Video Blogging Can Revolutionize The Way Your Business Communicates


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Video Blogging Can Revolutionize The Way Your Business Communicates

  1. 1. ==== ====Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online - With the right tools video blogging easilycan turn you blog into a cash machine... to find out about this brand new software Click The LinkBelow... ====Recently, blogs have gained much popularity in many online communities because people havethe ability to hide their identity and write about subjects that they relate to, and sometimesbloggers feel strongly towards a certain story or issue. Vblogging has become a recent We thenlook towards vblogging, which is changing the way we look at blogging and bloggers.Vblogging allows users and readers to see the face of the blogger, while he talks away to hisreaders. Some bloggers may not be comfortable talking to a camera, and may want to justcontinue to write on their blogs without showing any interest in what vblogging can actually do fortheir and that their facial expressions are on show to the whole world, but others might jump at thechance. Some of these such people will stick to traditional blogging in the sense of writing posts totheir blog and ignore the aspects of video blogging.If youre a person who is shy in-front of the camera, then vblogging (video blogging) probably isntgoing to be good for you, as the whole world could potentially view your videos online. If you arehaving problems and trying to find the time to post two or three times to your blog each day, thenyou are probably better to not produce any video posts to your blog, as you should publish aregular traditional written post each day too. Many internet users love video blogs as they shareso much incite than a post could do, yet many internet users and blog readers like to read andcomment on the more traditional blog posts written by their favourite bloggers. So, unless yourblog is downright crap you probably should continue doing what you are as your readership willcontinue to read your blog and other traditional blogs in your niche.If youve made the decision that vblogging is for you and that youre going to start a vblog, thenyou will need to pay attention to a few important points. The most important is that your face willbe viewed by millions of people throughout the world who tune into see your vblog. Your video andimage, once loaded will stay on the internet for quite a long time; therefore, if you dont want toappear all over the internet then I would suggest that vblogging is just not for you. But, you shouldkeep at your traditional blogging of posting daily, as subscribers will want to stay tuned so thatthey dont miss any important stuff that you have to say or comment on.If youre serious about using video posts on your blog then you should look into doing manydifferent things. You will need to keep your video posts short, engaging to the reader andhumuorus at the same time. You will need structure for what you are going to say, just like youwould when you write a blog post, and you will need to follow the plan you have so youre notconsidered a rambler vblogger. Having weekly themes on your blog can help people in makingthe decision to come to your blog to watch your weekly video - this will also create an increasedamount of traffic to the other posts on your site, as many people will view your other posts after
  2. 2. theyve watched your weekly video.Vblogging is similar to traditional blogging in a couple of ways. A topic that you feel comfortableabout is best for your to actually talk about in your videos, you will feel more comfortable andconfident talking about something you have at least a little knowledge about and an area thatinterest you somewhat - you will need increased commitment to a video blog, as many video poststake a lot more time and effort than writing a 1,000 word post. You could choose to hire anactor/actors to produce your video post for you, but this may become expensive and mostprobably isnt a representation of you, the actors could read the scripts you provided them, butthey would end up being the front line face for your blog - doing this can protect your identity, butit can also have negative impacts on people recognising you later as a video blogger (vblogger).Setting up your very own vblog really isnt too difficult, all you need is a video camera, someediting software to remove the parts of the recording that arent needed and the ability/time toupload and configure the video to your blog. Some people put up video posts onto their blogs asmuch as twice per day, so, you will need to look at what type of schedule that youre looking atand think about whether you want to vblog or not. Now, many other bloggers, who have traditionalblogs do tend to publish a video post once a week or once every two weeks, so if you want to trythis on your traditional blog then it could be a good start.If you have a number of blogs that you post to, then you might not have the time to setup a vblogand post videos to it daily - this is ok, as most readers will like the enjoyment and anticipation ofwhen the next video post is going to be published. Vblogging is very exciting and fun, as it lets youbecome face to face and actually speak to the readers of your blog, doing so increases thereadability of your blog and the quality that your blog is accepted in.VBloggers who have vblogs are gaining a huge following online and are staring in their ownshows, some are talking about quite controversial topics too and are thus creating a substantialreadership base and following. Vblogs include not only the video blogger, but other people(including their family and friends) that they invite to star in their videos. Some video blog postseven include work colleagues or mentors to help the video blogger achieve credibility in their topicarea. Internet users who search across the internet are generally wanting to find answers tocertain questions, as well as enjoy a giggle or two whilst doing it; video blogging takes this to thenext stage and looks at blogging as even more of a personal view of a part of the worlds onlinecommunity.Ray Devine is an online internet marketer who has a passion about blogs and blogging. To findout more about blogging and what information you need, visit his site -[]Article Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online - With the right tools video blogging easilycan turn you blog into a cash machine... to find out about this brand new software Click The LinkBelow... ====