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Are you paying attention


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Insights and Opportunities in six shops in Lagos

Published in: Education
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Are you paying attention

  1. 1. Are You Paying Attention?
  2. 2. Shops visited• Shoprite Lekki – Super market• The Hub – Electronics• Park ‘n’ Shop – Super market• Office Land Ltd – Office shop• Mega Plaza Super Market• Casa
  3. 3. Surprises !No way for browsers !!!!
  4. 4. Surprises !The security guard watches with his back.
  5. 5. Surprises !No sales person at the horizon !
  6. 6. Surprises !Should We Mix Storage and Display This Way ?
  7. 7. Opportunities !Why not using the Speakers to announce the new price !
  8. 8. Opportunities !Or Display the New Prices On The Screens!
  9. 9. Opportunities !So Many Things Can be Hidden Under An A/C !
  10. 10. Opportunities !Please drop your change as you go!
  11. 11. Opportunities !We Need Sales Persons or Robots !
  12. 12. This is All About Observation and CreativityAssignment 2 of Crash course on Creativity Fall 2012 – Stanford University Submitted by Auguste Yeboue (