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  1. 1. UrbanHom offers modern decorativeforhttp://www.dhshardware.com
  2. 2. home in contemporary style Place your order online! OLEDTechnology to Reduce Expenses A huge percentage of homes andhouseholds across the globe are opting for solutions for both indoorand outdoor usage This pattern has been only recently been chartedand appreciated by pro-environmental factions as well as by fashionaficionados around the world
  3. 3. From the highly-priced light bulbs to the energy-saving wall-mounts,modern lights have traveled a long path to inexpensiveness Recentsurveys prove that there are even better things in store for this arenain the near future Lomox, a Welsh firm, has come up with chemicallycoated wallpapers that will provide efficient light when charged with ameager voltage of electric current
  4. 4. The core of this new invention is the OLED Technology, andpromises to be http://www.dhshardware.com more than twice asefficient – both in terms of illumination as well as monetary savings However, this is only a brief preview of the better things to come
  5. 5. State-of-the-art lights today are also no less capable on theefficiency or fashion front With a huge number of illuminationsolution providers setting up shop online, modern lighting at factorydirect prices is easily available these days
  6. 6. Here are some of the most popular and inexpensivecontemporary-day lighting fixtures that you can use to enhance thelight effects indoor while simultaneously complimenting the interiordécor in every way possible – Retro Lighting structures with LEDfits – This is a classic case of saving yourself a hole in the pocketand yet achieving the glamorous, slick look in modern lights for yourhome You can leave the classic fixtures untouched or onlyremodeled keeping the basics intact, and replace the high-voltagelight bulbs with LED lamps – the resulting lighting effect ismesmerizing
  7. 7. Unconventional colors and designs – The advantage of availingmodern lighting fixtures at factory direct prices may go to waste ifthe tones, colors or designs do not fit into the interior ambiance likea jigsaw puzzle Materials – From the classic copper or brass tothe new-age plastic and resin, materials always are an importantpart of any contemporary lights’ fixture or plan
  8. 8. If your interior sports a vintage look with chandeliers and antiquefurniture, the latter may work well as your modern lightsÂ’ fixtureconstituents Contemporary lights, if selected with care, not onlysave you a truckload of investments, but also help you lookfashionably hip in the neighborhood
  9. 9. at factory direct prices is easily available, only if you look in theright places – such as in the stores of Urban Hom where qualityand affordability are given prime priority Article Tags:
  10. 10. http://www.dhshardware.com