Product listing ads - linked to your Google Shopping inventory
    21. 21. Google ad formats Mobile app ads - Ads within mobile aps & ads that promote mobile apps (in app, search & display networks)
    22. 22. CPC advertising questions • Won’t my competitors click my ad and send me broke? • How much should I spend? • Why are my competitors higher up than me? • Will paid ads affect my organic rankings?
    23. 23. Get Started on AdWords
    24. 24. How do I get started on AdWords? Create or use a Google account (this should be the same login you will use for Google Analytics, My Business, Google+ & Webmaster Tools)
    25. 25. Create an AdWords account 1. Use your Google account to create a new AdWords account. (take care when setting up your account as some settings cannot be changed later) 2. Link your AdWords account with your Analytics & Webmaster Tools accounts
    26. 26. Campaign Dashboard
    27. 27. Create and Manage Advertising Campaigns
    28. 28. Establish Your Goals Establish your campaign goals before you set up your campaign as this effects what type of campaign you choose.
    29. 29. Establish Your Goals What is important to your business? • Clicks to website • Phone call enquiries or contact form submission • Purchases • Newsletter subscriptions • Brand awareness
    30. 30. Campaign settings • Type (Search, Display, Remarketing etc) • Location targeting • Bid Strategy – use auto bidding if new user • Budget • Campaign Dates
    31. 31. Structure – organise your AdWords account Campaign (chocolate) Ad group (dark chocolate) Keyword List Ad 1 Ad 2 Ad group (milk chocolate) Keyword List Ad 1 Ad 2 Ad group (white chocolate) Keyword List Ad 1 Ad 2
    32. 32. Defining campaigns & ad groups Use the basic structure of your website as an outline.
    33. 33. Find relevant keywords
    34. 34. Generating good keywords 1. Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools data to see how people find you organically. 2. Terms your customers commonly use. 3. Terms you use on your website. 4. Review your search terms and test, test, test! 5. Don’t forget negative keywords. 6. Use the Keyword Planner.
    35. 35. Keyword Planner (within AdWords)
    36. 36. 7 tips for Writing Great Search Ads
    37. 37. How to write good ads 1. In the headline: Use the keyword phrase/s with the most impressions. 2. Provide offers and pricing > save 36% / Free shipping / 2 for 1 / From $30 3. Use a call to action > Book Now / Get a Quote / Order Online
    38. 38. How to write good ads 4. Follow the ad copy guidelines in AdWords (character limits, repetition, caps and special characters) 5. Look at it on screen and try in sentence case. 6. Full stop at the end of Line 1 = longer headline
    39. 39. How to write good ads
    40. 40. How to write good ads 7. Don’t forget ad extensions > Phone numbers, Sitelinks, Location, Reviews
    41. 41. Settings and Billing
    42. 42. Billing – how does it work? • New accounts allow automated credit card billing only • Account reaches a time (30 days) or amount threshold (e.g. $1000) and automatically bills your card. • Campaign end dates are vital!
    43. 43. Settings – where do I find them? • Billing summary • Billing preferences • Account settings – Account access (manage account users) – Linked accounts (Analytics & Webmaster Tools) – Notification settings (billing, reports, offers etc)
    44. 44. Measuring Success and Reporting
    45. 45. Reporting – automate it! • Get your reports emailed to you with the information you want, when you want it. • Use the report data and the AdWords dashboard to help you optimise your campaign.
    46. 46. Ad performance indicators • Clicks, Impressions & Click Through Rate • Avg. Cost per Click • Avg. Position • % ads served • Conversions and Conversion Rate • Bounce rate & other analytics data
    47. 47. Keyword performance indicators • Impressions & CTR • CPC • Conversions & Cost/conversion • Search terms analysis • Quality Score
    48. 48. Optimising Your Website
    49. 49. AdWords Golden Rule Adwords will get them there but your website has to convert them.
    50. 50. How do I generate conversions? 1. Landing pages 2. Clear call to action 3. Contact forms 4. Trackable phone numbers 5. Easy navigation & design 6. Use Google Analytics to set up goals and provide insights
    51. 51.
    52. 52. Get Help and Get Started!
    53. 53. Get more help AdWords help and AdWords training online AdWords Certified Professional / AdWords Partner
    54. 54. Get Started Now 1. Top Tips to AdWords Awesomeness handout 2. Set up Google accounts (email, Analytics, Webmaster Tools & AdWords) 3. Make sure your website is up to date 4. Develop your campaign goals 5. Create your first campaign!
    55. 55. Workshops and Consultations Workshops  Series of 17 workshop topics over the next 12 months  Free sessions – subsidised by federal government – in Queanbeyan and across the region Digital Consultations  Develop and digital business plan  Identify 3 get started now actions  Help you start in the right digital direction
    56. 56. Workshop feedback enterprisegroupfeedback Verification word: dog
    57. 57. Stay in touch Website: Call the office: 62970933 Stay on our email list Tell a friend!