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Guidelines for the unit about Second Republic (bachillerato)

Published in: Education
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Document 0 guidelines

  1. 1. GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY DEPARTMENT Teacher: Maite Fresnillo Unit 7 Second Republic 1. Time schedule This unit will be taught during the second term and it is the initial one of the second part of the programme (in the Basque Autonomous Community the programme has been divided in two parts, each of them consisting of 6 units and 12 text commentaries; this division has been made by the Selectivity coordinator of the UPV). The time for teaching the unit will be a maximum of three weeks, this is, 12 hours, in which we will develop the contents, initially with the PPT presentation (Document 1.2) and them following the theory to assure the understanding of the vocabulary and development of the contents (Document 1.2). 2. Development In order to make the unit as engaging as possible, we will combine different elements during the lessons:  PPT and explanation  Read and comment the notes of the same part explained  Exercises In the time students work in exercises, we are going to try to encourage cooperative techniques so the exercises will be worked in couples or little groups. In some cases, given that the exercises are quite long, we will propose to divide them into the different groups and them we will mix the components of each so at the end of the day all the students will have the answers of all the exercises. We are going to include an activity designed to practice oral skills. It appears in the exercise section (Document 3) . This material will be worked in little groups or at class level. In the last case, each of the students will read the question that appear in their paper and the person who thinks that has the answer for that question will read it. If this is correct, they read their own and we continue in this way until the circle is closed and all the questions and answers are linked correctly. Given the difficulties for finding listening materials for this subject, probably we will not include it but if we find something, we will prepare a multiple choice exercise. Finally, we will work on the two text commentaries proposed for this unit. The texts are given to the students in Spanish and Basque because in their Selectivity exam they are not going to be given these materials in English. Anyway, the work on them will be
  2. 2. GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY DEPARTMENT Teacher: Maite Fresnillo in English and for that we will give to our students the respective schemes we advise them to follow. Our students are allowed to take their Selectivity exam in English but they are not given the materials for the exam in this language. If we have enough time, we would use some of the materials about republican politicians included in the Unit of the Junta de Andalucía we analysed during our AICLE course. 3. Evaluation We do not do one exam per unit, but for per term, in which the evaluation criteria are the following:  Contents (40 per cent)- Theory knowledge  Procedures (40 per cent) – Exercises related to History techniques, this is, text commentary in this level (in other levels in which we can work the programme with more flexibility, we would include other kind of exercises as well).  Attitude (20 per cent)- In this we take into account the interest of students, their degree of taking part in the activities and the works done, mainly those that are compulsory, for instance, one text commentary per unit. In addition to this, we will include a little rubric in order to encourage students analysing the unit, the way of working this and their own progress in relation to this. (this is included in Document 5).