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Osepa erisa 1


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Osepa erisa 1

  1. 1. Osepa project: creating sinergies in Europe
  2. 2. 1. Junta de Extremadura has signed on 2010 the Socio- Politic Agreement for Employment and Social Development where FLOSS was recongnized as one of the pillars of the Knowledge Economy. Knowledge Society was stated as an economic sector itself, and FLOSS Extremadura solutions, GRID and Cloud Computing as important techological basis to strength it.and the Open Instruments: CENATIC, CESJE, Source Supercomputering centre… Software 2. FUNDECYT, the foundation for the Development of Science and Technology in Extremadura. The Strategy of the Society of the Information in the region, works in several initiatives related on the promotion of FOSS, from different perspectives: social inclusion, interregional cooperation, international cooperation... Some Examples: Osepa Project, FLOSS Include, CYDETYS
  3. 3. ARGUMENTS - Barriers: Important technical, managerial and psychological/perceptional. Why a - Overall penetration of FOSS remains low. Only localdebate on or regional level attempts. FOSS - Need to inform, share and cross-border collaboration. for PublicAdministrations? - Need for infrastructures at European level, supporting networking and exchange of experiences and good practices. - Need to facilitate discussions between the staff and the policy makers in PAs.
  4. 4. osepa - Examine how / whether public policies can alleviate barriers rendering the potential project´s benefits of FOSS - Discuss on issues and priorities regarding purposes the use of FOSS by a significant number of European public administrations. - Contribute to a European strategy towards open source. In response to the needs mentioned above needs, -Influence regional cohesion andOsepa decided to work on: development policies at regional, national, European level.
  5. 5. Coverage: East / West / North / South. Size: Big / small. Experience: Experienced, less experienced, inexperienced. Motives: Driven by curiosity, interest, commitment, knowledge built up, strategy, money and travel. osepa Involvement: Includes end-users.partnership The consortium includes: - 4 national associations of municipalities and communities. - Regions. - Municipalities.Strengths of the consortium: - Knowledge organisations. Heterogeneity, Representativeness The consortium can reach internally alone 1.302 European Balanced local and regional Public Administrations.
  6. 6. Politicians and experts from the FOSS Community signed a common Manifesto during the last Osepa Conference in Osepa: Extremadura:an opportunity for 1. New technologies, a resource that will allow public administrations to reach in a better way citizens sharing needs. perspectives 2. A commitment to create awareness in our own territories about the benefits of Open Software for the territories development. 3. To establish the measures necessaries to implement Free Software in their own organizations. 4. To make the citizenship aware of our commitment of using Open Source, informing about the possibilities it can bring to enhance the public services. 5. To democratize the use of new technologies by all citizens since they allow the government to exercise its functions in a more universal and more efficient way. Free software is an important part of this process of democratization.
  7. 7. main - A Survey of current FOSS usage in at least expected 20 EU countries. results - A requirements analysis and guidelines on software procurement policies of European Public Administrations. - Two European conferences to explore the strategic impact of FOSS adoption and development strategy: relate it to the existing European Public Administrations’ technology and service environments.- Interregional events (9 Workshops, 6 Study Visits & 6 Site Visits) aiming to facilitate exchange ofexperiences.- Good Practice Guide on FOSS use among European Public Administrations.- Analysis and recommendations on European and National Policies and practices on FOSS.
  8. 8. the osepapartners hip Strengths of the THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! consortium: Teresa Muñoz Durán Knowledge Society Area Director EXTREMADURA/ FUNDECYT